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Jules  💠Tattoo Artist ✨ Paintress 🎨 Lover 🖤 San Diego

Lunch w the boys and #Prince ⛓🔮🎸

Pull up to our house like #✌🏽 @brett_prais #leatherrebel

We got ourselves a hyena kangaroo 💓

I didn't do this original work, but this customer came in wanting his tattoo to look less feminine and I obliged. He didn't want to return to the original artist since he got a gnar staph infection the first go! 😬 #whoops #housetats #fixerupper

So I have turned into crazy cooking lady as of lately, just trying to save time in our busy daily scheduling & of course stay healthy. It's seriously the best thing! Instead of spending money here & there for lunches all week or scrambling to make them every night, we make everything on our day off together & have delicious home cooked lunches & din all week. I know, I sound like a Carlsbad mom- but these Mini Bbq meat loaves + Smashed blue cheese potatoes were off tha chain! #healthy #AF #happy #cashmeinthekitchen


My Valentines 💓🤗

Give me the strength, Lem. 🖤 #inspiración

"Mom, we got you these." 🌹🐰#pitbullboxer #newyorkcitysewerrat ❤️#mastersplinter #luckyme