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Desmond K. Smith  M. I. SS. I. SS. I. PP. I. Born & Raised • Nashville • Guitar Player • Guitar Tech • idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There's always a killer selection of gear @fannyshouseofmusic .. like this 1960s Harmony Bobkat, plugged straight into a 1967 Fender Vibrolux Reverb amp. Guys, good tone comes in all different shapes and sizes and in various price ranges. If you're in Nashville, definitely check out Fanny's selection of new, used, funky and vintage gear. #geartalk #gearnerds #gearybusey #edgearalanbro #harmonyguitar #vintageguitar #fenderamps #vibrolux #fannyshouseofmusic

Hey guys, this is Aaron Kyle. A few weeks back I was seated next to this fine gentleman and his amazing wife on a flight to North Carolina. Aaron played football for the Dallas Cowboys in the late 1970's and for the Denver Broncos through the early 80s before retiring. Aaron was a critical member of the Cowboys defense and was an active member of the 1977 Super Bowl XII Championship team. In the final moments of that game he recovered a fumble that set up the game-clinching touchdown. But you would never know that by talking to him. I had to look that up after we got off the flight. And that's because Mr. and Mrs. Kyle were two of the kindest, most humble, good hearted and altogether wonderful people I have ever spent 2 hours sitting next to in my entire life. You can have all the money and the talent in the world but it can't buy humility. It can't buy integrity or compassion. Being successful or a winner in life does not necessarily make you a man, or a role model, or a good person. We all know that. This Man, and his Wife, were such an inspiration to sit and spend some time with, and they will not be forgotten by me. And yes, he let me hold his Super Bowl Ring. #aaronkyle #superbowlxii #dallascowboys #legend

A saxophone someplace far off played, As she was walking on by the arcade, As the light bust through a beat up shade where he was walking up. She dropped a coin into the cup of a blind man at the gate, And forgot about a simple twist of fate. - #bobdylan #simpletwistoffate #gearybusey #edgearalanbro #gibsonacoustic

1967 FENDER SUPER REVERB FOR THE WIN! @fannyshouseofmusic THANK YOU for always taking such good care of me! #geartalk #gearnerds #gearybusey #edgearalanbro #fannyshouseofmusic #fender #superreverb

One of the rarest pedals on the planet. It is said that only 50 of these single knob versions exist. I've been chasing one of these for a long, long time. I had one once, but I ended up selling it back to the friend I originally got it from. Y'all, I mean this when I say it, I have never heard a better sounding overdrive. Period. I cannot believe I just scored the only known prototype. It's all the way over in Japan, but it's coming home soon. Thanks to @reverb for helping to make dreams come true. #ngd #geartalk #gaspedals #dumbbell #overdrive #dumble #gearnerds #gearybusey #edgearalanbro #knowyourtone

Y'all, my dude @_brettmoore has one killer Sunburst Strat, and I must say, she looks mighty fine dressed up with that @originalfuzz Serape Strap. It doesn't have to be #straturday to appreciate such a beautiful guitar. #geartalk #gearnerds #gearybusey #edgearalanbro #fender #stratocaster #originalfuzz #serape #nashville

Last Wednesday, I had the privilege of being able to help my buds @thewildfeathers with a show they did with @martystuart at the Ryman for his 16th Annual Late Night Jam. I took this photo at their soundcheck of them talking about a song with Marty that they were gonna do together later that night. I can't put into words how proud I was for these dudes to be able to do this. #martystuart #latenightjam #thewildfeathers #realcountrymusic

Last week @theryman I snagged this photo of Marty Stuart's String-Bender Telecaster, also known as "Clarence" because it was originally owned by Clarence White. This guitar is a legend. Clarence White is a legend. Marty Stuart is a legend. Kenny Vaughan is a legend. Chris Scruggs is a legend. The Fabulous Superlatives are legends. If you don't know, you should take a few minutes and educate yourself. In the process of doing so you might also experience what "real" country music sounds like. It's a win win. #geartalk #gearnerds #gearybusey #edgearalanbro #martystuart #clarencewhite #teletuesday #realcountrymusic

This man is literally my all time favorite. And yesterday was his birthday. He was born June 10th, 1910, White Station, Mississippi. Chester Arthur Burnett, better known as "Howlin Wolf" is one of the greatest singer, songwriter-bluesman to ever live and there will never be another like him. Sam Phillips described his voice as a place "where the soul of a man never dies." Happy birthday Wolf, wherever you are. #howlinwolf #legend #smokestacklightning

Y'all, @garyclarkjr is a bad bad man. For real. This dude is the truth. Exceptional playing by @whoiskingzapata and @johnnyradelat #garyclarkjr #geartalk #gearybusey #edgearalanbro #gibsunday

I'm real weird about Tortoiseshell pickguards. The conditions for one have to be just right. The conditions for this guitar were perfect. The @fender 69 Custom Shop pickups I dropped into this guitar sound great too. #geartalk #strattymcstratster #gearnerds #gearybusey #edgearalanbro #lakeplacidblue #tortoiseshell #fender #stratocaster #originalfuzz

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