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Descendants1/2Fan Page  Page creata altre3volte ma Descendants il 16/08,prima foto per sapere quando ho aperto la page per la prima volta Run to 1,7k ♥ 2♥@Mellypaxson

My life, my idol, my heart...but they are not also this...They are my second family... 😊 😊

Hey Dove. Today is your birthday, and even if you do not read these words I wanted to write them all the same. You know, if I think that some time ago I did not even know about your existence I'm stupid. I would have avoided so many tears, so much suffering. Since you're the only one who still manages to snatch a smile, despite everything. Unfortunately, distance is never friend in these situations. And so I'm content to look at you through a screen. I was waiting for this moment for exactly ONE YEAR. today you are older,you are a WOMAN.And you have learned so many things, and many others you have taught us. I will never forget the first time I heard your song. I will never forget the tears and the chills seeing your movies. I will never forget the joy I feel when one of your songs seems to talk about me. Thanks idol. MANY WISHES OF HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOVEY !! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Tag her.....
@dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron
Tag her.♥

Quando stai cambiando canali a caso e ti trovi lei♥♥♥♥♥o meglio, la PICCOLA lei...♥♥♥♥♥ @chinamcclain @chinamcclain Tag her please @chinamcclain
#lookingANTFARM non fate caso al suono...ma il mio telefono quando faccio i video mentre è in carica fa questo suono...boh...

#q :Bal or Mevie
#a :Mevie
#q2 :Do u want MOOOORE Mevie's kisses in #d3 ?
#a2 :Me, @mevie_4hearts and @my_life_is_mevie_ obviously. .. 😂 😂 I'm Mevie for all my life
Comment if u want this...
Tag Kenny, Sofia and Dove♥ ❣❣ 😜 😘😍 🍎

Rispondete sotto ler favore...e ditemi se volete che lo scriva più che parlarlo...grazie

Who want enter send me a DM or comment under

Good eve everyone...
I love u...
Credit to: @descendans2italia

Okay...now me too have this photo...
Now I'm complete...
What's it fav between D1 and D2

Dove with her sister ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ - i love they♥

Post it in ur profile and tag 3 persons famous with which to go to dinner...♥
Me: @dovecameron @sofiacarson @thecameronboyce

Yesterday i made this, it's enough to shit, but particular, what do you think dove?
@dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron @dovecameron

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