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Testing the 3D for this weekend's eXfest !!

So excited to announce that we will have The Void on Blu-Ray in the US. Available to preorder now at @diabolikdvd #thevoid #diabolikdvd #indiehorror #lovecraft @voidmovie

You need what I really need to read ? A novelization of a porno. If someone wants to write a narrative of Jamie Gillis' home movies. Let me know. #jamiegillis #throughthelookingglass #jamiegillis @shawnporter

I miss the days when they would make a novelization of just about anything. #porkys #grizzly #argento #novelizations

Everyone see @sheiscolossal yet !? From the director of Timecrimes !!!

First I will kill you and then I will kill you. #nobellyrubs

This year's Exhumed Films eXfest is selling quicker than any previous year and we just announced that the show will now include a very rare original 3D screening !! Get your tickets now at @lightboxfilmcenter #lightbox #exhumedfilms #exfest #3d #exploitationfilms

I was really excited to buy a Rush calendar until I realized I would have to look at Rush all month. Anyway here is April. I am off to break my fast on honeydew

LASIK is tougher than I thought.

Don't forget we have another IG devoted just to Diabolikdvd. You can follow here @diabolikdvd

@arrowvideo Brain Damage coming in May with a limited edition pin!! Preorder at @diabolikdvd now ! #arrow #braindamage #pingame #diabolikdvd #horror #basketcase

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