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Dominick Fanti™ 🇮🇹  TeamFanti, Firefighter 🚒 Online Coaching/Personal Trainer Team @prosupps Discount: DOMINICK10 10% off

Because today was leg day and don’t we all love ham samiches? Just trying to add some extra meat on these samiches

Client SPOTLIGHT! @nick_tarantino killed his 12 week lean bulking program with me. He gained 20lbs in 12 weeks with 1 week of him being sick. So had a little set back. But as you can see he’s about the same body fat, but 20lbs heavier. Interested in results like these? Message me now and we can get you on the right plan. Custom meal plan and workouts designed for you. 💪💪#TeamFANTI


Doubt the nay sayers. When they say “they can’t” we work harder. @travis.lacasse @theklassicalguy @prosupps

It doesn’t get easier. It gets harder and harder and you have to work and push harder and harder. #prosupps

The great thing about bodybuilding is that it’s art. Instead of a paintbrush we use the gym, instead of painting on a canvas we use our body as the canvas. It’s slow and a constant work in progress but very rewarding. #prosupps

I’m going to be so good at giving hugs 🤗. We leaking!!!... SOAKING WET! As lil John would say 😂 @prosupps

OMG!!! @hydepowerpotion VIBES is available TODAY!!
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@djkhaled exclusive flavor | VIBES | Berry Colada
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Make way for panclock man cause this boys flat as a pancake lmfao. Jk yesterday was a high carb day so we’re a tad fuller today. You know sense it’s God’s day and all 😈

Sometimes we feel like we are ready to give up, but then we remember we have a lot of mutha f@ckers to prove wrong. If we motivate our minds; the body will follow @travis.lacasse @theklassicalguy

Why does this look like a family picture or a Christmas card from us?😂 “happy flex Friday from your favorite meat heads” 😂 @travis.lacasse @theklassicalguy

Head down, mouth shut, work being put in. Stop talking, start doing

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