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Ste Anne Detroit  Grandmother of Jesus. Second oldest Catholic church in the U.S.A.

Some of our young adults on yesterday's Holy Rollin route! Great day for a bike ride in this beautiful city!

We are surrounded by great art at Ste Anne. Like, for instance, this masterpiece of Jesus in a brown tunic by an early visitor to our office. Medium: brown crayon on copy paper with red crayon detail work. Subtle but affective. 10/10.

Father Ryan has a new sign for his lunchtime at the taco truck...

A demonstration of Cuban dance and culture for a visiting tour group. :-)


May crowning. 💙💙💙

These awesome humans showed up to help plant flowers to help secure our "Most Beautiful of All Time" award*. 🌸🌸🌸 *Not a real award
*obviously if it was: we would win it

Msgr Kosanke won a lifetime achievement award from Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan. Did we surprise him with a Fathead? You best believe it. ;-)

Oh, pumped out of our minds about this part Holy Hour/ part Spoken word/ part original music night.
Invite the gal pals as 4 voices speak words of truth, beauty , and vulnerability.

Little kiddos crowning the Blessed Mother with flowers--what's not to love?

Fun in the sun! Come help us spruce up the church. 🌸🌷💒💙