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Dessie Mitcheson  📍OC | LA SI Swimsuit top15 AmazingRace 30 MaximUSA covergirl 📩 @jla_talent Host on Twitch ⤵️

raise your hand if you like Mondays 🙋🏽‍♀️
Outfit by @boohoo

“Are you gonna bark all day little doggy or are you gonna bite?” Name that movie 😎 Working on something new for @ignite’s CBD toothpicks!

we are always worried about our health and taking probiotics so why shouldn’t we do the same for our best friends 🙂 pippa has been loving the first ever probiotic for doggies! She told me it taste like gravy 😋 @trudoghealth

happy patty’s day 🍀 @fashionnova

if you missed our crazy show yesterday, go check it out on our YouTube channel Ignite House. We’ll be going live today at 2 pm pst! Go to the link in my bio to watch. 🍀

something new with @afflictionclothing 🌹

Friday’s outfit for some Monday feels 🍀 @fashionnova

We’re in Vegas with our @ignite fam! If you guys missed our Livestream yesterday, we were at the mint400! Go to the link in my bio to watch. TODAY we are going on a tour of Dan’s Las Vegas house so make sure you tune in!
wearing @fashionnova 🍀
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This is a solo shot of me by would you like a similar shot of me, @kaylafitz3, and @billiejopowers?! Well you can 😊 We are now selling personalized signed posters! If you’re interested in getting one send me a dm and I will give you the details!

we’re in the game room today on @twitch. I’m not the best gamer, but what’s a fun game you guys would want to see us play on our next gaming show?! Tune in today at 3 pm!
wearing @boohoo