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Added versions for Zelda: Breath of the Wild fans! The whole project has been updated, I’ve added the entire sketch file that has all the different versions of the icons. Now anyone can now make a copy and create a new version of their own. The documentation is also updated. Go have a look 😊 the link is on my bio ☝🏽Also thank @setappcom for supporting this project. They’re a subscription service for over 120 Mac apps worth $1000+ and you can get access to all of them for just $9.99 a month! The link to sign up for a 7 days free trial is on the project page, so do have a look at that too 🙌🏼

Happy Monday! Hope you have a good week.

Yet another amazing contribution by @alexaquino_it to the #vscode Icon project. A whole set of Brazilian Football Club Icons. Get the link from my bio and thank him for this. I’m so happy and thrilled about all the contributions. I am also thankful to @setappcom who are supporting this project and has made possible to invest my time in maintaining and updating the project. If you have 2 mins, please have a look at Setapp’s website, the link is on the project and while you’re at it, sign up for a 7 day free trial and get access to over 120 Mac Apps!

In this weeks episode of https://syntax.fm #Podcast by @wesbos and @stolinski - 11 Habits of Highly Effective Developers

I started to hide my status and dock while working. It helps me stay focused on one task at a time. I’m more productive, because of it. On my phone, I turned off notifications long time ago. My phone is always silent. I do have the badges on, so I know if there are any notifications awaiting. But notification, banners and previews are off. Take my advice and do the same. It’s quite liberating.

Happy Apple Event Day 😊 Update to the #VSCode Icon projects, more contribution by @araltasher so sports fan, check that out. Other contributions by @andrewmundy and @alexaquino_it. Andrew made some beautiful Neon versions, and Alex made some versions dedicated to Brazil 🇧🇷. This project is supported by @setappcom so please go visit them, while you’re on the VSCode Icon Project Page. They’re a subscription service for over 120 Mac apps. The link is on my bio ☝🏽

The iBook redesign on iOS 12 is 👌🏽

Next I will review the Affinity Designer for iPad. It’s definitely a good replacement for illustrator on the Mac, but we’ll see how the iPad versions turns out to be 👌🏽

Affinity Photo Review 👇🏽
I’ll keep it short and sweet.
First off, it’s not a Lightroom Alternative, which I assumed it was. It’s a photoshop alternative. What does it mean? It means you don’t have non destructible edits, where you can alter settings and get back to it. Once you select your initial settings for the raw file and hit develop, the image is rendered and then you can add other editing, effects, layers on top of it, to create the final composition.
There is no catalogue management built in. In Lightroom you can easily add folders, create projects etc etc none of that here. You can save your edits to Affinity photo files, but they end up being almost 300+ mb in file size depending on the resolution of the RAW image
You can have a few projects open on the iPad and have them sync, via iCloud to the desktop app, and vice versa, but again there is no file management. Once you close a project on the iPad it’s no longer there.
Overall it’s good app performance wise and you’ll find all the tools for making beautiful compositions.
Compared to Lightroom there is no subscription, you only pay 1 time and that’s it. At least, this is the business model, for now. It might change in the future.
Do I recommend it? If you’re someone who’s into photography, pro or amateur, then this isn’t for you. This is more for designers, who spend a lot of time working on advertisements, magazine covers, billboards etc. For them a photograph would be a base layer on top of which they’ll add other graphics, effects, layers and make the final artwork. This does not mean you can’t edit photos, you can, just like you do in photoshop.

More contributions came in the last week and weekend. A version for the theme Night Owl by @coltborg , IG inspired version by @yazan.ah and quite a few by @loop.pe If you have good ideas, keep sending them in, but make sure they are well designed. All components are rotated by -9 degrees, keep that consistent. Check the spacing, make sure it’s perfectly centered. Nice work so far, everyone. Can’t forget to mention @setappcom for sponsoring this project. If you haven’t checked them out, @setappcom is a subscription service for Mac apps. At $8.99 a month you can get access to all the 120+ apps. Get the link to the project from my bio ☝🏽There’s a link to Setapp as well, so you can sign up for a 7 days free trial without needing any credit card details.

Hint to the next batch of #vscode icons. Who knows this one? 😀 Link to the entire project ☝🏽in the bio. While you’re at it, please pay a visit to @setappcom who are generously supporting this open source project 🙏🏼

A little PSA here, Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code are 2 different IDEs. Just wanted to post this, as many people often DM with queries and it turns out they end up downloading Visual Studio instead of #VSCode

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