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Beth Shook  disciple of Christ, wife, mom, ceramic artist!

While picking up paint supplies....made my day!! #paint #homedepot #perfect #motherofinvention #smileoften

Because we are in the throws of July - humidity is rising, with no rain in sight, the temps are still topping out. So then, let me encourage you to set your sights on something October!

The coolest thing about this October is The 3rd Occasional Cup and Mug Sale! There are more than 30 ceramic artists working hard this summer to create a very unique event. There will be 100's upon 100's of cups and mugs for sale. But most importantly, the sale is a catalyst that supports an under served community. This year, the sale benefits Pursue Life Ministry - a senior adult ministry of Arizona Baptist Children's Services.

Here's how it works: customers who donate Home Depot and/or Lowe's gift cards* will be entered to win a mixed set of mugs for every $10 in gift cards donated. *activation receipts MUST accompany gift cards to be eligible for the drawing.

Gift cards will be used to help cover supplies/construction costs incurred when adapting living spaces (pull bars, wheelchair ramps, etc) for senior adults without financial means who desire to remain in their homes but require adaptive environments. **BONUS! some grocery stores than sell gasoline offer 2X fuel points with the purchase of gift cards!! Put it on your calendar
The 3rd Occasional Cup and Mug Sale
October 20-21, 2017
I'll send out more info as we approach the event date.

Working on a remix of the berry bowls I used to make. Looking for a relationship to the cylindrical forms I've been throwing lately. Wanting to take advantage of an expanded surface to mark up, looks like I've created a berry bucket!

I'm not sure about this, yet. It sure was fun to draw on, though.

#ceramics #idraw #berries #azartist #localartist #morebucketthanbowl

Drawing day!
I love pieces that work together. Cups with saucers. Jars with lids. Bowls that nest.

Today, a few demitasse.
Does any one espresso any more?

#ceramics #idraw #demitasse #espresso #dessadogstudio #localartist #azartist

This guy is headed to the Five15 to the Fifth show with @five15arts for their July show at the Phoenix Center for the Arts.
Opening: July 7, 6-9pm
Artist Reception: July 21, 6-9pm

#ceramics #idraw #birds #glaze #repurposedwood #exhibitiononthecalendar #five15arts #phoenixcenterforthearts #localart

The white wire isn't playing nice. Just replaced that specific connection three months ago.
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113°F in the shade before noon.
Be safe. Stay in the ac if you can.
#azsummer #excessiveheat #excessiveheatwarning

As I'm loading the kiln, the tought occurs to me I could probably just set work outside. 120°F in the forecast. ::sigh:: #ceramics #firing #kilnloading #azsummer #dessadog #dessadogstudio

They have arrived!!
The postcards for The 3rd Occasional Cup and Mug Sale are here. Participating artists will receive some when they drop off all those incredible cups and mugs. Most of our connections and PR will be through social media, but there's something about having a hardcopy image :)
Getting excited!! There's still time to be a part of this event. If you're an Arizona ceramic artist in the Phoenix area and you're interested, message me with an email address and I'll send you a prospectus.

#ceramics #mugs #cups #localart #azartist #dessadog #dessadogstudio #arizonabaptistchildrensservices

Worked on a few visuals for The 3rd Occasional Cup and Mug Sale, scheduled for October 20&21, 2017.
If you're an AZ ceramic artist interested in participating, shoot me a message and I'll get you prospectus.
This year the sale will benefit Pursue Life, a ministry of Arizona Baptist Children's Services. Learn more about them here:

#ceramics #mugs #localart #AZ #arizonabaptistchildrensservices #dessadog #dessadogstudio

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