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He Calls Me Trouble  🌱ultra-recyclo-vegetarian🌱 I'm a kinky, asexual bastard who takes too many selfies.

I like to learn how to make my favorite dishes vegan
#vegan#plantbased#ahituna#fakeahituna#onigiri #seaweedsalad

This was from a couple days ago, but I want to all to appreciate Kevin at the @gooddaycafemb
He always knows how to talk me through a hard week, and even though I don’t go as often as I should, it’s one of my favorite places. Not to mention the vegan menu is pretty stellar #local #cafe#haveagoodday #vegan#veganpizza

Change is good

I may have an online shopping problem.... but just you wait until all my cute af clothing comes in.
I’m doing my best to venture out in my fashion choices this year. I’ve always loved fashion as a whole and I don’t really want to stick to the same three recycled looks I always do. It’s getting boring and has been for awhile. From now on, I’m dressing for me, and instagram can just see the photos after I’m done having my fun. #fashion #onlineshopping #bustseriouslysomeonetakemydebitcardthisisridiculous#ihaveaproblem

*insert generic quote about life and laughing*

I made a homemade vegan baked Mac and cheese for my love @vxrocklobsterxv and it turned out amazing! I’m really proud of how far my cooking has come in the past year #vegan #veganmacandcheese

Howdy.. Blake took a lot of pictures of me the other day and I’m just getting around to posting them

Hello yes I am alive and I have cacti on my shirt

I actually really love this picture that @meghvnmichelle took

My love

There's no place like your moms house when you're having a bad day #treehouse #home

I miss Asheville #mural #buddah #asheville

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