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30 Days Remain...

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A few people have commented that I never post pictures of myself anymore and that my IG could stand to be a bit more personalized. So in light of this feedback, here is a pic from yesterday of me and my true love enjoying a magical day at Disneyland. @effkate was there too. 📸 @ohthegreenery

A couple frames from “Throw Like A Girl,” the baseball drama I DP’d last weekend. Shot on @arri with some very silky @cookeoptics anamorphics that were honestly the cleanest anamorphics I’ve used to date. I was IMPRESSED! @si_errapond was one of the best actresses I’ve ever worked with and positively killed it. Yes I’m playing favorites. Director @xo_seri will back me up.

I don’t ever post my own BTS photos. I just steal my 1st AC’s. Here was sneaky capture by @alexvcasella featuring the incredibly talented @si_errapond and @thegregoryshelby on the baseball driven short I’ve been working on this weekend. We just wrapped this morning as the sun was rising and now I’m on my way from the Mexican border to San Diego on the hunt for the elusive perfect chicken burrito.

A couple months back, my good friend @calebdescognets passed along an amazing opportunity to me - the chance to direct a quick editorial interview video with @kimkardashian for @crfashionbook on the topic of her and Kanye's various superstitions.

@brycerankins deserves a special shout-out for his help on this project, for stepping in at the 11th hour with apple pie in hand to help run the interview smoothly, keeping Kim cheerful and loquacious while I took care of the technicals. Behind the scenes in NYC, the talents of @joshualanceglass also can’t be overstated, who was a tremendous collaborator during the editing phase and @velimages who provided some mighty moral support. Thanks to you fine people for having my back on this!

Video by @devinschiro and @brycerankins
Produced by @joshualanceglass
Photographed by @jackie_nickerson
Styled by @carineroitfeld
Makeup by @makeupbymario
Hair by @aakkishirakawa
Casting @evelienjoos

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My friend @effkate came to visit LA over the last couple days. She brought me a ton of CBD chocolate, gave me my first edible (LO-fucking-L) and then rubbed her ass all over my kitchen while @annademarcophotography caught the whole ordeal on camera, which I present to you now for your viewing pleasure! All in all, a successful weekend. Swipe right for secret bonus Fumi content! (And thanks Anna, for making my place look so vintage and moody)

Oops! I did that thing again. Got busy with life and forgot to post for a month. Back again now to dust myself off and try again so here’s a collage of my favorite stills from that video I directed with @oohlalola to kick off Attempt #457 of me trying to keep up with social media with any semblance of regularity.

On a semi related note....I have a live interview about my work as a photographer turned filmmaker tomorrow at 12pm with @sombrebeings and @vincentminorphoto. Go to @sombrebeings and check it out! I shall be revealing a great number of secrets!

Haven’t posted in a hot minute so here’s a picture of my cat by the girl wonder @brennaw featuring the lovely @meghan_layne.

There is a show playing in LA right now that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s called WOOD BOY DOG FISH and it’s an incredible dark and haunting rendition of the story of Pinocchio.

Geppetto is a degenerate alcoholic. The Blue Fairy is the deceased architect of a haunted carnival ride. The Whale *IS* that ride, revealing your deepest fears. Children go to Fun Land to be murdered by a deranged maniac. Jimminy Cricket is a corporate sponsor who wants to sell you cigarettes and whiskey. And the puppet without strings? He is without doubt the best part of all....but I don’t want to reveal too much...

This show is incredible, a masterpiece. The story will have you laughing your ass off and crying within the same 15 minute stretch. The performances are out of this world. The art direction to die for. The sets are immense. The costumes uncanny. The score is sublime. It’s all only playing for one more weekend. GO SEE THIS SHIT. It’s not like a movie, once this is gone it’s gone forever. I promise promise promise you won’t regret it. This coming from someone who admittedly gives zero fucks about theater and stage plays.

Visit the link at @rogue_artists for tickets. Trust.

h o m e .
feat. @abelabala
directed by @alexisevelyn
cinematography @devinschiro
edit @iiziiofficial
wardrobe @hannahsolo4
hair @lauryntullio
produced @obsidiiancollective

This weekend finally get to post the dance film “CONFRONTATION” I shot a couple years back for @shannyjan and @sjb3000. This film had one long festival circuit and enjoyed its many presentations but now it’s finally come home to live here on the World Wide Web! Keep an eye out. 👀

Feat. @mollysmyers and @eisforestefano. Makeup by @ShannaCistulli. Steadicam by @karygent.

@aimeemcguire gets super sad in the new film I just finished shooting and coloring for her, “Back To You.” I haven’t really gone so colorful on drama work yet, but director @xo_seri pushed me to go for a flavorful saturated palette and I’m so glad she did cause lighting up dis shit was more fun than I usually get to have behind the lens! More coming soon!

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