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Day 2: Day 2 of my healthy lifestyle and I made some more chicken soup! I already know I’m going to get sick of it but for as long as I can have chicken soup instead of chips and other snacks, I will! I am by no means only having this soup but it’s just a good meal to prepare as it lasts, is pretty delicious, high in protein and low in calories. I think for working girls like me, we need something we can take to work with us and just heat up. Yesterday was the first time I had made soup and used a lot smaller amounts however today I have used larger amounts so that it lasts longer. Here you go guys, a quick and easy method below!
Chicken corn soup!
500g of boned chicken
Light soy sauce
One celery stick
One spring onion
Three egg whites
1. Add 8 cups of water, 1 heaped tsp of salt, half a tsp of pepper, 4tsp of light soy sauce to 500g of boned chicken and bring to the boil on the cooker on s medium heat. You are waiting for your chicken to cook through.
2. Once the chicken has cooked through, turn the cooker off, take the chicken pieces out of the stock and shread your chicken.
3. Put your cooker on a low heat. Place the chicken back into the stock with another half tsp of salt ( or more) ( Himalayan salt if you have it) and 2tsp of soy sauce.
4. Then add a big handful of sweet corn or however much you prefer.
5. You are going to add the cornflour next. Fill half a glass of water and add 1 1/2 tbsp of cornflour to the water and mix. Then you may add this to your soup, mixing the soup as you do. ( this is for thickness of soup - to make it more thick, add more cornflour but to keep it healthy, the less cornflour the better)
6. After this chop one celery stick and one spring onion ( about a tbsp of each) and add to the soup.
7. Add 1/3 tsp of pepper
8. Finally slowly add your egg whites to the soup, stirring the soup as you do this to ensure the egg seperates.
Now you can enjoy your tasty healthy soup which is less then 180 calories per bowl!

Day 1. So my healthy lifestyle day 1 has definitely been full speed ahead! Armaan, Haniya and I went for a trek up Ben Arthur. It took us about 3 hours to get to the top. I struggled majorly which just showed me how unfit I was. I was close to giving up but Armaan and Haniya’s encouragement helped me through. Dare I say no makeup but trust me with somewhere like this, you don’t want an ounce of makeup on your face! It was windy, raining and you’re sweating loads! I took some chicken soup with me which I made today and it was just the perfect food for the top of a cold windy mountain. I’ll be posting about my chicken soup soon! It was surprisingly delicious . I am absolutely STARVING now and I think I’ll probably have a few more carbs at dinner 🌚.

This week ( and every other week) I’ve struggled to say no to any kind of food. I’ve been having two dinners, snacking on almost anything and basically eating everything in sight. It doesn’t help that my mother in law has been making all my favourites this week! I’ve actually felt a difference in my jeans and tops with them being tighter on and it’s left me feeling uncomfortable and unhappy with the way I’m looking. That’s why today is the last day of me eating and feeling this way. But if from tomorrow I’m beginning a healthy lifestyle, I’m going to ensure I enjoy today to the fullest! That’s why I went to @the.brunch.club_ and enjoyed the savoury and sweet dishes and boy was it delicious ❤️. The reason I’ve decided to share this on social media is because I think I’ll feel more pressure to stick to it if I know I’ve told everyone. I don’t know how many times my husband has had to hear this but I promise this time I’m going to do it! I want to become more fit and healthy and feel comfortable in my own skin. Weight is something I’ve always battled with ever since I was a young girl. I’ve never been a skinny girl and never will be but what I do know is I want to be able to say I’m fit and healthy and that’s something I can’t say just now. Any tips, please write below! I’m going to make a healthy chicken soup tomorrow and I’ll definitely be sharing the recipe with you all if it turns out tasty!

I’ve been craving sushi all week and that craving still has not been fulfilled 😭 take notes @armaan7 What do you guys crave most??

The waiting game. 😏

This truly is one of my favourite photos ever. Two people who I love, respect and admire so much. My Mamoo in his element always giving the best advice ❤️❤️❤️

Shirt and bag are @zara and this cosy perfect for Autumn coat is none other than @missguided 💗 #zara #missguided #babesofmissguided

It’s co-ord season and I love it 💃🏽 #topshop #topshopstyle #manchester #styleblogger #streetstyle

Always stay true to who you are 🖤

Do not ever think you know somebody’s whole life just by their Instagram. There are the most admirable things people have done which they don’t choose to share. It’s those things I love, the things I know that others don’t. The things your friends have done for you that haven’t been shared. That is what I love. 💛

Thank you to @menagerie_restaurant for a spectacular night! The entertainment, food, music and atmosphere was perfect 💗 Girls if you want a good night in Manchester, Menagerie it is!

Prettiness for the feed 🖤

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