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K I N G D E V O U R  # D I F F E R E N T New Music Out NOW! Click link below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


Hope y’all enjoy this one. Had to speak up on the struggle and shit we really go through where I come from.
Nothing but Love y’all
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Y’all go bump that while the countdown continues for the new music video that’s dropping in 9 DAYS! Shit if we hit 25k or more on this song by THIS SUNDAY I’ll DROP ANOTHER SONG FOR YALL THATS OFF MY ALBUM! Let’s get it. It’s go TIME!
#DevourUpp! #Different!

I don’t know if y’all noticed but I have never been and never will be the type of ARTIST that does the same type of MUSIC OVER AND OVER. That’s one thing I can’t stand. When an artist becomes predictable he isn’t an artist anymore IN MY EYES. But 1 thing I won’t stop making is music for the STRUGGLE! For the people that really came from nothing and are fighting to survive. I grew up off of food stamps and cold nights and let me tell you there is nothing wrong with that. I honestly feel like that actually builds character and makes you appreciate more shit in life. Of course I had older brothers and sisters & certain people that looked out for me when they were able to but we all came from NOTHING. I’d be fake if I didn’t speak about real shit I went through in my music and FAKE AIN’T IN MY BLOOD. So that being said this one right here is for all my people from the STRUGGLE, for my people that are trying to turn 1 into 2, for my people that are trying their hardest to make it out this ghetto. Haven’t dropped a personal song in a while so here y’all have it! And if you really read through this long ass book I just wrote DROP A COMMENT FOR ME and let me KNOW IF YOU’RE READY!
Nothing but LOVE y’all!

What y’all think about this one!? Talk to me I talk back!
In case you haven’t yet seen, New music out NOW! Link in bio! Shot by my bro bro @marsbegue !

I don’t care how hard you claim you are but fact is that every KING has a QUEEN that owns his HEART! Now now, I ain’t tryna sound like Romeo and shit but I’m just stating FACTS......
I never been the type to hide how I feel or fake to be somebody I ain’t, all my life I spoke up on how I really felt and how I really feel no matter the situation. Haven’t dropped a banger for all my queens out there so here you have it.
There’s an announcement at the end of the video I want y’all to see as well so y’all stay tuned....... I never really liked reading long ass post so Ima keep it short for y’all. And fuck it if we HIT 50,000 first 24 hours I’ll drop another music video the VERY NEXT DAY!
Enjoy y’all!
#DevourUpp! #Different! 🔫 by @marsbegue

Ight y'all I really needa know who's ready for this one? New ALBUM #DIFFERENT on the way, a handful of new videos DONE, and a lot of new music coming y'all way! IF WE GET 1,000 comments that say. " #Devourupp " I will drop the VIDEO EARLIER FOR YALL! Nothing but GRIND FROM HERE ON OUT!

Fuck a break, fuck Instagram followers, fuck fame, fuck haters, fuck doubters. I really do this shit for the love of music. If it wasn't for music who knows where I'd be right now. With that being said WHOS READY? In 13 DAYS it's going the FUCK DOWN......
Hope y'all ready!
#DevourUpp 🔫 By @marsbegue

The wait is OVER!
Let's get it y'all. Too many wack rappers now a days we gotta show em how the real 1's do it.....
Like, Share & Repost it for ya boy! Show ya friends and fam! Let ya whole block know about this.
Y'all been supporting me and showing me love since day 1 and never gave up nor slowed down on me and that right there is one of my biggest motivations and 1 of the main reason I keep on going. Nothing but love y'all!
If you rocking wit it repost it and tag me.
Can't wait for y'all to hear the rest of this album. & S/O to all my peoples that came threw! We had the whole block live........... #DEVOURUPP #VALLEYBOY #DIFFERENT! 🔫 By @marsbegue


I owe y'all 1 so let's GET IT!
Who's ready?
#DEVOURUPP! #NEWMUSIC! 🔫 by @marsbegue

106,529 Views in 10 DAYS !
I remember it would take me FOREVER to hit 100,000 Views.
All I can say is I owe it to y'all!
Never took a handout, never relied on anybody, never faked any of my shit for a little bit of fame, never paid for any of my numbers! ALL AUTHENTIC! It's just ME & MY FANS on this journey.
Kept it real from the jump and will keep it real till I stop & that's NEVER. Announcement this Sunday y'all!
Nothing but love 2 all of y'all !
If you haven't yet, click the link in my bio to watch. New music on the way as promised since I owe y'all!
Shot by : @marsbegue

Alright y'all and it's UP! LINK IN BIO!
Ima need all my FANily to repost this wit all your friends and fam! Tag somebody that don't know about me. Let's spread this shit throughout your WHOLE CITY! I've been putting in mad hours lately in the studio and I can honestly say I'm really happy and proud of how my project is coming out. I really can't wait for y'all to hear this new music I have ready for y'all! But in the meantime lets push this video! Let's try and get it to 20,000 in 24 hours!
As a matter of fact if we hit 20,000 Views in 24 hours I will drop another song TOMORROW!
Let's get it y'all!
Nothing but love to each and every one of you I do this for YALL!
#DevourUpp 🎥Shot by @marsbegue

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