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Nicole Curtis  The blonde lady w/ the Detroit accent from REHAB ADDICT On your TV or your Neighbor’s TV (if you’re like me & don’t have one) NEW EPISODES JULY 11th

Do you think Bobby gets disqualified ??? Check out more of our shenanigans tomorrow night !!!! New episode WED 9|8 cst #rehabaddict #limbochampion

I am so thankful to have shared this moment with probably the funniest mama I know (next to me, of course😉) A couple things-I had just said let’s film something funny to promote this week’s episode, we have a white couch and yes, she’s actually smaller than me @rachaeleharris blessed to have you in my squad #womensupportingwomen #rehabaddict (btw, when I say find a neighbor with @diynetwork to watch this week -I mean it-we will be on her couch (for obvious reasons)

I was sitting at a pool in Honolulu a few years back and started chatting up a fellow mama —-we’ve literally ran circles around each other around the globe the past few years til today. Same city, same country ! I’m smiling so big as I type this —I can’t say enough how awesome it is to have the privilege of knowing such badass women. So happy that I picked up this one @ginghamandheels -the most wonderful gift a woman can give herself is friends

Come on people ! Jump into new episodes #rehabaddict !!! Right now !!!

I said the wrong time !!!!!! It all starts at 8|7 cst !!!!! Why anyone listens to me, I’ll never know:) AND WE ARE LIVE AT 6:30 cst! And Ruben wanted me to know that we only showed his butt in the #minnehaha shows 😂😂😂😂 #rehabaddict

Working late, cracking jokes about me getting kicked off the cheerleading team and then...this happens. Never a dull moment -how blessed I am to work with these guys who always go along with my silliness -watch us rock another great house tonight at 8 pm est #rehabaddict

One day!! one day until we kickoff new episodes and the Dollar House special -I’m in Minneapolis to celebrate (see link in bio to join us) AND in case you were looking for me to comment on my most recent news headlines? Well, this is my “you called me a what?” Face -signed the unfit Zumba dancer, unfit karaoke singer, unfit slot car driver, unfit sit-up champion-those I agree with as far as anything else -my eyes are screaming “nice try” . #rehabaddict #unfitmyass

T-3 days til new episodes on July 11th and a never-been-seen-before 1 hour special of the Dollar House. There’s two things we discovered today 1. I am capable of leaving the house sans running gear and 2. @bretttutor is great at many things -sharing cookies is not one of them #rehabaddict

Don’t ever let anyone tell you it requires “skills” to do what you want to do. You only need the mindset to get it done. In my mind this is a perfect 10 and that’s all that matters (and I didn’t crush Lucy, that of course, matters most) this prison yard pool is my next project-not quite sure it will top some of my other pools, but we will try —-new episodes in less than a week !!!!!!!! #rehabaddict

Who needs photo shop when your shorts are too short for public posting 😂 we are contemplating where we are going to kickoff the new episodes at —Minneapolis, Detroit or LA ??? Guess what city I’m voting for ...#rehabaddict #6moredays

Happy 4th of July aka “throw me, higher & faster, mama” day-wait, that’s every day 😉 God bless America & so much ❤️to all of our military families

My life has 2 sides -1. Where everything is funny & I can find humor in it all 2. Where my heart is so heavy with emotion it feels like it may burst. I did an interview today for the new season and was asked if I set out to be an advocate. No, I just set out to be a mom and moms protect their babies before anything else. To all the mommies facing this holiday without your babies -find your squad, let people in, there is no humor I offer to make it feel better -my heart aches with you. No child should ever have to choose...ever. We weren’t designed to be separated from our babies -that is, to every critic’s dismay, scientific fact. God Bless and know you are not alone

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