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=;=  #NEVERAGAIN @13reasonswhy

Saw @paramore absolutely kill it last night with some of the greatest peeps. I danced my heart out and lost my voice. @yelyahwilliams is a queen and I thank her for sharing her vulnerability and emotions with us ❤️❤️❤️

I did a vocal cover of "Nico and the Niners" by @twentyonepilots to practice my mixing and such, and you can listen to it by checking the link in my story-

(I promised I wouldn't post until the hiatus was over!!) I met @joshuadun of @twentyonepilots about 4 weeks ago during E3! The music they've made and the messages within it have been deeply profound and helpful to me as I've been growing and struggling to identify and then cope with various things I've felt or thought. And especially seeing Josh continue to triumph over his own anxiety has been inspiring to me, and shown that I can too. He was super kind and made me feel comfortable, like I was actually being listened to and had his attention. He told me how much it meant to him that I had said everything I did, and then waved at me when I left ! So anyways, to the people who say to never meet your heroes, maybe look up to the right people-

Reposting today in honor of Clancy escaping Dema (@twentyonepilots is back yay)

HB 💙

🎶Dive right back into you, and now I know you 🎶 get it because that song is called Pool and it was a pool day?? Eh??
📸~ @aidanfiske

It's my favorite knock off mid-2000's alternative rock song, Mr. It's-Bright-Outside ☀️☀️

Had the absolute pleasure of hearing from Steve and the lovely folks at @1in6org yesterday with the geniuses responsible for writing @13reasonswhy. 1in6 is a non-profit organization who's mission is to help men who have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences live healthier, happier lives. They're spreading all kinds awareness and have incredible tools and professionals standing by on their site ( Their name, 1in6, is in reference to the statistic researchers estimate that at least 1 in 6 men have had unwanted sexual experiences, including abuse and assault. To put that into perspective, a varsity high school football team can roster 20 players. Since the launch of @13reasonswhy Season 2, they have been amazingly supportive of how we're approaching Tyler's story, and I'm very happy that they will be joining us as consultants, and providing us with their expertise and resources as we venture into season 3, doing our best to continue telling these stories as honestly as possible. I feel so grateful and am so humbled and inspired by everyone telling their stories, and organizations like 1in6 helping to lead the charge into heavily stigmatized issues as male assault and abuse. Thank you-
Note: 1in6’s resources are intended for those 18+; minors can find support at

Did a shoot and interview for @wingmanmagazine a little over a month ago ! Had such a great time~
📸 - @trevorpikhart
"The powerful actor’s choices are strong and nuanced, and while for mere per- formance value alone he is making waves, it’s even more important to note that the gifted young star has used his role and his platform to help connect to fans on a highly emotional level. “13 Reasons Why” has certainly started and contributed to a cultural dialogue, as has his character, and the intelligent actor is more than worthy of stepping forward to not only put in his two cents, but to help lead that conversation."

How about that rad fight scene tho 🥊

I'd just like to thank @netflix and @krissy for making sure we captured these moments of Ross being proud of my height, and me taking the phrase "climbing stairs" a little too literally.

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