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Danny Heyen  Kids and quilts and food and books and home. Pattern editor. Find my shop and support Kenya @lilyandmaze


Another beginning quilt session with @megzeis! She's making some major progress!
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Madison skirt from @lularoekendylhawkins. Lindsay cover-up from @lularoekristinsusnik. Mala beads from @humble_jewels. .
These beads are amazing and so is the lady who makes them. I had the privilege of meeting her at @bloomboutiqueaz this year. She makes the most beautiful jewelry and gives work opportunities to refugee women here in Arizona; a woman after my own heart!! This mala is amazonite: truth, self-love, integrity. I just love it and have tried to incorporate it into every outfit and yoga practice session! Thank you for this wonderful piece, Jennifer. Go check out her shop at @humble_jewels. .
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Roughing up some plans for the @crsm_chandler chalkwall tomorrow and some custom wedding signs. My hand is SO mad at me! And yes: I'm one of those fancy letterers who uses their children's scrap paper to practice on! #crnaz #hebrews #handlettering #practice

Working on Cassiopeia. Typically, I like using hoops to keep everything taut and give me something to hold on to (bad joints, y'all). When I put this template in the hoop near the "seam" where the two pieces match up, it pulls the template pieces apart so the design doesn't line up, like the "I" in Cassiopeia here. I was discussing my frustrations with @feliciasworldquilting and she had the most obvious and brilliant response: don't use a hoop! She is a fantastic embroiderer and cross stitcher (seriously, go look at her stuff!) so obviously I value her advice. It has worked like a charm and I just smooth the fabrics where needed as I go. #dannysconstellationquilt #constellationquilt #embroidery #quilting #modernquilting #modernquilt #wholecloth

Ok. Let's talk about the embroidery prep: The @hapticlab directions for this beauty calls for you to create a full quilt sandwich THEN add the quilting and embroidery stitches. That means the backside of this quilt will have all the stitch knots and travel stitches, which is totally fine for a wall hanging, but I didn't want those stitches visible from the back of my utility quilt. Instead, I decided to embroider the stars and words onto the quilt top FIRST (like redwork), then create the sandwich and QUILT the guide lines provided on the quilt map. So as you watch me work on this #constellationquilt, I wanted you to know that I am stitching through stabilizer map, quilt top, and muslin (to stabilize embroidery stitches), not the whole quilt as the directions instruct you to do. Also, this is the reason I am trying not to tear away the stabilizer map and keep it intact. I need to know where to put those quilting stitches after I finish the embroidery! #dannysconstellationquilt

I see I caused some confusion with my last post. I use pool noodles to store quilts! I pin one side of the quilt to the noodle, roll it up, and pin it closed. Then I can store them in a closet without fold lines! This #constellationquilt has fragile stabilizer on it. If I leave it out, carefully set aside somewhere, it may still get torn by children or dogs. If I fold it up, the fold lines will wear on this stabilizer map causing it to be even more fragile. So, I chose to tuck it away in the corner, rolled up on a pool noodle. My last pool noodle was commandeered by some swimming little ones, so now I have a new one, specifically to keep this project in check! To follow my progress on this quilt, check out #dannysconstellationquilt. #quilting #modernquilting #modernquilt #habdstitching #embroidery #storage #craftroom #organization

For all of you who mock me for quilting with the bare minimum of notions, I thought you should know I bought a new quilt tool today! #modernquilt #modernquilting #quilting #dannysconstellationquilt

It's only 120 degrees outside. Obviously, we need jackets.

I made a hashtag!! I'll be giving lots of tips and photos as I make this quilt, so if you're interested in seeing them before you start your own, check out my posts at #dannysconstellationquilt. Quilt stabilizer map by @hapticlab. #modernquilt #embroidery #constellationquilt #stars #starquilt #wholecloth #artquilt

So, #constellationquilt update: this stabilizer is ridiculously fragile. The large quilt template (72"x72") comes in two pieces that have to be lined up before basting. This section was rolled up which is why it's so wrinkly. The safety pins are ripping right out of the template, making holes in the template in places where I still need to stitch. I am ditching the safety pins for thread basting, hoping to hold these templates together so everything will still line up. I chose safety pins originally because of the advice of others who have used the hashtag, but I'm quickly realizing I need to throw all the advice out the window and do this my way. Super cool design, but this is not a portable, hand stitching project like I'd hoped.

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