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Dhita Wirapradja-Cholid  πŸ’» HR Professional - Oil & Energy SOE ✍ Co-Founder & Designer @marrasignature πŸ‘Ά Mom of 2 boys, soon to be 3! ❀ Embracing Modest Lifestyle & Beauty

Hi Mommies! Siapa suka pakai @brightgas from @pertamina dirumah? I DO! Who could resist the cute pink tube to perfect your kitchen? Not to mention the advantages of using brightgas which covers more safety and more style for modern mommies out there. Kalau saya personally suka deg2an apabila ada bau gas - takut bocor dan tidak ketahuan namun berhubung bright gas memiliki katup ganda, worry no more ❀ bangga kan Indonesia punya produk sekeren ini!

However ladies, always be smart before purchasing #BrightGas! Agar terjamin kuantitas dan keaslian tabung LPG, ikuti langkah berikut ini:

1.Cek seal cap #BrightGas dan pastikan hologram pada seal cap berlogo Pertamina, Bright Gas, dan ELPIJI.
2.Pastikan hologram tersebut berubah warna jika dilihat dari sudut pandang yang berbeda.
3.Scan barcode dan pastikan informasi yang dimuat adalah lokasi pengisian LPG. (Contoh: SPBE XYZ)
4.Upayakan selalu membeli #BrightGas di channel penjualan resmi Pertamina seperti: Agen LPG, Bright Store, Contact Pertamina (delivery via 1-500-000 atau email pcc@pertamina.com) dan Indomaret (pembelian via outlet atau www.klikindomaret.com).
5.Jangan terima tabung jika seal cap dalam keadaan rusak/hologram tidak memiliki logo atau tidak berubah warna/barcode tidak memuat informasi pengisian LPG.

Mari bersama lebih #1. Let’s #BRight with #BrightGas #ThinkPink !

As a new hijabi, how does it feel to wear a hijab? Personally, It makes me feel like a precious pearl protected by its shell. Peaceful, liberated, and content ❀ what about your hijab testimony? πŸ‘‘ Voal Hijab by @mazwa_collection
#7mospreggy #pregnanthijabi #preggolook

I must say my 2nd son #Aldriaga defines #Chillax to its max πŸ˜‚. His winning face of victory when taking his stroll is just 🀣 i cant. Handle.
My gosh, love my boys to bits. They're such humorous bunch ❀

What is your fav mommy agenda? For me, one of it has to be the edutainment session.

Currently baby Aldriaga is enjoying his little baby tab (non-LCD, just color-lit buttons with alphabets and pics). He likes to discover the sounds offered when he presses the button. Since his grandma's little visit and sunglasses stunt, he points at his big bro's sunnies to wear it around the house now πŸ˜‚πŸ€£yeayea
Suit yourself cheeky fella! And Regan? The dinosaur fiasco hasn't ended, but now he's enjoying writing a lot (and guessing the spelling), which is a fun one! Aldrig enjoys it too! I am just glad Regan could be my little example for his brother Aldrig on these activities ❀ makes my job a lot easier...😁 #1yearold #4yearold #babyactivities #toddleractivities

What's your view before bed? Mine are these two cheeky boys sucking away 🀣

They both have preferences for their milks and bottles. Big Bro Regan prefers his @drbrowns bottle for toddler, after graduating from his bottle of @mimijumiusa , of which now lil bro Aldrig is still very loyal of.

About the milk, Regan likes it slightly warmer than 'hangat hangat kuku', while Aldrig doesn't mind cold/room temp milk 😁

Some people might say 'toddlers shouldn't use bottles no more' - but since I myself used bottle until 2nd grade, i am in no place to judge my son 🀣 i'll let him slide off the bottle when he's ready. Without me asking, he made a commitment saying 'Maa...later when I'm 5 i will stop using bottles. But now I still can because I'm still 4..yes mom?' πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ yea yea .. #lifewithboys

Throwback to a little celebration for #Regantara 's 4th birthday. Nobody warns me how time will fly so fast. I mean LOOK AT HOW BIG HE IS NOW πŸ˜₯

Regantara, my first love, my strong baby, my little clown whose humours I cannot live without. His laughter and bubbly personality with a dash of super active out-of-the-box stunts could make anyone's day. It certainly makes mine 😍

No one said parenthood is easy. But never in a million years have I thought the hard part is to watch them grow in a blink of an eye.

My debut as a bridesmaid after wearing hijab in 2018! I am really excited for my dear @kharintya 's wedding, alhough secretly worried since it is a traditional concept w/kutubaru and being #7mospreggy . You see, I usually revolve around gowns n dresses for bridesmaid outfits in the past πŸ˜†
So a little tip to make this style fit and avoid looking like a bumpy rice cake, is to design the top as a peplum (to camo those hips n belly, honey 😁). Next, request for an oversized kain batik to cover that babybump, and secure everything with a custom velcro-ed kain angkin.
As a hijabi, I requested the neck area to be slightly higher than usual, so I could cover everything with my hijab ❀ problem solved. -- Happiest Wedding day #KharinHendra, may life be filled be joy and laughter all through eternity. Sakinah Mawadah Warahmah and filled with giggles of saleh and salehah babies. Much Love!

#inspirasikebaya #bridesmaidinspo #bridesmaidhijab #kutubaruhamil #kutubaruhijab #modestwear #modestfashion

Behind every strong soldier, there is an ever stronger woman who stands by him, supports him, and loves him with all her heart. --
With my lovely seniors on a lovely day. Mohon ijin Mba ❀

#persitkck #ibupersit #dharmapertiwi #pskhamil #pskhamilhijab #indonesia #tniad #armywife #7mospreggo

Yet another excitement in my #armywifelife. Attended the Musyawarah Nasional Dharma Pertiwi (DP) 2018. What's DP? It is a gathering with mixed attendees of Indonesian Armed Forces Spouses including the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Paspampres. DP is led by the spouse of the Commander of Indonesian National Armed Forces.Met a lot of wonderful and beautiful ladies today from all across the nation😍
I am more than honored to represent #persitkartikachandrakirana on the Fashion Show Segment. With this big belly could you guess which outfit I was posing for? Yes..none other than Pakaian Seragam Kerja (PSK) the Pregnant & Hijab Version ❀
Baby in the belly was on board and all went well. Alhamdulillah πŸ€—

#persitkck #ibupersit #dharmapertiwi #pskhamil #pskhamilhijab #indonesia #tniad #armywife #7mospreggo

A little sharing on our fun Sunday Museum Visit. It is the Kite museum today! The traffic was so great, alhamdulillah we got there after 15 min drive w/o traffic, it is really near from Pd. Labu Exit & One Bell Park Mall. Hidden gem in the city πŸ‘

Our first impression was great. It is a traditional joglo house that's dedicated into a museum. It has a homey and cozy feel to it. Very very clean, beautiful traditional setting w/ lots of trees and the staff was very helpful and kind ❀

We were so surprised to see the list of activities offered, including: DIY Kite, ceramics sculpting, Batik Painting, Kite History Theater, and of course the Museum Tour. We opted for the tour & DIY kite. My kids had a blast! (Not only the kids..hub and I were truly entertained as well πŸ˜ƒ). The Kite collection is marvelous and it made me appreciate Indonesia's rich culture even more. It is such a great experience to share with family, and I feel so blessed for today. Alhamdulillah.
If you are looking for an outdoor family activity, in the heart of the city, this kite museum is a true recommendation 😊

It opens everyday (except public holiday) from 9-4. FYI, the entrance fee was a mere 15k! Affordable yet unforgettable indeed 😍

#teamcholid #visitindonesia #museumlayanglayang #museumlayang #familytime #familyactivity

Museum Day Out with Kiddos and Hub today ❀ sneakers to the rescue when Feet swell up these days...gotta settle for something tranquil. Hope you have a marvelous weekend! --
πŸ‘‘ Hijab a gift from darling @clisselly πŸ‘—oversized denim top @hm πŸ‘– flared pleats from my fav @enjes_closet πŸ‘Ÿ TaySwift 1989 @kedsid

#3rdtrimester #7mospreggy #pregnanthijabi #pregnacystyle #modestwear #modestfashion #kedsstyle #kedsid

My heavenly view ❀ my two boys and the baby in the belly.

If only you knew my little kings, the prayers I whisper for you everyday πŸ‘‘ --
Thank you @alif_school for assisting my #Regantara for his daily dose of spiritual recital. He loves the fun method offered through games and fun learning and I am immensely happy for his progress. basic readings and writings are on full progress 😍 alhamdulillah i'm a proud Momma!

Little brother #Aldriaga is in full hawk mode. Listening and watching attentively. Soon in time it you'll join the squad, little champ 😁
#teamcholid #quranrecital #quranlesson #marimengaji #toddlerlife

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