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This is how I’m coming in this weekend. Coming in silent and ready to prove some people wrong

“Hey Chris check out my titty vein, my lean enough to have a cheat?” Chris: “no stfu”
Lmfao that’s not really what was said but it sure does look like it @travis.lacasse @theklassicalguy

It’s not always about “show” clients. @iamvinniesonsini has been killing it. He makes no excuses and just puts the work in. And guess what? The progress shows. Just 5weeks in and he’s down 12lbs and still dropping. .
If you’re looking for a affordable weight loss program, a person who is dedicated to achieving their fitness goals and wanting to feel better all around body/mind. Message me now for more details 💪 #teamfanti

The start of peek week. This is where the limit is pushed, the mind is tested along with the body. Hungry, tired, everything seems like a chore. Idk what to expect at the upcoming show Saturday. But I can say i gave it my all and I can’t wait to see the outcome and the finished product. I couldn’t do this without my support army. People who grew to become like family to me. @theklassicalguy for coaching me every step of the way and dealing with my “oh I’m not going to be ready” remarks. And @travis.lacasse keeping me motivated and always giving me positive feed back. 6 days till the ski trip. Let’s bomb these slopes. #porcelainboys

I’m here to make some noise this year. #porcelainboys

Alright enough about me! CLIENT SPOTLIGHT. @_scotti_s is currently 5 weeks into his 11 week prep from his first npc physique show. I’m honored to guide him through this journey. He’s following everything to a T and as you see the results show. 6 more weeks to go. Going to get freaky💪. .

Not only do I do show preparation for any class. Female and males. I also assist with regular weight loss programs. If you’re looking for a weight loss program, gain lean mass, bulk, or need help for show prep shoot me over a DM and we can get started working as a team. #teamfanti

What does it take to be the best? What gets you out of bed in the morning and drives you to never give up? How do you overcome a life changing setback and come back better than ever? How do you look at all the people that doubt you and not give up?
Good luck @ifbbpro_alexisrivera this weekend at the @mrolympiallc!
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#transformationtuesday 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

The only persons judgement who should ever affect you is the person starring back at you in the mirror. If that person approves then that’s all that matters. #porsalineboys

Once I hit a goal. I don’t relax. I then realize it’s time to make a new and bigger goal. Never stop improving ones self. #porsalineboys

The only thing I’m walking away with at the end of this show is knowing I gave it my all. If it’s enough for me to walk away with some overall wins then that’s a plus. But I do this because I love it. Not for a self image or recognition. I need competition on my life. I need to challenge myself mentally and physically. #2weeksout

Today’s back day focus was all about that middle back thickness. #porselinboys must be getting close to Christmas ;)

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