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Happy Valentine's Day from this stud muffin 😍

The sky will be lit tonight ✨FULL MOON// Lunar Eclipse in LEO February 10/11th depending on your location. Pay attention to the things you are most passionate about, what makes you most happy? This what the months of "lessons" have built up to.. this is what is trying to be illuminated to you. Your life path. It's quite simple--> DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. let go of what is holding you back from this. Release release release. There are themes of Self love - self dependence - self confidence occurring. Allow your self the space you need. Do not feel guilty about doing you. The energy is strong ((refer to my last post for some ways to handle it)) cleanse yours crystal, take a full moon bath, meditate, journal, Do a full moon card spreads and enjoy the magic amongst us. Lots of love & light 🙏🏼

An energy shift is amongst us. Those of us super tuned in may be feeling anxious, nervous, sensitive, and restless yet exhausted at the same time. Your chakras may be tingling. You may be plagued with headaches at this time. It is more important than ever to stay grounded.. obsidian- smokey quartz - walking barefoot in the grass - sitting with trees - seeing your red root chakra pulling down through your feet into the earth. The time is coming. Crystalline codes laid down in or dna lifetimes ago are being activated. Our "antennas" are rising ready to channel a new frequency. Spend time in meditation. Ask your guides how you can be more useful. Let go of the fear. Energy shifts can be scary if your not sure what's happening. Brace yourself and know that you are not alone dear ones. Sending love and light <3

Swamp baby 🐊👶🏻

Sometimes you're cutting your first tooth & just really don't wanna eat the baby food your mom made so you turn on the dramatics 😂 #hegetitfromhisdaddy #dramaking #apollosilverangel

<> Things have been a tad crazy in our personal and national lives and it's time get to work. We've been faced with hard trials leading to hard decisions. There is an energy rising within us -- our mission to restore the chaos and balance the power on earth. The rebirth is here. The new moon will help to set your intentions. What do you want more of!? What could the world use more of right now? Our prayers are very important at this time. We must act with pure intent in our hearts. Trust the flow of life. Spread love. Spread light. Spread peace. Spread change. Love and light your way <3

Nature walks wth my bb 🌿👶🏻💞

My heart & soul <3 had a lovely weekend with my boys <3

Thank you Tampa for finally coming through with that acai 👌🏻

The first Full moon of the year rising in the water cancer sign. Mercury is now direct so let's celebrate that in itself. This is an emotional time. Feelings we've pushed down and out of sight are making their way to the surface, forcing us to deal with them. For me this usually manifest as anxiety or feeling fearful , I know this is not my truth, that it doesn't belong to me, that something needs to go. It's time to shed our skin. Let go and let free. Tapping into my heart chakra, I ask for the truth. I accept what is. I ask for assistant from my guides and angels, for them to present. Standing below mother moon, I ask for her guidance. She calls to me dear child, and tells me to give it all to her, all my worries, all my fears, any burden that I know longer need, she will take off my shoulders. I devour her light like a plant would sunlight. Allowing her to wash over me, cleanse me of my troubles. Her white light goes in through my crown chakra. Absorbing all the black energy floating around like a magnet. Working its way through my third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root chakra. I feel the heaviness lifting as she absorbs it out. I become lighter and lighter until I must be floating. The energy exits through my feet. Pouring out into the unknown. My heart feels pure joy. This is when I'm given any advice or insight. I enjoy floating amongst the stars, just being free. And then it's time to go back home. Mother Earth brings me back to this planet. Feeling the grass on my feet. Thick roots climb up my legs. Red light pours out of the earth going back up the chakras, grounding me back in the present moment. I am here. I am loved. I am awake. I feel overwhelmed with love and so much lighter. The dense energy gone. I am Renewed, refreshed, and cleansed. I originally started writing this post to share a manifest/ release ritual but I was guided to share this with you instead. Hope this can help you with anything you may be dealing with. Tonight's a perfect time to do it. There's no wrong way. Cancer is a water element, so you can also do something like this in the shower/bath/ocean. Sending you love&light 🙏🏼🌝💗

I don't know about y'all but my 2016 was absolutely amazing. May this new year bring you health, wealth, peace, and happiness! Lots of love & light your way <3