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▪️DESTINY STEPHENS▪️  ✨21 Fitness model | Certified Personal Coach 💊🎀RHB DOLL 👻destinyxoxo96 💌business inquiries: inquiries.destinystephensfit@hotmail.com


SO obsessed with this colour and these sets from @doyoueven😭😍🔥🙌🏼
-Available in lavender and black!
❌They will be released in 48 hours!!!! ❌
(I’m wearing size medium)

Just trying to be a better version of myself everyday💖🌸 booty isolation video coming tonight😍🔥🍑 leggings from: @doyoueven

Happy Thursday!! I wanted to answer some of your questions❤️
-I don’t count my calories at the moment or my macros... it’s a personal choice! I only do so for a show because I become too obsessed with it and I find that’s mentally unhealthy
-I train legs 4 days a week
-I literally live off of chicken, rice and veggies! I’m a super picky eater, and I’m okay with eating the same thing everyday
-I’ve been into fitness (gym training) for 5 years
-I am certainly not motivated everyday, I have to set goals for myself and my physique. If I don’t then I’m super unmotivated
-I think fasting is a personal choice, and if you can do it then that’s awesome, but me personally I love food waaayyy too much and I get grumpy and feel sick if I don’t eat
That’s all I can think of! Xoxox❤️

Have a hard time building your booty? Try @rokhardbody curves gainer! It has the perfect amount of protein and carbs that your body needs to get the best gains! After a intense booty workout, take 1 scoop within 30 min post workout!😍🔥 USE MY CODE “DOLL79” for discount!

My princess, Stella💖 so much love for this little baby! #newistaddition #frenchie #mybaby #happydogmom #iswearimnotactuallythiswhite

Today is the day I stop stressing and I start doing the things I love for me again💖🌸 my program is coming soon!! Can’t wait to share it with you guys 😍❤️ #leggingscomingsoontoo

Workouts at @aurafitnesscollegepark are my favourite! They have the nicest gym and such a nice city view😍❤️

-Each exercise is 4x12
⁉️Do you have any trouble areas? Comment them so I can help!!💖
‼️Make sure to consume your protein and carbs within 30 min post workout!
I always drink my #RHB curve protein shake! @rokhardbody

You’re my favourite thing to do❤️💋🌹

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY BABES!!❤️💋 hope you all get so much love today!!😍❤️

How do you build curves and stay lean? -It’s all about the amount of protein and carbs you are consuming and the timing! Some have trouble knowing how much to consume and what to consume for best results... now you won’t have to worry!
-#RHB curve gainer has the perfect amount of protein and carbs that your body needs for maximum results!!
-Take 1-2 scoops within 30 min after your workout and watch yourself make some killer gains😈🍑🔥 @rokhardbody #rhbdoll

It’s been a minute since I posted some booty videos😈😛🤔🔥

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