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Daniela ☘✨🌸  Capturing memories as they pass us by... I❤..✈🎨📷🎥☕📝🎧🍴🍺💆💋🌸🇩🇴🌎 & a Gazillion of other things! *Occasional Blogger of Life, Travel, & Randomness


"My Favorite things in Life don't cost any money. It's really clear that most precious resources we all have is time." ~ #stevejobs #Time
Missing warm weather & beautiful strangers...✨

Life can be just like Riding a Bicycle Sometimes... At first we are full of fear, doubts, and excitement but once the feet touches the pedal the going gets going & all we do is push forward. Yes we may fail or forget to pedal sometimes but is nothing more than getting back on that bike and doing just what we have always been doing pushing forward. Doing what we all ready know and have inside of us.” - Dani #sopedalmyfriend #bike

Colors. Flowers. Balcony ✨🙏🏽✨ #Colors #balcony #simplebeauty

Ask Yourself What Matters? 🤔 My thoughts... The Universal desire of Everyone no matter race, ethnicity, skin color, sexual preference, economic status, self identification etc is to Live a Happy, Healthy, & Fulfilled Life where there is enough time to spend with Loved ones as well as time for Doing the Things We Love. Period. #WakeUp #WhatReallyMatters #WhatAreYourValues #UniversalWish #Universal #Everyone #Happiness #HappinessMovement #LoveIsTheAnswer

Things I have learned this year: Living Danishly outside of Denmark is possible, practice Hygge - if you don't know that word research it, do it until it becomes a habit. Laugh more often, check social media a bit less, remember that all the pictures we see are merely a nanosecond of life, keep smiling, stop taking things personally you are not the last Coca-Cola in the desert and people are not out to get you. Be more mindful, watch your words they have an impact on others, trust more, be more friendly, smile more often. Light more candles, research minimalism, watch your finances, ask yourself questions about your behavior and the things around you. Get cultured, travel more often it makes you a better human, practice Gratitude daily, READ, READ, self education and self help are 2 of the best things you can do for yourself, if the whole world would work on themselves a little more the world would be a much better place, embrace change and seek it from time to time, practice a hobby, do at least one thing in your week the brings you joy and break the routine from time to time, talk less do more, give back always give back, be more human is totally okay since you are actually human. Hug more - hugging reduces stress and lowers your heart rate. Above all celebrate You are Alive, Happy 2017!!!!✨🎉✨🎉✨

Como saber si nosotros tomamos la decision o la decision nos toma a nosotros... #foodforthought

✨🦃✨Thankful✨🙏🏽✨ #familygoals 😂😆#mannequinchallenge Family is❤️

✨A Dutch Man✨ #Amsterdam #blurrymoments

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