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Desirée Gardner  Traveler. Photographer. Love & adventure. 2018: Berlin, Lisbon, French Riviera, Paris, Charleston, Puerto Rico, NYC

Tomorrow these two day I do, and I’m the lucky photographer who gets to document it. 💕

Visiting the north. So I had to. 💛

Missing this beautiful city. See you soon, New York. 💋

This wedding was the last time I drove through Mexico Beach. That quaint little town was where this bride and groom dreamed of living. I’m so thankful to be spending time editing such joyful images, because they are needed right now. Golden sunshine always lifts my spirits. 💛

One week ago today I was editing in my living room anticipating the inbound hurricane. While I was very lucky, and my home is ok (incredibly minor damage, only because my lot has no trees), I was in a fairly hard-hit neighborhood, and so many of my friends were not as fortunate. LA & R had a beautiful wedding followed by a wonderful honeymoon, but are among the long list of people without a home to return to. The devastation in town is catastrophic, and the only thing that comes close to this is Hurricane Andrew from the early 90s (which I also went through in the Upper Keys). If you can donate, please find a charity you trust and send some money. There are so many people who have lost everything. It feels strange posting such a joyful image in the wake of such a tragic storm, but honestly, this is the most incredibly positive community and I am blown away by the support from both within and from outside help. <3

Editing while I still have power! Hurricane Michael is almost here, but no worries, I’m above the highest surge estimates and totally prepared. Plus I grew up in the Keys (we didn’t evacuate because my mother worked for the electric company), so I’ve basically been training for this my whole life.

Little helpers are my favorite.

Spent some time scrolling through my ‘Instagram’ folder and realized there are dozens and dozens of images I never shared... need to fix that.

Currently in Northern Georgia to shoot a wedding tomorrow, and very excited about the cooler weather, since it’s still in the mid-90s back home (FL). Earlier today I went to find a local coffee shop, as I usually do when I’m in a new town.. well, their AC was broken and the barista make a joke that it ‘felt like Florida’ inside. And it did. Whyyyyyyy!! PS how stinking cute are these two?!

Nope, still not tired of shooting Charleston.

I’m a big fan of the moment right before a kiss. 💕

Fall wedding season has begun, and I am loving these beautiful & simple details...

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