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Design Academy Eindhoven 


#design_academy_eindhoven invited film designer #AlexandreHumbert to create a film about the recent collaboration between Design Academy Eindhoven and #PaleisHetLoo.
ROYAL is a short film that explores the Royalty subject from the perspectives of young designers within the context of two major Dutch institutions. It focuses on the influence of old traditional behavior with contemporary ways of thinking, living and creating. The film aims to contemplate what is or what should be Royal. Could student housing be perceived as a Palatial? Who then ordains you King or Queen of design. Could a student ordain himself Queen or King of design? What is then the role of a Design School in this context?
The film will premiere during Dutch Design week at the DAE Graduation show. It will be followed by a presentation by some of the students who took part in this project. #paleishetloo #edwinvancapelleveen #dutchdesignweek #prinsjesdag #alexandrehumbert

A thorough and complete research leading to an anthropology of the portable flush toilet in the area of Cape Town (South Africa). Nadine Botha’s “The politics of Shit”, was voted as this year's winner of the Gijs Bakker award - the most outstanding Master graduate. The jury was impressed by Nadine’s capacity to deconstruct one object, unravelling a diversity of meanings from the social to the economical, from the mundane to the philosophical.
#DesignAcademyEindhoven #DesignCurating&;Writing #nadinebotha

The Melkweg Award winner @MarieCaye , one of the persons of the first class graduates of Design Academy Eindhoven's newest department, Food Non Food brought the jury into a world of where robots and machines will take an independent place in society and interact in our current economic system. Instead of creating doom scenarios and feeding on the fear of the replacement of humans, Marie Caye embraces the machine; Marie translated her starting point, a deep fascination of automated production lines and machines, into the food industry and created SAM, the Symbiotic Autonomous Machine. The jury was particularly impressed by how Marie Caye elaborated her concept into a completely out-of-the-box, but optimistic future scenario, a multi-layered and well-thought thesis and a well-executed and detailed working prototype.
#DesignAcademyEindhoven #FoodNonFood #MarieCaye #martijnpaulen

2017 Rene Smeets award for the most professional attitude is Simon Dogger. He impressed the jury by transforming a loss into a wish, and not only into a personal wish but also by being able to address this wish to a wider range of users. Although nominated for the Melkweg Award the jury recognizes in Simon Dogger a true René Smeets Award winner for his professional approach and the completeness of each of the separate elements of the product-service-system of the Emotion Whisperer.
#DesignAcademyEindhoven #ManandCommunication #SimonDogger

A warm welcome for Creative Director @josephgrima by Jurriënne Ossewold at the opening of the academic year, Joseph Grima quoted R. Buckminster Fuller: I’m from Spaceship Earth
#DesignAcademyEindhoven #spacecaviar #JosephGrima

#DesignAcademyEindhoven #SocialDesign department head Jan Boelen has been appointed curator of the 4th Istanbul Design. @janboelen

The biennial has developed an excellent reputation for paving connections between design education and the cultural and commercial worlds. Much of its programming focuses on positioning design inside contemporary realities.

The 2018 concept will be announced this autumn.

Boelen is also artistic director of Z33 House for Contemporary Art in Hasselt, Belgium, and artistic director of Atelier LUMA, an experimental laboratory for design in Arles, France.

Graduate Josef Trojan (#ManAndLeisure) created a running system for Esserheem prison, located in the north of the Nethelands. During a six month campaign to get more inmates running, he used presentations, training booklets, free shoes, and competitions. The campaign ended with a 12 000 word intervention written on the ground of the prison’s inner yard. The words stripped running down to its barest possible essentials - LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT. #DesignAcademyEindhoven #cumlaude

In his “Candy Calorie Converter” - a wearable devise that harvests motion - Jonas Erslan (#FoodNonFood) tracks calories and converts them to marshmallow candies that effectively measure the calories spent producing them. These calories are counted in edible lumps, which is a physical representation of calories, rather than the usual digital number. #DesignAcademyEindhoven #VisualizeTheInvisible

Marie Caye from #FoodNonFood graduated #cumlaude with her project SAM, a machine designed to give more agency to technology. The goal is to establish rights for machines and to find a way for more collaboration between them and humans. Visitors choose to buy a beverage, and insert their ATM cards. The machine mixes the beverage live and decides (based on how it combined the ingredients) how much to charge. Every time the ingredients (and therefore the costs) are slightly different. Caye’s work is all about hybrid technology and looks semi-fictitioulsy forward to an economy based on more trust between machines and humans. #DesignAcademyEindhoven

#ManAndCommunication Carl Rethmann graduated cum laude with a project that explores unidentified relationships between everyday objects using artificial intelligence. Visitors place objects on a pedestal which are recognised, analysed and interpreted. “The design in this project is not about the objects but about how they interact,” Carl told his examiners. “My aim is to explore meaning.” Each temporary “still life” derives its generated meaning from an evolving data base of theoretical references ranging from religious symbolism to emoji meanings and contemporary pop-culture. #Fragility #Control #Harmony #Sexuality #Absoluteness #Change #Movement #Death #Cultivation

At this week’s exams we saw the first full-cycle graduates from #DesignAcademyEindhoven 's newest department, #FoodNonFood.  Department head Marije Vogelzang gave an emotional speech thanking her students who "trusted, stayed, experimented and believed in a department that had no history or famous alumni to provide certainty.” The #FoodNonFood department ended this first full cycle with some of the best projects of 2017 including cum laude Marie Caye (in black). Her project “Sam” experiments with the potential of machines in a fictitious environment that affords technology agency to collaborate with their human interlocutors.

After a day of intense exams, #DesignAcademyEindhoven Bachelor students graduated this week in front or peers, family, examination committees and department heads, who took the stage to congratulate their students, sharing anecdotes of their challenges, obstacle and final successes.
During their graduation welcomes, Department heads often share anecdotes of particular students who confound them.  They speak affectionately of clashes, creative conflicts and personal exasperations. All part of the educational trajectory, the back and forth and final breakthroughs that make the learning process all the more meaningful.
Of particular note at this week's ceremony was Simon Dogger who is blind.  Dogger graduated from the Man and Communication department. “His success reveals that communication is never just visual,” said department head Catelijne van Middelkoop. “Communication, even in a tech environment, comes from all the senses.” .

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