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DESERT HEARTS  πŸ’— HOUSE β€’ TECHNO β€’ LOVE πŸ’— 🎧 OUT NOW: @lubelski - I Want Acid EP πŸ‘‡ Music, merch, tour dates & more

Yo Yo Desert Hearts Family! It's your boy, @porky_dh here about to take you on a journey from Saturday at the Festival. LINK IN STORY! Sammiched in between @waffdj & @lee_reynolds, I hope you enjoy this set as we venture into Saturday's madness. πŸ’—

Apologize for taking so long to release this set, as I was waiting for a few special edits to be cleared. I had to cut my set a few minutes short, but good news... these tunes will see the light of day. @justinmartin’s rework of 'Set It Off'- Strafe, one of my all time favorites will finally be released later this year!

Ooooh baby!! We're coming back to #Brooklyn on November 17th with our close homie @docmartinla - who goes B2B with @lee_reynolds that night!! Tickets on sale Thursday @ 5pm EST, NYC Family. Set your timers.πŸ’—

The vibe was THICK last night! We're curious to hear your feedback from our little no camera experiment in San Diego. In our minds it went extremely well but we'd love to hear your thoughts. Did it help the vibe? Is this something you'd like implemented on more shows? Talk to us! πŸ’— #BeHereBeTogether

Tonight is the night SD Family!! Oh, and remember... πŸ‘‰ #BeHereBeTogether means no photos, no camera... just you, the music, and the positivity around you. πŸ’— #DesertHeartsFamily

LINK IN STORY πŸ”Š What's up Desert Hearts Family - the next set we have for you comes from the homies Reagan and Chris, aka @dance_spirit. Fun fact: they headlined our first ever Desert Hearts party as 'Android Cartel' back in 2012. It's been amazing watching their Dance Spirit project blossom and take them all over the globe! This morning set instantly transported us back to that chilly Sunday morning on our final day of the festival. Let it do the same for you. Enjoy!
House, Techno, & Love.
We Are All Desert Hearts. πŸ’—

Where's our L.A. DH Family at?! We wanna see you out in full force for this one at @unionclubla next weekend. SOO many friends, family, and amazing music in one place. πŸ’— 60+ artists. 4 stages. 40+ hours straight of house and techno. Fuck. Yes.

What’s Up Desert Hearts Family - for our party in San Diego this Friday, we’d like to experiment with something we’ve been thinking about for a while: a no-camera policy for the duration of the night.
During our recent trip to Berlin, we were fascinated with clubs having a strict no-camera policy and the impact it made. Berlin is known to have one of the best clubbing cultures in the world, and it’s common practice for a sticker to be placed over your phone’s camera when entering. The purpose of this is to create the best safe place possible for dancers to let their freak flags fly without having to worry about their movements being recorded. When we stop to take pictures or post to social media in the middle of a party, we have to consciously take ourselves out of the moment to do so. Speaking from purely anecdotal experience, one of the best things our Desert Hearts Festival has going for it is the lack of cell or wifi service on the reservation. While people are still free to take photos at the festival, having no service dramatically increases the amount of time spent simply vibing with those around you.
And that’s always been one of our main goals: to create the ultimate party vibe for losing yourself to the music or having a meaningful conversation with a stranger or best friend. So this Friday, do us a solid and take all your pictures before or after you come to Spin. Be present and don’t be afraid to lose yourself in what’s happening around you… you just might like it. πŸ˜‰
House. Techno. Love.
We Are All Desert Hearts. πŸ’—

What can we say? Last night in #Boulder was fucking G!!! Everywhere we looked, there were people smiling and just losing their shit. THANK YOU to everyone who showed us so much love! See you soon. πŸ˜πŸ’—

Officially pumped af... see you tonight #Boulder Family!! πŸ’—

β€ͺOne more day till we hit the @BoulderTheater! We cannot wait, here's a little message to our #Boulder Family... πŸ’— ‬
Join the party - link in story!

#Boulder Family! Rally up the troops, squad up - we wanna see @BoulderTheater be a fucking RAGER on Thursday!! We're bringing our A-game... come ready. πŸ’— LINK IN STORY for tickets.

Feeling special in Chicago! Looks like the weather is gonna hold up for our set. Roll through we're going on right now πŸ™ŒπŸ’—

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