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DHILLAN BHARDWAJ  From nothing to something. Enjoy the journey with me. 📺 Rich kids go shopping/skint. DM to Start your clothing brand today 👕 @ratchetclothingcompany

And the safari tour is over 🙁Experience of a life time. I wouldn’t change a single thing, Kenya you are the most beautiful country I’ve ever visited with the most kindest ever people. Now it’s time for 5 days next to the beach 🏝

Pictures don’t even do it justice. Swipe and you’ll see how close an elephant came to us. I literally shit myself! I’m having the best time ever 🐘. Tomorrow im going on a hot air balloon over the desert at 5am! 🎈

Day 2! After a 4 hour drive we arrived at the second location in Africa. We went on a stroll around the lake outside our lodge.
Fun fact, the mountains on the left of me is called “the sleeping warrior”. Try and figure it out!

Touched down in Kenya, already seen 4 out of the BIG 5 animals. All I’ve gotta find now is a cheetah! Blown away to be this close to a black 🦏. His name is Barack, he’s fully blind and endangered! #safaritour

If you guys watched my instagram story last night you’ll know I did not go home looking like this. 😂. Wedding season is officially over.

IM GOING TO AFRICA! Tuesday i fly to my starting destination, Kenya 🇰🇪 for my 2 week safari tour around Africa. I just wanna say, when I had seen how many people applied for my face of ratchet competition I was VERY humbled and very overwhelmed! (It’s only been 4 days and we’re over 1000 applications). I’ve been working really hard to rebrand everything! Thankfully it’s all paying off and you’re all loving it! But I swear, I can’t wait to meet you guys in October. I’m gonna make sure I get to interview EVERY SINGLE applicant who makes the final! Super excited you have no idea!!!!! 😫😫😫😫😫

Why do I make this Range Rover look like a toy car tho 😂. NeonONneon. ALSO I can’t believe how many people have applied for the face of ratchet 2019! I can’t wait to meet you guys. Literally feel like this is going to be the best one yet!!!

FACE OF RATCHET 2019. I’ll be announcing the entry dates on Friday, but this year the prizes are amazing! And I mean, fucking unREAL. I can’t wait to meet you all/interview you with some very special celebrity guests! All I can say is, keep the end of October FREE!

Amsterdamn done, I wonder where I’ll be taken next! Had the best time but I feel like I need another vacation to overcome this one 💤. BUT ANYWAY, who’s excited for the competition announcement tomorrow 👀👀👀👀👀👀. Can’t wait to see who I’ll be working with, you can still enter! #instatraveling #balenciaga #competition thank

Twinny touchdown in AmsterDAYUM. #brotherandsister #ratchetclothing #balenciaga

We are SOON arriving in September! Have you accomplished what you wanted so far this year? If so, great! BUT it isn’t to late to start. It never is! Im so excited to be travelling the next couple months now, but still flying back home to meet with you all who have booked for consultations 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽. I’m off to Amsterdamn at 4am tomorrow so I’m off to bed early! Goodnight all ❤️. #entrepreneur #business #youngentrepreneur #richkidsofinstagram #rollsroyce

GLASGOW I love you and I’m so happy I got to share my latest collection with you ALL. Even tho we sold out of it all on the first day, I can tell you all took advantage of the 30% off sale that we had online instead 👀👀👀. Had to buy myself a new van that’s bigger to take more stock next time, but I just wanna say thanks again and I can’t wait until next year. MAYBE I’ll see some of you at the FACE OF RATCHET 2019? Hope you all had an amazing weekend. Back to work tomorrow 💪🏽💪🏽

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