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[beautiful angel]
#qotd do you hear yanny or laurel?
#aotd i obviously hear yanny omg how can u hear laurel
@barsandmelody @suhtorii #barsandmelody #leondredevries #greekbambinos #yannyorlaurel

IGNORE for BaaaD luck❌
#qotd ; You got ONE wish, whatever you wanna wish for it’ll come true, what would you wish for?🧞‍♂️🧞‍♀️
#aotd i’d wish for Greece to be in their next tour so i can meet them again🤞🏼🍀
@suhtorii @realcharlielenehan @barsandmelody #leondredevries #charlielenehan #barsandmelody #l4l #f4f #onekiss

no, you’re the one who hasn’t liked my 2nd recent yet even tho you got tagged over 600 times @suhtorii !!!! // leo liked😂

[leo liked]
[i just wanna chill drink smoke fuck]
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Plusss this was 2 years ago today omg time flies
if i hadn’t seen them again i’d be really sad now but as long as i’ve met them again this is just a happy memory that i’ll never forget and smile cause it happened
but i anyways miss them so much til the last time i saw them, like 1.5 month ago
but hope Greece will be on their next tour 🇬🇷❤️
@barsandmelody @suhtorii #leondredevries #barsandmelody #l4l

3 weeks ago 🔙🔙
leos smile at the beginning awh:( 24.2.18 @barsandmelody @suhtorii @realcharlielenehan #barsandmelody #leondredevries #charlielenehan #greekbambinos and no the first and the last videos aren’t the same ones :)

the way leo says SAGAPOOO (I love you in greek)
“will you come back” “of course i love greece the weather is great” -charlie
@barsandmelody thanks to @mad_tv and @cocacolagreece for this unforgettable experience i hope they’ll come back soon 💜 btw i miss them sfm

this is kinda cute and different ik its not that good but i tried something new :) i hope any of them will notice me cause it’s been quite a while Xx @barsandmelody @realcharlielenehan @suhtorii #leondredevries #barsandmelody #charlielenehan #greekbambinos

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