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Diana Danielle  Actor / Singer / Host NRDBStudio@gmail.com Manager: 01123137727 Reviews: DianaDanielle.work@gmail.com

Let your children witness how hard you work to give them the life they have, and share some of your burden so they know that life will not always be smooth sailing, and show that you’d be willing to sacrifice everything you have to let them live on, even if it means without you.

It’s tiring to put on a resting b**** face all the time. But all the other antagonists on tv somehow wear this face a lot, so I’m just following the universal facial expression hoping you can clearly see, that she isn’t good, for you. #raisha2 #therandomcaption

Raisha on set #Raisha2

@fashionvaletcom top and pants for my show @kataserasi
Styled by: @eraasmira

Malam ni ramainya guest artists kita... tengok tau show D malam ni @kataserasi

Pelakon ni bukan hanya kena pandai berlakon dgn pelakon lain, malah dgn tangan sendiri pun kena berdialog 🤣 (yang sepatutnya ada budak duduk sebelah tapi dia dah balik) #raisha2

Thank you @belifmalaysia for the Prime Infusion Repair Program Ampoule Gift Set 🌸

Keep your skin healthy & protected with this all-round sun & pollution protection. Vaseline Healthy White Sun + Pollution Protection gives my skin a safe zone against UV and urban pollutants, while hydrating my skin constantly wherever I go. I can now say goodbye to damaged skin! .

#VaselineVStheCity #shieldyourskinfrompollution @vaselinemy


Found this little baby while filming #Raisha2

Youre sho pwetty baby @nur_aurora7

I’m home babyboy!

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