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Your worth isn’t a math problem.
Just because you do everything right and the result doesn’t come out right doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you. It’s not about what you bring to the table rather you coming to the table at all and the sooner you realize that you will enjoy your time there. It’s not about being like the rest of the world. You are so much more than no’s and confusion. You are one breathing soul, one that is called beautiful and wonderful.
No star stops burning in the sky if it isn’t a planet. It does what it needs to do, and so must you. Be and continue be, until you realize and see life differently. You were never meant to compete with those around you. You were meant to live life in a way that invite others to join you in this journey, hand to hand as every person’s value are never meant to measured by numbers. 🌻🌎💫🙏🏻

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it’s a short life after all🌿

Maybe worse we felt the same

Selflove is giving and receiving love, without expectations. Because you are here not to shrink down to less, but to blossom into more of you really are -Dad on his recent Instagram caption about Mom 🖤

🌼🌻🐝 Its been a while, trying to figure out what I want to be as a person and do with my life. Well we all wander around that context a lot, and like any other, I dwell on it too. About my small part on this universe and my invisible questions. Indeed I’m an open book but, its full of metaphors. I am more than my pictures, my grades, my reputation, my setbacks, my accomplishments, let alone my mistakes. For years, pressures, fears and expectations even from my own overwhelmed me. I was struggling. Like I was followed by these clouds and they rained on my parade. My mistakes was hiding under my umbrella rather than soaring with the water droplets. I refused to endure the pain, I fight them blindly and it drained me anxious, sink me deeper each day. It defeated me to the point where I was too scared to pick up my phone and its unbearable to be out in the world. That’s where I know this is not the woman I dreamed of becoming. I have to surrender in order to survive. After a while I am no longer in denial. Its still difficult for me to quit being so hard on myself. I forget how to love myself most days, but I keep trying, and that alone is a victory. Overtime in my solitude, I have managed to heal and healing isn’t an overnight process. It does comes in layers. I have to be patient and continue to spiral down the same emotions until there are no energetic charges left to trigger me. I have to be patiently proud for how hard I am trying, letting good things pile one step at a time and understand that everyone is on different path and battles. After all, the enemy here is me. Its a wakeup call. I can survive anything if I survive the war I battled within me. Now I am genuinely recovering, with no terms and conditions on what or who will I lose in the process. Things will be if its meant to be, in God’s will. Until then, I’m putting my self as a priority. Humbly refuse to be settled with less than what I deserve. So I am new here. I am new to this self love. To this whole love. To this not changing for any but better. Not apologizing for my beliefs. Not questioning my worth. Sort of kind and pure. And I am never leaving. My heart is overflowing✨💖✨

@vogueitalia 12/12/2017. BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER. "Before 12 PM" with @matiusmico and @claudyaachrp got into VOGUE ITALIA😭 I am eternally grateful for all these baby steps i made🙏🏻 @chameleonmodels creds :

Footurama, in carhartt.

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