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DeVon Franklin  🎥Award Winning Producer 📚NYT Best Selling Author 🎤International Speaker #motivation #inspiration ↓My New Book: The Truth About Men - Available Now!↓

SUCCESS TIP #4: YOU HAVE TO FIND THE OLD TOWN ROAD! Many of you may not realize the hidden meaning behind @lilnasx #1 song in the country (remix features @billyraycyrus) Watch the 4th success tip I told @USCMarshall School of Business during my Commencement Ceremony speech and learn what the OLD TOWN ROAD means and why YOU MUST FIND IT TO BE SUCCESSFUL!!!
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HOW DO YOU KNOW IF THE PERSON YOU’RE DATING IS THE ONE??? People ask me this all the time! I answer that question in today’s Q&A Thursday! #DeVonFranklin #TheTruthAboutMen

I'm praying this over you right now! Share your prayer requests below and join me in praying for one another! #MyPrayerForYouToday #ThursdayThoughts #DeVonFranklin #Prayer #motivation #inspiration

I want you to be successful in all you do! Here are SUCCESS TIPS 2 & 3 I shared with the @USCMarshall School of Business graduates! #2: YOUR DIFFERENCE IS YOUR DESTINY & SWIPE RIGHT 👉🏾 FOR #3: YOU HAVE TO CARRY A CROWN BEFORE YOU WEAR ONE ✨
" Tag a SOMEONE who needs to
hear this! #DeVonFranklin #WisdomWednesday #SuccessCommandments

#WisdomWednesday tip of the day: DON’T LET FEAR RUIN YOUR LIFE. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t afraid. But I don’t let my fears stop me! Anything I’m afraid of, I know that’s exactly what I must do! TRY IT! Make your fears your to-do list and your life will change for the better. #DeVonFranklin #SuccessCommandments

You Gotta Be Crazy! Watch my @USCMarshall School of Business Commencement Ceremony speech and learn more of my success tips in my book #TheSuccessCommandments - click the link in my profile. ✨
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Praying for those of you who are uncomfortable 🙏🏾 (you are going to another level)

In relationships, you have to get out of the gray area. I have more information like this in my new book #TheTruthAboutMen - available now! #TheTruth #DeVonFranklin #Motivation

I believe that the health and well-being of our society is directly linked to how we date. If we date better, we marry better. If we marry better, we parent better. If we parent better, then we “family” better. And a healthy family is the foundation of a healthy society.
My amazing wife, @MeaganGood, and I wanted to give you something that will help you build a solid foundation in your dating life. We created a free download called “The Unwritten Rules of Dating and Waiting” that you can get for FREE. Click the link in my profile and get your copy TODAY! I know it will bless you!
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It’s time to usher in a new era of commitment.�#devonfranklin #thetruthaboutmen #thewait #FridayFeeling

Men, you need to put INTEGRITY into your dating! Do you want more TRUTH? I talk more about this in my new book #TheTruthAboutMen - available now! #DeVonFranklin #TheTruth #TheWait #ThursdayThoughts #Motivation

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