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Dusten Hom  You're just jealous cuz I'm cute

I just wanted a cute big and little photo... #sungood #sogood

Got to spend my Valentines with dem midterms and this Friday with these oysters. <3 oh and Hannah was there too :)

When one joke a year ago becomes an actual thing. Welcome to #VASEline. Ty Little @__ktran__ for the pic. #WildJessintheback #stilllovebombdiggitytoo

When you try your best but dont succeed... #greatescaperoom

When you all 21 so White Elephant turns to Drunk Elephant. #xmasshingding #cantseemeinthedarkness

Cannot remember the last time I had a meal that didnt include beer and sausage #MunichMunchies #WheresDasBoot #beerhallshenanigans

Glad we met in the Nica jungles 4 years ago. Good luck at Dentist school. #Nicagang #wheresnickandzach #goodbyefiveever

"STOP LAUGHING. THIS SHOULDNT BE FUN." - me finding out my little was masochist af. Wish you fell in the grossness and wish you didnt get pie on me but theres always next time right? :)))

New Little, who dis? Welcome to the Line you derpy ball of energy. Your grossness matches well with mine. #season2 #istillloveyouMinhandKat #whosthatdinosaurintheback #stillrelevant

I remember the day we picked you up from the mall. You licked my face and i told my mom, "i want this one". She asked me what I wanted to name you and I told her, "Buddy because we are gonna be best friends". That was 14 years ago and everyday you kept that promise. Thank you for your companionship and love. Im sorry this is the only picture I have of you on my phone. I wish i could be with you till the end. Rest in peace. You will always be my best Buddy. 09.09.02-10.21.16

Miramar air show with the goons and the woman. #lemmebeyowingman #missingtheHo #newphonenewinsta

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