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Iñaki Díaz  Pixel artist / Game designer / 2D animator . Co-founder of indie studio Appnormals Team. #gamedev #retrogames

It has been a busy year and only 15 posts... First resolution of 2017: be back on Instagram and post more often! I'm cooking some new stuff... ^__^

One thing at a time, dude. We're getting closer...

We re-launched our former pixel quiz game about comics with dutch publisher Spil Games, now it's called GUESS THE PIXEL COMICS! On a day like today, this one is easy: name of this weird superhero doctor? Get the game for FREE on iOS ( and Android ( Working on amazing content updates, soon available!

A few days late but I'm still on board! #octobit Day 4: MUSIC in #Gameboy colors, 3-frame animation

Forgot the IG filter in the previous one :P #octobit Day 3: MOLLUSK (little tribute to Tim Schafer and Day of the Tentacle!)

#octobit Day 2: REPTILE, in 16 colors from NES palette.

#octobit Day 1: GAMEBOY

My computer is on fire! Working on some animations for our next game... 'STAY' tuned

Work in progress animation for STAY, our upcoming adventure game

Cover of 'Pix-celona' project, the multiplayer quiz game that we have been working on recently. I drew 50 pixel art illustrations about Barcelona! ^__^

Cooking a very special pixel project about my city. The city I love (most of the time): BARCELONA

Lo-fi 'Torre Agbar' - 65x65 px canvas, 18 colors.

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