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Emily Elling  We're a family of six from Indiana living in Belgium. I know, it's pretty funny to us too....

I know food pics aren't for everyone, but dinner tonight needs to be documented, given it's new Top 10 status in my life.

Starting this day with magic & haze. 🇮🇹

So when I planned this trip months ago I didn't even realize we would be hitting Venice smack dab in the middle of Carnival. This could get interesting fast...

A quick overnight stay outside Verona, Italy. Nola hung out with us adults during our winery and tasting tour. Tonight we sleep in a 500 year old carriage house, on the vineyard. #familytravel #verona 🇮🇹❤️️🍷👍🏼

Pizza and gelato making class for dinner. 🍕 + 🍦 = 🇮🇹 ❤️

Who needs fancy Italian gelato flavors when you can score BLUE MOON? I'll take four, grazie....

Proof for someday when he asks me if he's ever seen Michelangelo's David. #SleepingInFamousPlaces

How we're spending 2017's ski week. More gelato, less hot chocolate.

She's bent.

Morning hike with a pop-up donkey sighting.

When given the writing prompt of "what do you want to do for the upcoming winter break holiday" Nola mentions family and cheez-it's. #dreambig #expatlife #shesmine

Baby on a book shelf, take two.