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desiree.cabalfin  + mamarazzi of Kingston Raiden Fox 11/13/13 + baby'roux due 11/15/17 + adventure seeker + curator of memories + craftbeer enthusiast #masterkingston

These people. They’ve been in my life for so many years and I’m so thankful they are. To add to all of our other adventures in life, we added another Coldplay show to the list together (the first show for Jamie). Aquabus adventures, as well. Uh...wasn’t that the dock we needed back there? •

#thecabalfins #thecabalfins2017

My bumpdate report: This baby has been baking for 32 weeks. 8 weeks until my due date. How am I feeling? I. Am. Tired. Insomnia happens rarely but even after a good sleep I'm tired. I feel like there's already no more space for this baby to grow. I call this baby my 'Roux (kangaroo) because baby is so active; kicks, twirls and jumps around, and mainly active around dawn and dusk. Today, in this photo, I'm wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans and I haven't been to the gym in months, so that's a good feeling! The baby room is still not empty of the computer/video games/Ryan's Lego collection/the guitars. I have not had time to do anything in the house to get ready for baby. I'm excited to find out if this will be a baby sister or a baby brother for Kingston. I have not yet cut down my loooooooong baby name list but do have some favourites. Hopefully, we'll figure that out BEFORE I go into labour this time! Baby is a fan of spicy foods, sweet foods, citrus and music and can't wait to go to the our next concert next weekend. •

#novemberbaby #november2017baby #babyrouxcabalfin #babycabalfin #cabalfinsummerlove2017 #thecabalfins #thecabalfins2017

If Kingston were going to a first day of school this year, this would be his back-to-school photo! Strong Start, swimming lessons and fun in the great outdoors for this little man this year! •

#kingstonraidenfox #masterkingston #mamaslittlefoxcub #thecabalfins #thecabalfins2017 #cabalfinsummerlove2017 #whistleandflute #stormsurfshop

Baby 1 + baby (bump) 2. Someone made a comment yesterday saying "Oh! And your mama is having a brother or sister for you!" And I said "Yes. 2 and done." To which she said "That's what I thought, too, and then I had a third!" Hmm. I'm tired. I'm not young (but not old) and would really like to enjoy a beer right now 😂. But, I'm embracing the bump as much as I can! •

#thecabalfins #thecabalfins2017 #cabalfinsummerlove2017 #kingstonraidenfox #masterkingston #mamaslittlefoxcub #babyrouxcabalfin #babycabalfin

Kingston and my mom are so close. So incredibly lucky that he has my parents to watch him while I work. Oma's are awesome! •

#kingstonraidenfox #masterkingston #mamaslittlefoxcub #thecabalfins #thecabalfins2017 #cabalfinsummerlove2017

Who needs pants when you have PJ Masks undies, a lake and a stick?! •

#kingstonraidenfox #masterkingston #mamaslittlefoxcub #thecabalfins #thecabalfins2017 #cabalfinsummerlove2017

Rise and shine! #coombs

A the beginning of our journey this week. It started off sunny but now the skies have turned to rain. I'll reminisce a bit with some snaps from the week that just passed by! 💚💙

#kingstonraidenfox #masterkingston #mamaslittlefoxcub #cabalfinsummerlove2017 #thecabalfins #thecabalfins2017

This takes me back to a post I made the other day. Enjoy. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy life. Enjoy the memories and adventures and craziness. Take that time to sit back and enjoy because you don't get that time back. (I am seriously going to have to take these words into consideration because I haven't been doing this lately.)

#prdenimfest2017 #kingstonraidenfox #masterkingston #mamaslittlefoxcub #cabalfinsummerlove2017 #thecsbalfins #thecabalfins2017

Just a few more from The #prdenimfest2017 trip. I promise. But this photo makes me giggle as M looks into Kingston and Kingston makes sure there's enough room on his chair for his train. These two play so well together! •

#kingstonraidenfox #masterkingston #mamaslittlefoxcub #thecabalfins #thecabalfins2017 #cabalfinsummerlove2017

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