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If you are going to get your cardio in on this #workoutwednesday and thinking you HAVE to do your HIIT to get more fat loss, think again. As I've shared before, the only difference in the two is how many calories are expended DURING THE TIME YOU PERFORM YOUR CARDIO. It does not effect post exercises fat loss to any degree that will show in the real world. If you are short on time, yes get the HIIT in there and get your calorie goal. However, and this is a BIG HOWEVER.... you also must take into account recovery and stimulus acquired during HIIT. Especially in high volume training programs and/or during cutting phases. You can actually HINDER HYPERTROPHY AND STRENGTH GAINS BY DOING HIIT CARDIO. So be smart when adding it into your regimen and get those calories burned!!

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Flexing those abs today for #flexfriday as a shovel in about 200g of carbs pre workout!!! 😀😀😀 hope everyone is having an amazing Friday as well!!

A little #trainer Tuesday coming your way to just say how proud I am of this girl right here. @kikivhyce is one of the hardest working athletes I have ever had the privilege of working with. Day in and day out she follows her plan to a T and just when I think I have pushed her to her limit, she asks what else can she do. This girl already had an amazing physique, but what we were able to do and how much we built on her frame over the past 6-7 months (granted almost ALL of that time was in a deficit as we did back to back shows) just speaks volumes of what she is willing to do, but also the potential she has in this sport. This girl is going to go a LONG way and I can not wait to see what the future holds for her!!!!! Thank you for being an amazing woman, the athlete you are and even more, for being family (of course along with @erenatilla_ lol ). YOU INSPIRE SO MANY AS WELL AS MYSELF!!!!

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Research Review————————————————————
This week's series is a collab with @vitasphysio . Make sure to check out his page and give him a follow!
As mentioned on ⬅️Monday, optimizing torso stiffness may improve performance by...
1️⃣Increasing force production from the torso to the limbs, which thus may lead to ⬆️increased strength ➕ ⬆️increased speed
2️⃣Arresting painful vertebral micromovements (which may be experienced in those w/instability)
3️⃣Enhancing load bearing capacity
The question then becomes, what is the better way to improve torso stiffness...isometrics or dynamic exercises? 🤔Well, the following study provides us with initial data to suggest that isometrics are the way to go as isometrics resulted in greater adaptations over the course of 6️⃣weeks! Now, when reviewing the following study, the authors highlighted 2️⃣potential reasons as to why the isometric group may have experienced better results, which are as follows...
1️⃣Greater time under tension
❗️As highlighted by Kawada (2005), McGill & Karpowicz (2009) as well as Schott et al (1995), ⬆️increased time under tension has shown to result in ⬆️greater hypertrophy. Thus, when performing isometrics, it's thought that ⬆️greater time under tension will result in continual peak muscle activation, thus ultimately leading to ⬆️greater hypertrophy. To illustrate this point, think of time under tension when performing a 10s plank 🆚10 crunches.
2️⃣Greater neural changes
❗️When reviewing journals kept by subjects in the following study, it was consistently noted across participants that they felt that they were able to "better control their core and hip muscles." The authors hypothesized that this may stem from improved voluntary muscle activation which is in line with a study performed by Garfinkel and Cafarelli (1992), which found ⬆️increased MVC after 8 weeks of isometric exercises.
An isometric training program to hit your core from EVERY ANGLE
Lee, B. & McGill, S. (2015). Effect Of Long-Term Isometric Training On Core / Torso Stiffness. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 29(6), 1515-15

For today's #mythbustingmonday, here is a great graph showing the train of thought on eating carbs at night. I've heard so many different reasons as to why you should do this, it blows my mind. When people say to not eat carbs or fats or whatever at a certain time, my response is "do you die at night? If not then why does your body not need energy, turn off it's metabolism or whatever else you think is going on?" In fact it's been shown that moving ALL carbs to the end of the day can show greater fat loss than eating them earlier. So while there are reasons we can time macros to our advantage, generally it's not a concern for the average person eating a normal diet. Just ensure total cbrb intake for the day is controlled and enjoy them whenever fits best for you.

Hope everyone is having an amazing #flexfriday!!!

So true!!!! #andnowthatsongisstuckinyourhead 😂😂😂

#mondaymotivation!! Um... Go out and exercise so you can eat this!! How is that?? Lol. And yes, it was freaking AMAZING!!!! Glad I'm upping my carbs and have room for it 😁😁😁

Every... damn.... time!!! 😂😂

For #trainertuesday giving a variation of the RDL. I have classic physique competitor @bforte doing the "Devin Deadlift" lol. Never seen this done so figured why not. The use of this movement is to increase isometric tension on the lats by adding a horizontal force to act in tangent with the vertical force of gravity. By adding the band to the rack, the lats have to further engage to keep the bar close to the body. Use this on lighter sets as the horizontal force must increase as vertical force (the weights used) go up. You obviously do not want the bar being pulled out of line while attempting heavy lifts and risking the chance of a lumbar shift. Give it a try and see how you like it.

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