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♡I need u
I need ur magnetic laughing
I need ur eyes on me
I need to be in ur arms


@sofiacarson @sofiacarson @sofiacarson @sofiacarson @sofiacarson @sofiacarson @sofiacarson @sofiacarson @sofiacarson

♡And u'll stay always the most beautiful thing into the beautiful thing, that I don't know how called♥♡

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@thecameronboyce @thecameronboyce @thecameronboyce @thecameronboyce @thecameronboyce @thecameronboyce @thecameronboyce @thecameronboyce @thecameronboyce @thecameronboyce

♡I'll can feel what is be happiest, just when I'll be in ur arms♥♡


@dovecameron @dovecameron@dovecameron @dovecameron@dovecameron @dovecameron

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♡The dream are happiest wish, and mine are u♥
I hope that a day I can realised it♥♡

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I want an their like, and if u want with all heart, u can♡
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Which is ur favorite?~ALE♥
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