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Nicole Curtis  Sarcastic mom of 2, TV producer (Rehab Addict), breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby-wearing. Heartbroken bff to #welovetessa


Painting my new house and let me be completely honest, this one was one hundred percent paid for by 8 seasons of TV and I owe it all to my crew and all of you --I didn't get here on my own and I never forget that (leif is rolling -I'm cutting in and of course, getting distracted) . #nevergiveup #hgtv #rehabaddict #newbeginnings

Remembering our friend, Art, today -he would've been 53. I just connected that his birthday is in February just Ike Tessa. If you don't know the story of Art, he is the reason behind the #oldhousesoldpeopleolddogs tshirt. We said good/bye to him 5 years ago in April (that doesn't seem right, it seems like yesterday). I think he'd get a kick out of all the crazy tshirt stories we have and be proud that his love inspired all of us to help so many others. Happy Birthday, Art -you are missed and one of the people that got my little obsession with "collecting" :) #rehabaddict #hgtv

The woman who took this pic warned me she really didn't know how to ---um, this is the most ripped I've ever looked. Very sad I didn't exchange info and hire her to shoot my promo pics 😂celebrating the rescue of our kite off the roof behind us (the kind manager climbed up and got it) baby yogurt cone (cause candy sprinkles on a twist are only for mommies😌) and happy to hang with our papa who reminded me that we don't have many years left ....now you know why I needed the ice cream. Love your old people, people ;)#oldhousesoldpeopleolddogs #nicolecurtis #rehabaddict

Bobby leading the troops at #1522hillside and I'm handling #beachside ....perfect #sundayfunday in my world.

Our Friday Snowman on the left and Saturday Snowman on the right ---12 degrees v 77 degrees :) btw, the one in the sand was drawn with my right foot (so much talent 😂)

Feel free to transfer to a post-it and stick to your forehead like I'm doing right now 😏so many good people out there -just a reminder to all, don't let the bad ones bring you down---seek solace that they are outnumbered. Thinking it would be helpful if the fakers were easy to spot-on second thought, they are -usually the takers in life who brag how great they are, how rich they are and ask what's in it for them before doing anything to help others. The best gift in life is giving....😘😘

Just a mama and baby fox :) how adorable is this hat? Peaceful morning hiking the trails in a wonderful 17 degrees. Here's my old mama tips for taking your little exploring 1. Keep the core warm -a onesie is a must 2. Warm bib overalls 3. Sweater over the onesie under the bins 4. Waterproof mittens w extended cuffs 5. Super warm jacket 6. Thin long socks under real winter boots not the kiddie fun ones 7. Cotton snug hat under another warm one 8. And top it off with best @7eleven purchase ever -the Fox hat ! Bought in #newsmyrnabeach, of all places ! #winterplay

Joining @kelliepickler in @picklerandben tune-in today -shopping for antiques in #nashvillle #hgtv#oldhousesoldpeopleolddogs and hanging with @carsonkressley and @mattiseman check your local listings ...

Probably the most ingenious entrepreneur I've come across in a long time. Upon entering my friend's home this evening, all guests were greeted by this cutie -needless to say there's a few boxes headed to our house. Her goal is 2200 boxes -you get a canoe. #girlscoutcookies #superbowl #parentingwin #thinmints

Sitting here editing and came across this photo...that's Tessa. I had come in the backdoor at my grandparents' house and she came running full force at me for a hug. Kicking off Feb in full force celebrating her laugh, her love, her amazing spirit. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH, TESSA. And to all the families out there fighting this fight -sending you love. #tessaprothero #morethan4 #hgtv

When I sit and think about how messy life has been, I tear up thinking how fortunate I am that God has blessed me with two beautiful children, kept my stubborn Gramps waking up every morning, an aunt that somehow always knows when to say -you got this, kiddo, absolutely amazing friends, great business partners and of course, the most loving, kind-hearted guys on the planet that take every opportunity to make our days fun. If you missed this yesterday, thought I'd share again. I am blessed and you are all a part of that too (even you nasty strangers that just come here to harass 😂you make me realize even more how great everyone else is (so even you are a part of the good in some glass half-full way of thinking) My success is everything I stated above ....not anything else :) #nevergiveup #laughteristhebestmedicine#rehabaddict #nicolecurtis #fabfitfun #hgtv

You must swipe left to understand why I think my signature should be required for future deliveries from @fabfitfun😀use the code DETROIT for $10 off your order www.fabfitfun.com and before you ask -the guys were unharmed in the making of this video

Take my job as "fix-it mommy" very seriously. I had to make any eye patch for the turtle ....not sure what to do if he loses both eyes 😬The "lioness" got him #lucy #rescuedog #turtlepower @fourseasons

There is no such thing as bad weather in our house...bundled up and enjoying 48 degrees in #Detroit. And so excited to use our new umbrella (that someone took an early nap) The LO stands for my hometown #lakeorion and also where I own a half dozen historic properties that we saved from wrecking balls. They sold these to support the band program-I played bassoon :)

Our version of the "weekend project" -patching to match original fir floors #oldfloors

Where's Lucy ? 😂Just your every day adventure here in #mommyhood. I'm seriously running a couple jobsites and negotiating a deal for a new house while singing itsy bitsy spider racing this tricycle :) I can and do just like all the other badass mommies out there and pity the fool who thinks that this is the time we're vulnerable --motherhood makes us fight harder and stronger :) and of course, I own that house

Just a reminder and always ask permission 😉I thought I should add as a PSA /hugs lasting longer than this sometimes lead to babies 😂

Here's my building tip -I think this is the first time I've ever posted one 😂make your bookshelf in your hallway removable so you can get furniture through. Just can't keep staring st these floors ...all original

While everyone is watching football --we're shooting the "afters" for 9 new episodes ...when you see this shed in the show it looks like summer. We had finished all the filming and realized I forgot to show the inside---this house is on commercial property (found that out after I bought it) so we were not allowed to build a garage. First time ever building a shed and it tuned out so cool. It was supposed to be a weekend project -justin and I spent about 3 mos getting it done :) #lakeorion #rehabaddict

Shooting a "new" hallway never easy ...I can't wait for you to see the before on this-so nasty #rehabaddict #lakeorion #1904cottage

No joke -if you've read my book you know that I was "jobless" for a long time when we first moved to Minneapolis & I literally moved there during one of their coldest years on record. I would spend the day trying to get a "real" job & came upon Clean House -I watched every episode in horror thinking how do people have so much stuff :) full circle running into this guy today --I told him they got me through some pretty tough days and I think he thought I was kidding, but I was taking daily jobs on Craigslist 😂 just goes to show you -never give up, my friends -13 mos later the idea for Rehab Addict was born

I just got this pic from my jobsite. I didn't know who it was and thought -what a cool shot. And then the mommy spidey-sense takes over ---so proud of this man child of mine:) #mastersuite #1522hillside #minneapolis

I often google these people and find them to be advocates for "equal" rights for every human and have pages of bs memes declaring everyone be kind and talking about spreading love not hate ....then they post things like this. It's this simple, I believe infants have rights. I believe you don't have to feed a baby to bond with a baby -breastfeeding moms do not keep fathers or anyone from "bonding" with children. Trust, I can and do fight my own battles, but this bs from a woman makes me sad for every mom out their struggling. There is no need to defend what happens between you and your baby naturally -and I'm here to say -enough is enough ! Women fight for every other right and then tell women to give up breastfeeding their own babies ??? Crazy! If, and that's a big, fat IF-this was stopping a relationship between a father and child ...but it isn't, it hasn't and quite, honestly I've yet to see one that did. #naturalbreastfeeding #infantmentalhealth #childrensrights

This might cause some people panic, but imagine my delight to see peeling paint leading to green tile!!!!! I can't wait to peel it :) classic 1930s bathroom finally in the hands of someone who is delighted with it ...

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