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Got my smart folio today, this is literally a choice between the past on the left and the future on the right. 😍

Thanks to @privise_protection for sending these 🙌🏽 I’ve blocked out my camera, adding yet another layer of privacy 😊 Yes I’m paranoid, but that’s the right way to feel about it when it comes to privacy. Go check @privise_protection it’s an inexpensive solution and I believe you should get it. This is not a paid sponsorship!

I want to thank @lumatouch for inviting and allowing me to test the LumaFusion professional editing app. This is not a paid / sponsored post. I will make a full review next week, but since we’re wrapped up, the entire November 2018 release highlights video of Visual Studio Code has been edited on this 12.9 Inch 2018 iPad.

While I wait for the ECG app, other good things about the Series 4 are - The bigger display is gorgeous, it’s so light weight that I don’t feel it on my wrist anymore. It’s the first Watch with a 64bit processor so everything is snappier. Microphone is a lot better on this one, it understands clearly what I am saying outside, with my thick Indian accent. But I still think the ECG app was the most important feature I was looking forward too. So if you’re someone like me who only uses the watch for heart related features, hold off until you officially have the ECG app available in your country. If it takes another year or 2? We might go through Series 5 and 6 by that time 😊

Happy Monday! Have a product week 💪🏽 Switching gears a bit to design. Testing out InVision Studio for prototyping.

Multitasking at best, Ulysses, Safari, Netflix and Twitter

Happy Monday! Back to work this week 💪🏽

My meditation is complete!

My new meditation 😊 I’m doing fine. Thanks everyone for kind words and prayers 🙏🏽

From time to time I still practice my ES6. Want a recommendation for an excellent course? Checkout the “Courses” highlights on my bio and get the ES6 for Everyone course by @wesbos. Right now it’s at 50% discount!

Been a while since I posted about https://syntax.fm #Podcast by @wesbos and @stolinski. This weeks episode is a Potluck - $100 / hr, #Redux Replacement, #FullStack Designers, JWT, #VSCode Tips and More!

I think I’m going to cave in soon 😂 and buy the new iPad Pro

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