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DESIGN.ME β€’ hair products  🌟 Innovation infused with FUN 🌱 Vegan, cruelty free, gluten free πŸ’– Use #designmehair for a feature

Weekend volume and ✨✨ essentials! What's your go-to product for your weekend mane? πŸ˜β €

Grease be gone! Watch how @girrlscout refreshes her 8 day old dirty hair with #Quickieme dry shampoo foam! ✨ The ultimate boost when there's no time for a shower 😏 Get 15% off today with code QUICKIE15 at checkout!

Which bang are you today? πŸ˜‚ Let us know in the comments! #designmehair

Swipe left for the BEFORE 😱 Gorgeous transformation with a πŸŽ€ on top by @tina_theroom! Styled with #designmehair ✨

You're stranded on a deserted island and you can only bring one #designmehair product, which one is it? πŸ‘‡

Press play for a little tousled crown braid tutorial πŸ‘‘ by @theconfessionsofahairstylist! Styled using #QuickieME dry shampoo for pastel tones and #PuffME volumizing powder!

Who can relate? 😴 Tag a dry shampoo lovin' friend! πŸ’™ #designmehair

Soft, elegant, and flirty bridal style by @blushandmane 🌸 Styled with #designmehair for:β €
βœ” Volumeβ €
βœ” Textureβ €
βœ” Hold β €

Happy FRIDAY πŸŽ‰ Put your πŸ™Œ up in the comments if your counters end up this messy every time you get ready for a night out πŸ˜‚πŸ’– #designmehair

@_vanessaospina_ has taken our breath away with this elegant pink updo! 😍 Styled with #designmehair πŸ’–

β €
It's that time again! We're giving away the entire #quickieme DRY SHAMPOO fam to 3 lucky winners! βœ¨β €
β €
1⃣ Post an instastory about your favorite Design.ME product (make sure to tag us in your story!)β €
2⃣ Can post multiple stories for multiple entriesβ €
3⃣ Must be following @designmehair
4️⃣ Leave a comment when done βœ… β €
Best of luck! Winners to be announced on 14/11! πŸ€ (πŸ“· @makeupbyiraz)

Don't let your 3rd day hair hide under a hat, refresh your mane with our new #QuickieME dry shampoo foam: β €
βœ” Oil-absorbingβ €
βœ” Cleansesβ €
βœ” Refreshesβ €
βœ” Adds volume β €
For that all around fresh and clean feeling πŸ’™ Get 15% off today when using code QUICKIE15 at checkout!

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