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Nicole Curtis  Sarcastic mom of 2, TV producer (Rehab Addict), breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby-wearing. Heartbroken bff to #welovetessa

Well, after a very long day, I discovered the original layout of the upstairs-so excited :) #terrazzofloors #stampedplaster #detroit #thisiswhatido

For those out there that have doubt about what little nonverbal babies pickup...My little one is signing "please" after he slid out from his ring sling to see the firetrucks. I started practicing sign with him at around 7 mos at around 9 mos -I got the sign for "more" and it totally caught me off guard as I was starting to question my sanity as we had had zero results :) I can't say enough how this communication makes for such a happier day ---the pride in the little face and zero frustration as there isn't guesswork wondering what he wants.I wish I had had the support and internet (seriously) 20 years ago with E---I was left to rely on the "help" from outdated sources or just taking someone's word for everything. Every morning he signs to eat and then most importantly "bike" -we ride everyday everywhere-and the latest addition to our adventures is the trick or treat bag full of cars :) #babywearing#babysign#infantmentalhealth#mayawrap#ibert#dakinefannypack

Working late with my guys :) Justin said he wants to go home ...Sanford is in it to win it :) @jasonmsanford

The current situation arguing layouts for houses :) this is what everyone does on the 4th right ???

Was on a mission today --thirty doors found --this is half :) I've been buying from the same guys for 16 years -they used to charge me ten dollars to deliver as I only had a little Dodge Neon. They call me the fancy movie star now;)

The struggle is real ...and thinking I should get sponsored by @timhortonsus after this post :) we demoed for 12 hours straight...fanny pack included

Back on a roof today .... Have to be the "goat" since Bobby is gone :)

Hey Tessa :):)

Tomorrow, we're supposed to go back to "normal"

I miss you.... And I'm not the only one. #welovetessa #forever9

She signed 200 + books with me this night -fresh from chemo. It was a surprise when she showed up & my heart swelled. Poor Bobby and Karin had to sit thru yet another one of my events because little miss was staying to meet everyone. I feel so proud of the "woman" this baby was -she defined joy, happiness, gratitude, love -and she so enjoyed meeting the crowds :) one of my friends laughed today telling how she would just bust into the splits -the splits ! Showing all us old ladies up. If you had the privilege and honor of meeting our girl -you know what I mean:) #welovetessa #imissyou #pediatriccancer

Kicking off #fathersdayweekend with my favorite pic of these two -I'm so honored to work with so many great dads, but this one ...oh, boy -Bobby Prothero you are so strong and we all know that you love being daddy. So I'm posting this on behalf of my friend, Tessa who has so much fun coming to work with you and bossing you around:) Bobby has made more late night runs for slurpees, pickles, Mac and cheese, crafts, cake mix .....whatever little miss gets in her mind she wants :) #welovetessa

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