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Hello there! What's your fav leisure activity? Mine has got to be playing the piano and singing around 😌 it surely releases the tension on the back of my neck (no need a maseuse😋) Although so, playing a musical instrument in peace with little boys roaming around is 1 word: IMPOSSIBLE. First there will be silence..then tiny little hands lurking on the edge of the piano keys..and before you know it..instead of solo it became a whole marching band of bremen 😄

So what is the shenanigan like? Swipe left to find out 🤣🎹 #instacover #mothersonband #pianocover #athousandmilescover #perfectcover


Play-Laugh-Fight-Hugs-Giggles it's the same heavenly circle over and over again. With only a few years apart, it is fun to watch them slip into their roles. The big one as the patient kind hearted one, and the small one still has the perks of acting out with all his lovable sillyness..soon in time he has to start his big bro role to the baby as well 😋

All my heart to these boys. ❤

What's your favorite time of the week? Mine has got to be the weekend! 2 days passes swiftly with these boys!

If only i could freeze moments like this and bottle it up 💓

#motherhood #momofthreeboys

Life is a little less tough with little sisters around. @dwinawirapradja is more than just family, she's my best friend. What's our sisterhood like? Filled with our own invented language and wacky humor only we do solemnly understand 🙈😆 She is the one who understands me more than i understand myself, it's unfathomable. She's the 'fakemom' to my kiddos (and yes she would brainwash my kids to call her mama 😩 and she right now settles with the term auntyMama)

Sure, we sometimes feud..but we make up in no time because we secretly would miss each other too much 🙄
Sisters by blood and sisters by heart ❤

What is my most prized posession? It has got to be my boys. Oh what I would give to receive these fuzzy hugs on a daily (or hourly? 😉) basis. Spending time with the boys has got to be my MOST favorite thing to do.

I will get all teary during daydreams, when i imagine one day these boys will grow into men. By then, they wouldn't be calling my name 24/7, nor running towards me for hugs after getting scraped knees from a fallout, wouldn't need to be koala hugged before bed time and other things I might be receiving for granted at the moment.

So before that time comes, let's enjoy every bit of this heavenly queenmommy role, shall we? 😊

#motherhood #mommyhood

A flower does not think of competing with a flower next to it, it simply blooms 🌻
#modestfashion #ootdhijab

Love is one timeless quality to be passed from each generation.
Neti & Kiki sure love their little boys! Whereabout is Regan? Behind the camera w/ me of course.
These past eid holidays, all nannyless x 3 kiddos..resulted in close to zero pics of myself and tons of pics of the boys 😄😄 i mean my hands are all preoccupied.

When the full squad is out while waiting for iftar? Picture time!
P.s this is the only pic where the boys are 'somewhat' looking at the camera. Most of the other times? I am out and about running around trying to catch these little pokemons ,😂 wait till Idris walks..the herd becomes waay bigger. And you know what? I'm LOVIN IT!

#lifewithboys #boysboysboys #motherhood

Backstage alongside with the ladies of Gita Tribuana 🎤mohon ijin tag Mba

Prepping for our performance during Safari Ramadhan KASAD 2018


What to cook for Iftar? Well coinsidentally Regan & I were sent the new range of @madurasa.id honey. Yay! Other than their delicious pure, lime, and original type, they now release the Premium Honey which is said to be perfect for cooking 😍. Honey..honey..hmm...well I then immediately thought of making Korean Honey Butter chicken wings! Imagining the sweet & savory crunch makes me drool already 🤣. The recipe is inspired from the adorable @maangchi .Super simple yet satisfying. It will surely win the kids' tastebuds too 😌. For the full step by step cooking process check out my highlight above on #quickcooking. Enjoy!

14 pieces of chickenwings
1/4 cup all purpose flower
1/4 cup of potato starch/tapioca flour
1/2 tbsp baking soda
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp ground black pepper
2 eggs

2 cloves garlic, minced
4 tbsp shoyu
1/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp honey
1/4 unsalted butter

1. Basically put all 'chicken' ingredients in a bowl and mix well w your hands
2. Deep fry chicken in a pan until golden brown
3. Leave the chicken at rest for 1 min, then re-fry (yes it's right. Fry it TWICE for super crunchy result, says @maangchi 😁) for about 6 min -put aside.
4. In a separate pan, heat butter and put garlic till crispy
5. Put in shoyu, sugar and honey. If too thick, add water to your preferred consistency.
6. Put fried wings into sauce pan, mix well
7. Voila!

I promise the taste is HEAVENLY...the honey makes it even yummier. I really like this @madurasa.id Premium since it doesn't burn easily and melts well with the other ingredients. Recommended, indeed ⚘
Btw .Regan ate a few wings within minutes 😄

#koreanhoneybutterchicken #chickenwings #madurasa

When in doubt, wear white ❤
love how a fine-cut white shirt could elevate a casual look just like this Akito top from @masshiroandco


A woman's worth ❤

It is astonishing how Islam puts women in such honorable manner. These quotes above really gets me thinking...'have I done my part right?' Have a blessed Ramadan everyone... Picture credit to Pinterest

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