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Daniel Mitchell  Take no prisoners... Take no shit. Let's go Rockies!

Alright fully finished. Added some red to the trucks deepened the sky and even put some makeup on the pig by coloring the skin a teeny bit... PS. Rumor has it Paulo has six fingers on his right hand... prove me wrong

I’ve never been a keeper of things, and I’ve never been one to put pictures either by or of myself on my own walls. Now there’s four burns I made on one wall. Gotta say, it looks great and I’m pretty proud of my work. Added bonus is they smell pretty nice too

You’re missing a really good show right now. Not too late to make it!

Not finished yet, but getting close (I went a little over board on one of the shadows etc). This is an old photo I shot with @paulorado over a decade ago. some now out of business magazine tried to reshoot the photo after I submitted it to them but said no to mine because the hand to the left being blurry. I got lucky though, because this specific structure disappeared and was never seen again when they tried. The only print of this photo ever made remains in @303boards dressing room... This wasn’t the first photo said magazine tried to poach from me, but it’s probably the reason why I gave up shortly afterwards. 27x14 roughly #woodburn #pyrography #skateboardingisfun

Does this shit happen anywhere else in the world as often as it does here? #weathermoodswings #73farenheitchange #43celciuschange

If you’ve ever been to Denver and skateboard but don’t know who this is, you don’t skateboard. Almost finished. Taken from an old photo I shot 13-14 years ago.

#sameer takes home the gold and the trophy today! Thanks to all that came out tonight! I had/am having a blast!

Someone’s going home with a trophy!

I’ll be behind the bar from 2:30-7 then I’ll be waiting on tables, then I’ll be hosting the pool tournament that I’ve made a little trophy/plaque for the winner! and maybe also spinning a little wax. Come down and check it out! Ps I typed happy “your” instead of “hour”... whoops-a-daisy!

Tomorrow! Be there or be at home sick.

It’s not finished yet, but it’s a very playable front half! #handmade

Ian threw three bulls in a row, didn’t stop me from winning the game though

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