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Finally subscribed to Chakmak magazine & it's had me squealing with joy ever since!
It's an MP-based children's magazine with the most adorable stories & stunning illustrations. (Confession: i took the leap only because of the tribal style drawing & finding out that Gulzar is a contributor! Bonus: i think @vidushak is also involved in the mag)
Reading Hindi is a bit of an effort. Added guilt of barely being able to read my mother tongue means it's an odd guilty reading for me.
#Chakmak #ChildrensMagazine #HumkoHindiAatiHai #ButMalayalamNotSoMuch #IWishICouldContribute #SpendMoneysOnTheseThingsYaar

No pain. No gain.
@alekhangre gets tatooed twice as part of his Leaving-The-Tribe ceremony.
Barely winced throughout. #MuchBrave #SuchWow

To drive the point home, he vigorously tapped the sign when we both got in.
Thankfully, i had left my drink, faltugiri & girlfriend at home
#AntiRomeoJulietSquad #SanskaariRickshaw #ChemburIsAGiftThatKeepsOnGiving #DodgedABulletThere
No Smoking
No Drink
No Faltugiri Couples
No Girlfriend
No Faltugiri

The Veiled Rebecca
Look at the details on marble! On BLOODY MARBLE! LIKE CARVED BUTTER, MAN!

Strangely this one got me really emo for a long looong time.
On one of my crazy clicking frenzies on Insta, I ended up seeing a photo of the Veiled Rebecca. Then lil sadness happened because ItsSuchABigWorldSoMuchToSeeAndHereImUpAt3AmReadingAboutShinglesAndMarble.
Enter: twist of fate!
A few weeks later, I'm gaping at the very Veiled Rebecca (because I didn't know that a copy of this 'melody in marble' is in Indiyeah).
Long story longer, I ended up drooling at the sculpture for a good half hour before it struck me to take a semi-decent picture at least.
The Salar Jung museum is fabulous with so many more wonderful artifacts.
But this. This had the shadow of so many unfulfilled expectations of mine. Hence 💗
#veiledrebecca #salarjung #nofilter

Amidst the maddening crowd & chaos at Thane railway station, #Coldplay lyrics.
Who would've thunk
#Talk #Thane #IfOnlyTheySpeltOutYou

"Ima gona eat your scarf!"
"Then I'll rip your jeans!"
"Your shoelaces are gone!"
"Say hi to my bro & bye-bye to your shoes!"
Oki, and hi
"And now I'll break your heart"
#doggo #pupper #LeftMeInAPuddleOfAwws

Special points for helping me, er..."borrow" that guava from someone's yard 😽. #portrait #nofilter #bihar #swag

The @olacabs app suggested that we swim through the Arabian sea and turn back to reach the Gateway of India. Sadly, the unadventurous driver stuck to the road

A gorgeous stained glass at CST/VT right above the ticket counter. You've probably never noticed these gems at the ancient station because they're not lit in the background (This one was because of some repair work)
#stainedglass #TheLongerTheQueueTheMoreBeautyYouAdmire

A cop, bored out of his wits & having to mind idiot tourists, looks to escape through the latticework at Amer Fort.
Fly pandu, fly!
#Jaipur #AmerFort #Trapped #Silhoutte

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