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Devin Selby  All art here is for sale if available. I also do commissions. DM me for pricing and details.


A little bit more. Almost thought I messed it up

Auld turnip lady sketch.

Forgot to post this earlier. Also Ursula K. Le Guin died and now more than ever I want to read more Earthsea books. Peace.

Boss makin me work late and I'm HUNGRY

Lilith and her ikebana arrangement.

Went through my posts and couldn't find this one, so here it is. Moshe!

This dude is slowly but surely coming along in between delivering y'alls Christmas presents and spending time with my awesome family.

Here's a little sneak peak at my AH-WHAPOW

Another family collab

Faeries wear boots man

Finally finished the original Twin Peaks and decided to make the suit red in rememberence of the Black Lodge sequence. Holy cow and holy molé

Slowly but surely coming along. 11 hour work days and family time are a big chunk of my life but I need to get in more art time whenever I can.

Father-daughter collaboration time

Little detail of a work in progress in oils. @warpartytx #the400blows #betonthepossibility

Here's my daughter practicing for Halloween with her madre. I think she's some kind of demoniac chess playing baby

I found this old doodle while looking through a sketchbook. Gotta get ready for #artsgoggle . @blinkowinksart and I will be set up across the street from Avoca so come check it out and buy zines, stickers, paintings and drawings!!!!

Here's a Friday night sketch I did with my daughter, Lilith. (Friday is my Tuesday by the way.) I like drawing stuff and asking her to scribble over it.

#kidsdrawing #collab #scribbles #crayon and #washablemarkers on #paper is #totally #sick

Painted over that awful pencil sketch and got this fresh start for the background for @warpartytx

#oilpainting #background #wip #the400blows

Here's a little book I made called All Retch and No Vomit

MIND CONTROL. Another oldie but goodie hanging on the new wall. I'll be at Arts Goggle on October 21st and this boy along with some other babies will be hangin and for sale.

#watercolor and #ink #watercolorpainting #mindcontrol #shaman #religiousexperience #thankthegods

Play cards!!! I'm drained

Underworkings of my current commission. So far this is far outside my style zone but you'll see. I'll make it a real original. @warpartytx

#the400blows #lesquatrecentscoups #lanouvellevague #antoinedoinel #illustration #greatmovie #frenchholdencaulfield

It's hard to get a good shot of these two, but here's a close up of two of my favorite pieces. #woodcut #acrylic #skateboard #skateboarding #skategraphics #eremite #djinn

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