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Devorah Rose  More Human Than Human

Eating pork is terrible for your health and pigs are deeply sentient and loving animals. They are smarter than dogs. If you don’t eat dog than you shouldn’t eat pig. They are tortured to death - yes even in the USA animal agriculture is horrifying. If you aren’t kind enough to do it for them then do it for your own health. One day I hope to be a strict vegan but until then you won’t see pork or cow meat on my plate because I can’t get the images of suffering I’ve seen out of my mind. I don’t know what to do to convince others. I really hope that things change for these amazing animals that deserve love not horror.

Why isn’t this getting more press? I never liked royalty until now. Love these two 😍 #plasticpollution #lovethesetwo

This is what royalty looks like. I feel so overwhelmed with happiness. My 95 year old Martiniquean aunt watched from Venezuela and is over the moon with joy. It’s a historic moment that I wish my grandmother could have witnessed. My heart is full ❤️ it’s a new and better world ❤️ #meghanmarkle #doriaragland #royalwedding2018 #royalty #royalwedding #magical

I always end up bringing inspiration and crafting the arrangements I gift. Never underestimate the magic of a well crafted flower arrangement or peonies with ranunculus!! #iloveflowers🌿🌸 #inspiration #peonies #ranunculus

Best friends always stick together #AnimalFriendships // Photo credit: @henrythecoloradodog

I wish I understood why so many terrible things happen to animals, specifically dogs in China. There is so much I love about this culture. And the overwhelmingly horrifying abuse of most animals in China seems like a logical disconnect from Buddhism and so many other wonderful aspects of a great culture. If anyone understands it please shed some light on the mindset for me. Everyday 80 percent of the horrors I read about take place there. I just don’t get it. #china #animalabuse #why

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” — Coco Chanel // Francoise Rubartelli wearing Yellow Florida Fashions and gold jewelry. Photo by @norman_parkinson_archive in #Vogue Jan 1969, photo credit: @vintage_vogue

The picture that launched 1,000 ships. My first shoot with Christie was such a magical day ✨✨✨ And every time I have a shoot with her it’s just as wonderful! Maybe even more. Love working with this amazing spirit @christiebrinkley ❤️ #christiebrinkley

Plastic really needs to be banned. So many other bio-friendly alternatives. It’s time for change.

Explore. Dream. Discover. // Bali, Indonesia, Photo credit: @iwwm

When you eat healthy for 2 days and feel like an organic Princess Leia #barelyholdingontothisunicorn 📷 by @yensen_tan

Forever mood. I don’t like picturesque or perfect anything. It doesn’t feel authentic. I like things weird and outside the box. Shine on wild women who don’t conform to societal norms. And thank you @shusaku1977 for this gem 💎

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