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DHILLAN BHARDWAJ  motivational speaker - CEO - @ratchetclothingcompany / SC ratchetco1996 / enquiries contact: dhillansk@gmail.com

How exciting to be able to travel the world with the job you love. This can happen to anyone who puts in the hard work and determination. ANYTHING is possible. I really wanna start a YouTube but I have 0 time. Any videographers/editors wanna help me? I wanna do a mini film for you all to see my everyday life 👍🏽👎🏽?

I’ve been wanting this bumbag for the past 3 months, probably the most expensive accessory I own but I didn’t just buy it because I had the money. I had the money years ago but I only treat myself when I’ve worked hard or when I’ve reached a mile stone that I wanna celebrate. Half the year has gone and I’ve never put myself out there and done as much as I EVER could of. Hosted a masterclass that sold out, currently helping over 100 clothing brands, been chosen to be a KEY NOT SPEAKER along side of the guy who created Microsoft or some shit but everything is going good. I thank god, my family and small amazing group of friends.

London > Bangkok

And the journey begins!
From London > Bangkok 🇹🇭 looking forward to meeting you all! Booked for motivational speaking job and a few days off to relax! Travelling with my job is the best 🔥🔥. See you all on the other side ✈️

SELF CARE IS ALWAYS NEEDED. It’s ok to take a break, a long rest. Success comes from good energy. Gym done, now to listen to drakes new album in the tub 💦🙏🏽. #selfcare

I’ve had such an impactful weekend. It’s my final week at home until I’m flying out to Thailand 🇹🇭 - I can’t wait to meet you guys out there. I’m taking consultation bookings for after the 16th July. Anyone who’s wanting to start a clothing brand, nows the time to get it going. I hope you’ve all had the best weekend, make sure you make this week count 🙌🏽. #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneur #progress #mondaymotivation #london #shard #businesscoach

The sun is shining on this beautiful Saturday. I’ve just finished in the gym, I’ve been absorbing in as much self care as possible recently and I feel super good! So take a moment to relax and take care of yourself. This weekend is going to be super productive! I have loads of meetings, even tho I was meant to take the weekend off I’m going to be finalising @sandigogglebox clothing collection. Supporting my best friends TED TALK on Sunday @jamala_osman & meeting with the one and only @imjustbait for something special coming 👀🔥🔥. Have the best weekend everyone ❤️

What a day, the sun is out, I’m finally going home after a long day at work. I’ve been working away all weekend, wanted a day off but I had to find that Monday motivation from somewhere. IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO GET YOUR LIFE. Your Monday blues are not wanted here. Today could be the day your life could change for the good 🙌🏽❤️. #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneur #mondaymotivation

Customer relationships is probably why my brand is so successful today. Even when you reach your peak in life, that doesn’t mean you stop caring about the people who got you where you are today. All my most favourite people in my life have come from my brand. My best friend, people I can trust and people I’ve experienced some of the best things in my life. I don’t need to tag you lol. But I wanna let you all know, my clients and none clients.. your customers are everything. You’ll be nothing without them! Either would i!

So it stands, I’ve finally reached the big 100. 100 clothing brands I’m officially now helping, I’m so excited and happy that I get to help so many people with my experience. Thank you guys for giving me this platform. One of the best feelings is bringing your ideas to life. 2018 has already been my most favourite year thanks to you all! My heart is BIG, god is good ❤️. #entrepreneurlife

As most of my followers no, Ratchet is big in the Dance game.
Im back home for a VERY busy week to prepare for a pop up shop for the WORLD FREESTYLE DANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS. I can’t wait to set my stall up and see all the other stalls who’s attempted to copy all designs. Happens every year. It’s expected. To the point where you might has well buy all of my tops and stick your logo on it 😫🙃😂. Someone has to set a standard. Don’t be afraid of people using your ideas, it shows you’re doing the best. Stay in your lane and let them follow you. #imitationgame

BEYONCÉ & JAY Z #OTRTII - yes, that is twice in 1 week and im gonna enjoy it like it was my first.

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