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We let the images do the talking. Slides from Farouk Yahya's lecture this morning at Muzium Diraja on Royal Patronage and State Magicians. The office of Pawang Diraja (Royal Magicians) under different titles and guises is still in existence in a few Malay states, chiefly Perak and Negeri Sembilan today, where they continue to play an important role in the coronation ceremony. Amongst the different genres of Malay manuscripts, it is the magical grimoire that contains the most illustrations from caligram (calligraphic text manipulated into a figurative form) to astrological tables and charts (ketika lima divination system). Check out some of the cartoon-like rendition of Jins! Many of them were even painted with gold. In Farouk's estimation, their kasar bulbous features bear striking resemblance to wayang kulit and siamese khon mask depictions of raksashas (demonic forces). #malaymagic #faroukyahya #djinns #malaymanuscripts #rajabomoh #pawangdiraja

Rites of Change: Artistic Responses to Recent Street Protests in Kuala Lumpur

How have artists—broadly construed to mean writers, graphic designers, performance artists, theatre practitioners as well as various other arts and cultural practitioners—responded to street protests in Malaysia? In what ways have street protests shaped their artistic practices and political positions?

Join University of Sydney's Dr. Fiona Lee at our office this Thursday evening at 8PM for this riveting talk and discussion! #designarkib

Welcoming our new reseacher/archivist, Dill Malik @sptsdt , who will be helping out with a number of archiving projects and general upkeeping of the centre! Welcome Dill!

Curators roundtable at the Contemporary Forum, @ilhamgallerykl

Sayang sayang sayang. Telegram stickers of @datoserivida by @sptsdt #meow #wanmotaim #datoserivida #archivingvisualculture

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Brilliant talk by @s__surya associate curator of design and architecture at @mplusmuseum on 'Framing the Beginnings of the M+ Architecture Collection' this evening at our centre. We took home four of her main points, beginning with how 'design is globally always a local act'. This thinking helps M+ as a museum of visual culture in Hong Kong to develop an active and generous repository. Such a repository comprised of design/architecture, visual arts and moving images is premised on visual culture as an interdisciplinary methodology. This then enables the creation of a more inclusive canon and the telling of much more layered narratives. Thanks for sharing with us the thought processes that went into the building of a collection. We can't wait for M+ to officially open in 2019! #museology #curating #collection #visualculture #architecturehistory #designarkib

Manifest: Modernism of Merdeka/ Architecture on the Horizon of a New Nation at @galeripetronas #klaf2017

Happy Thursday!! TONIGHT @s__surya , associate curator of the design and architecture collection at Hong Kong's new museum of visual culture M+, will be speaking at Malaysia Design Archive. Come find out more about how M+ is building its architecture collection and what are the principles and debates informing its collection. Jommmm!! #architecture #visualculture

What is the history of queer visual culture in Malaysia? Researchers met today to discuss methodologies and scope for archiving the hidden and invisible visual histories of non-normative intimacies in Malaysia. #reimaginingthearchive #endangeredhistories #rethinkingpower #queerhistory #designarkib

Visit by the Rumah Attap Library and Collective team from upstairs of MDA office together with guests from the editorial team of 南島誌, a compilation of essays on Singapore cultural and political history by students and lecturers from the Division of Chinese, Nanyang Technological University. The publication is also being launched at Rumah Attap tonight!

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