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Visit to Gwanju!

Human rights Saffa lunch! Another excuse to eat, drink and be merry!! #sakornet #saffaspringbraai #theworkshophbc

My 3rd graders, had to come up with motivational sayings, and they did an awesome job! They reminded me that one should not fear failure, and that we need to learn from it! It's something that I know intellectually, but I really struggle with. God dam, these kids are so wise at their age! They still remain my biggest teachers, and I am learning from them constantly! I'm truly blessed!

Popping routine! I am constantly challenged by this dance style and because of that, I learn so much about myself everyday. This routine is not perfect, still need to work on technique, timing, rythym, feeling...the list goes on! But I love this style so much. It makes me so happy! Grateful to be on this journey! Looking forward to the challenges ahead!

Best comedians in town!!! My heart!! In my happy place!

First popping performance! Still have a long way to go, but glad I started.Thanks to my awesome teacher, @yuns.ohyunseok, for the opportunity.
감사합니다 선생님! My passion for popping grows with every class. Very grateful!

Thanks to Nick Harron for taking the video.

Saffa lunch!

Christmas lunch!

Popping class Xmas party! So dope and fun! Thanks to our Super, Amazing teacher @yuns.ohyunseok for organising it! 선생님, you are the popping master! Grateful for your teachings!

Me and my lil homie, 배소희(Suhee). Different culture, language and age, (I'm much older..hahaha), but we both love popping! Dance unites people! Grateful!

Fun day in Seoul even tho it was soooo cold! Thanks @marizel101

Met one of my popping heroes today, and finally got to see him perform in person! Hozin is sooo DOPE!

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