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Desmond Wars  🙏 Gods Child 🙏 MD

Year 4... “Successful And Unsuccessful People Do Not Vary Greatly In Their Abilities. They Vary In Their Desires To Reach Their Potential.” – John Maxwell

Quality Time With My Nephew Mavi...

And Hopefully He Realizes This Before Your Heart Is Ready To Say Goodbye... #DesmondWars

The True Meaning In A Lot Of Things That Happen To Us Won't Be Made Known To Us Until The Moment Has Long Past Us...But The Key To Genuine Appreciation Is Acknowledging It's Importance To Us While It's Still There For Us To Reciprocate The Sentiment...If You Have It, Then Cherish The Value That It Adds To You, But If It's Not For You, Then Enjoy The The Opportunity For Growth That It Presented To You...Hope Everyone Enjoyed Their Easter #DesmondWars

Timing Is Everything, But When Special Things Are Sent Your Way Know That It Was Sent To You On Gods Time...Even Though It May Not Make Sense To You Then, Acknowledge That Gods Purpose Is Always Greater Than Our Understanding So Certain Blessings Have To Be Embraced Before They Are Fully Understood...Timing Should Never Be The Reason Why Extraordinary Things Don't Come Into Your Life...If You Want To Live An Abundant Life You Have To Let Go Of The Concepts That Are Keeping You From Doing So...Ecclesiastes 3:1...Happy Sunday Family #DesmondWars

Something That Motivates Me To Grow As A Man Daily...Something That Enables Me To Express My Love Without Any Reservations...Something That Shows Me The Beauty In Simplicity, Without Giving Me Agony From Being Let Down Repeatedly. #DesmondWars

The Best Way To Keep Disappointment Absent From Your Life Is To Keep Fighting Until You Achieve Your Goals And To Remove Yourself From People Or Situations That Aren't Encouraging Your Growth...Expectations For Yourself Will Keep You Grounded And Focused...Expectations For Others Will Keep Yourself From Being Taken Advantage Of...Don't Sell Yourself Short By Lowering Your Bar For Anything To Get Over It...You Deserve More #DesmondWars

Temporary People Can Still Offer Permanent Growth...A Persons Impact Can Last Long After Their Purpose In Your Life Has Ended...Focus On The Lesson, Not Just The Teacher #DesmondWars

I Just Want You To Be Who You Were Before The First Time Your Heart Got Broken... #DesmondWars

Although The Key To Your Heart Won't Be Found By Everyone, Those Who Get Lost Along Their Way Shouldn't Take Away From The Value Of Your Love...And Just Because The Road Is Not Easy Doesn't Mean The Effort Is Unworthy Of The Destination #DesmondWars

They'll Always Try To Change You When They Refuse To Take The Time To Understand You... #DesmondWars

I Just Need You To Understand That Your Presence Is All I Need To Keep Moving Forward.
No Fancy Cars, No Mansions, No Butt Shots, No Make Up.
Just You,Right Here In This Moment.
Please Don't Let This Slip Through Our Fingers By Trying To Hold On To Something That Was Never Meant To Appease Our Souls.
Hold My Hand.
I Wanna Feel Your Dreams As You Spill Them Into Eternity. #DesmondWars #ThoughtsOfHer

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