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Dhanish  → Lisbon 🇵🇹 → Full Stack Dev, Designer → CSS x JS x React x Node → Dell Ultrasharp U2515H → Editor: VS Code → Theme: Dracula → Font: Operator Mono

If I buy a small unit I can remove the note books and reference books from my desk 😊

Have been really busy, hopefully will get back to posting next week 🙌🏼

Have been really busy. Haven’t found time to make the next CSS challenge. It will take a while 😊

Nothing to post today 😊

I have posted my original solution on @codepen Most people got it right 🙌🏼😊 You can see my code to compare, and alternatively see my stories for codepens submitted by others.

Switching gears a little today, we’re designing UI 🙌🏼

Don’t let anyone tell you, that you cannot be a developer. No matter what you are doing right now! You could be an accountant, you could be working at Starbucks, or even McDonalds. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re passionate about it and you’re ready to put in the hard work. I started out as a graphic designer, made small newspaper ads. I was always self taught. I spent years thinking programming isn’t for me. I got side tracked into other fields related to design. I did learn a lot, for a while I also did 3D renderings, CD presentations, Brochures, Billboard Designs. Then UI and UX when the iPhone was launched. But I never stopped to think if that’s what I really wanted to do. But I did last year. It was scary as I was moving away from what I knew for 12 years, into this new uncharted territory. But it ended up being the best decision I ever made. Was lucky to get a job after 6 months of learning and hard work. It all paid off! If you’re still wondering and thinking ... it’s about time, jump now 🙌🏼

Sometimes have to work in the browser dev tools ... not a pleasant experience.

This weeks #CSS Challenge is here. Make this with only CSS, you can use pre-processors, #Sass, #Less, #Stylus etc but NO JS. Don’t send me work in progress or videos or images, when you’re finished, upload it to your Codepen and only then DM me. I’ll post on my stories this is Friday 9th March 2018.

Here’s a little CSS Tip: You can stack as many layers as you want in one background property. You can then control each layer by giving a different size values for each of them, and you can also give each a different background-position and make a repeating pattern. Props to Lea Verou and her book CSS Secrets 🙌🏼

Working on a new CSS Challenge for the next week. Will try to make it intermediate, not too advanced, not very basic 👍🏼

Playdead’s Inside is a well written game. Creepy at many places but what a storyline 👌🏼

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