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Doll  I hope to leave people better than I found them #miniadventureswithhayden.

*insert inspirational quote here*

"You're 26??? I thought you were 18!"

Idk how I got so lucky to be his mom but here I am ☺️🤗 #miniadventureswithhayden

Pink haven 💕🌸🦄🎀 #miniadventureswithhayden


After being sick for so long #imalive yet again

Igloos in nyc? Yes #nyc 💜💕🌟❄️

Showed up to my parents house like "here I am the best gift you've ever had" 💁🏻 lol

All of the lights ✨🎄🎅🏼🤶🏼☃️❄️✨#dykerheightschristmaslights #miniadventureswithhayden

My hitta, my hitta

I connect with you ✳️✳️✳️ #ivannavarro

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