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Even as a child I never followed the status quo. I’ve always believed I could defy the odds.
I’ve always believed that I could change someone’s mind, change an outlook, even change the world (no matter how cliche that sounds). Anyone who knows me knows that I live life on my terms and if I want to do something it gets done.
For me it’s ALL or nothing! I tell people this all the time... “I’m either living in a mansion or I’m living under a bridge!” There’s no in between!

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Sometimes it’s best to be quiet and allow the other person to talk. Sometimes it’s best to leave the Escalade or the Benz at home and drive the PT Cruiser. Sometimes it’s best to appear you have nothing to offer. That’s how you find out the true motive of a person. That’s how you find out what they really think of you. I’ve been blessed to have found a few genuine people who love me for who I am and for what I bring to the table, in my personal life and in business. I’m also patient enough to test the character of a person but allowing them to see a lesser version of myself... to see where their true motives lie. Where I’m trying to go is undiscovered territory and takes being a wolf to get there.

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Special announcement from Drake! Purple Scorpion coming soon! 🦂 @chopstars @champagnepapi @ogronc #PurpleScorpion #Scorpion #ChoppedNotSlopped #ChoppedScrewed #Htown

When I first heard the original Ferrari 488 GTB I didn’t want it and thought it was vastly inferior to the Ferrari 458 Italia and Specialè.

Then Novitec blessed the 488 by taking the twin turbo 3.9l V8 engine up to 772 HP 😍😍🔥🔥 Every-time I hear that throaty exhaust I shed a tear! ...
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Entrepreneurship is difficult and at times very depressing. There usually is NO SAFETY NET. When you need help no one wants to help you because they feel like you have it all... If my bank account gets frozen today who’s going to help me? If my house gets foreclosed and my cars get repoed who’s going to help me get back on my feet??? Probably no one. Being an entrepreneur requires YOU being your own safety net!

This video is Shay Rowbottom of @marglemedia

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Sometimes we think giving is SUBTRACTION, but actually it’s multiplication.

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I remember back in 2008. Me and a buddy went to @chamillionaire carshop that he used to own “Fly Rides”, where he was having a BBQ.... Most people showed up to meet him and pass him a mixtape or promote or whatever the reason would be.

I actually didn’t (even though I was rapping at the time). But naturally any independent rapper would love to rub shoulders with someone who’s been successful... but that day I didn’t have that on my mind.

I wanted to see “how” he built the empire with my eyes.

So I walked in the carshop.. Pimp C’s Lac was in there.. cars from the Ridin Dirty video were there.... but for some reason none of the cars impressed me (very odd, I love cars) 😐. So I look down at the floor and I’m impressed with how clean the floor was....yeah THE FLOOR!.. and I start to notice small details...... like how people (employees) we’re doing things in order and very respectful to everyone. You know, a well oiled machine. THAT WAS IMPRESSIVE.

Back to the cars.... so the cars weren’t impressive because I had already seen nice cars before. I’ve seen dope dealers with nicer cars so I wasn’t impressed... What was impressive to me was a BUSINESS VENTURE. An actual organized business. That’s not easy. Everyone isn’t doing that. So at that moment I realized that the clean floor that I was looking down upon.... I couldn’t even afford to have it cleaned if I was asked to.... Like seriously 😂😂. I was thinking “the person who cleans this floor probably makes more money than me”... the floor itself likely costs more than everything I owned at the time, much less the entire building! 😂When I left and drove home that day I was never the same.

Not out of envy or jealously, I realized I needed to do better, and if I wanted something better out of life I need to work harder and STOP MAKING EXCUSES. There’s thousands of reasons why things don’t happen, but you only need one reason to win! Every time I hear this song “Wont Let You Down,” I think about that day. That was the day I 100% decided to become an entrepreneur and have control over my own destiny... #entrepreneurship #ceomillionaires #coding #fanwagon

Sometimes people believe they can do things to deter you, or stop you from reaching success. But as I always say, a successful person REFUSES to lose and will get the job done at ALL COSTS!

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We spend lots of time watching speeches, going to meetings, and going to conferences. Participating in these activities are good because they’re usually informative and you can develop relationships that way.

But in the end it’s ALL TALK! Talking IS NOT EXECUTING. Discussing is not EXECUTING. Thinking is not EXECUTING.

When I started my first company, it was actually supposed to be a partnership with a friend of mine. For months we talked about what we wanted to do in the tech industry. But before you knew it, I had piled up books, and started programming. The other guy was STILL TALKING!😂😂. Long story short.... he never did anything. He works at the same place where I met him 9 years ago, and I own 2 companies. Not because I’m more qualified, but because I EXECUTED!

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On this day 2 years ago The Cavs come from 3-1 against the warriors to win the championship! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #funny #lebron #cryugly @spiceadams

1 deep at 12 AM at the Waffle House after a workout. What a day. Tomorrow won’t be the same. #Ipromise #WaffleHouse #millionairemindset #success

“It’s cool to come over to your house, but I want a house like’s cool to ride on your yacht but I want I yacht like this” -Floyd Mayweather #entrepreneurship #millionairemindset #inspirationalquotes #tmt #tbe #mondaymotivation #motivation #success
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