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💋Desaree Helene Soto 💋  SF➡️LA Founder Of LaTrance Scene Blog 🎶 Makeup Junkie 💄 SF Giants Fan🔶⚫ Mommy to Matthew👦🏽&Markus👶🏻 #SchulzArmy🎶 💍@pnaranjo626 👫2•14•14


#Metoo| Today I thought I share a story. Never have I felt powerless in my womanhood till the day I was violated. Wasn’t violated as some women in this world but I felt helpless. That day however I chose to speak up. For every man who has whistled me, touched me when I didn’t want to be touched, said disgusting things to me and made me feel uncomfortable YOU don’t take my power. I’m not a feminist IM FAR from that but I stand up for things when it’s not right. I am now almost 29 in a loving committed relationship that I always wanted. I wanna show my sons the example how to treat a woman. Not fall victim to abusing women in any way. I will continue to support my sisters that have dealt with abuse, sexual harassment and hate just being a woman. I am the mother I want to be because of this. I’m strong,beautiful and independent. #timesup 🙋🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️

#1YearDown| Wow a year flew by so fast. One year ago today I started training for a job that has changed my life. The best company to work for simply because how they treat their employees. It’s been a rough year but I have learned so much. Now that I’m passing my 1 year I am on the path to further my career with Wells. I don’t know when I’ll be a personal banker but I know I’ll work hard to get there. Looking forward to the future! Need to celebrate now 🎉 🍾🥂 #WellsFargo #1yearanniversary #TimeFlew #Onlythebestthingscoming ♥️

#HappyNewYear| What a great ending to 2017 and start to 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣! 🍾🌠🎆 This open to close on NYE was so special. It was a night to remember. @adinabutar and @markusschulz got engaged. And it was a very special moment to witness. Thank you guys for letting us be apart of that moment. I was in tears. I’m so incredibly happy for Adina and Markus. I told them how beyond happy for both of them! I wanna thank the Coldharbour Family ( Including Liz and @mike_efex ) yet again being good to us. Thanks guys for everything! Also the brothers @89andrade @ep3_madness for the laughs. Always lovely to see you guys! Wow what a great night! Till next time #AvalonHollywoodNYE #Startto2018 #GoodTimes #MarkusOTC #coldharbourrecordingsfam 🥂🍾🎆🌠

#MarkusSchulzOTC| Where do I even start? When Patrick introduced me to this guy’s music( and himself personally) it was an instant connection. Aside from the fact WE ARE BORN THE SAME DAY, the amount of respect I have for him is unreal. He works so hard for us fans to make us happy with his music. His Dakota album was a damn journey( what @timgrube said to me last night 😂). That album hands down has been my favorite ( Well Do you Dream still takes the top spot). The man truly makes amazing music. When we were coming up with names for the baby, I loved the name Markus because of the spelling but the story behind it now means much more to me. No other Dj takes a huge spot in my heart like this guy. I gave him a big hug after this picture. I am trying not to cry right now because he will always be my Number 1 Dj! Markus can’t say this enough but you are THE BOSS. You already know that! Thank you for another incredible night and see you soon 😊🙌🏽🎶😘🍾🥂 #AvalonNYE #MarkusSchulz #Numba1forever #TheBoss #Epicset 😭🙌🏽

#GoodBye2017| What can I say about 2017. This year was incredible but also tough on myself emotionally. I always dreamed about this part of my life. How would my life turn out? Where would I be? These photos with splashes of color represent the past now looking into the future. This year as my personal life Patrick and I grew as a couple. Sometimes we wanna kill each other but I wouldn’t picture my life without him. We grew as parents. Markus turned 1 and Matt turned 10 it was a whole different ball game lol 😂 These boys are a lot of work but they are great kids. Thankful to be a mom of two wonderful boys. As my professional career. This year I started a job at Wells Fargo. Never expected to love the job as I do. Thankful for the company that allows me to have a lot of time with my family. And have great benefits along the way. But the biggest thing that has happen in my professional career is the start of @latrancesceneblog. I never seen myself as a blogger. I love to write and now I have combined my two passions together. Before I moved to LA I had a blog but it didn’t take off as this one has. It’s success come from the people who support me. The people who share my articles. Yet the biggest supporter is @pnaranjo626. Without him constantly pushing me I wouldn’t have started the blog. These events I went to this year made me fall deeper in love with trance. Trance is such a huge part of my life now. I wouldn’t want to stop going to events. Now 2018 is on the horizon and I’m very excited for the new year. My plan is to become a Personal Banker sometime next year. I know that will happen if I continue to work my ass off. Aside from that I will continue to grow LA Trance Scene Blog to new heights. Got some projects in the works for that. I hope I continue as well to spend more time with the boys. I wanna thank everyone that has been apart of this year. See you next year 😘 #happynewyear #goodbye2017 #hello2018 🥂🎉🍾🎶🙏🏽🔥

#MerryChristmas| This Christmas was quiet. I think the older I get the more I just wanna enjoy every moment. I’m almost out of my 20’s( To think I’ll be 29 in a few months kills me) and I feel like my carefree stage is over. There is a lot to think about. 2018 is around the corner and a new year starts. I won’t say this year was easy it wasn’t. I did a lot of growing up this year. Never would I have pictured my life like this. My plan was to be living in Europe married to an Irish man( Fin Balor maybe 😂😂 jk) and blissfully being selfish with no kids. But God he has another plan for me. I always dreamt however I would have babies. When this one came along I was so happy. It’s work. I’ll never say being a parent is easy. Toughest job in the world being a parent. In 2018 there is a lot I wanna accomplish in my career. Selfishly I don’t see myself being a stay at home mom. Not that I don’t love the boys but I’m extremely independent when it comes to work. I have to work. It’s a bad thing and a good thing lol My main reason however is to provide for this one and his brother. My goals and dreams are no longer for myself but for them. 2018 I’m ready to kick your ass! Taking names and kicking ass is what the new year is going to be about! I can’t wait! ♥️🎄🎁🎶🎉 #BabyMarkus #ToddlerYears #heneedstostopgrowingup 😭👶🏻

#merrychristmas| Great Grandma with her grandchildren/ great grandchildren. This is next year’s Christmas Card from the Munoz/Sanchez/NaranjoFamily 😂😂😭😭😭#pricelessmoments #merrychristmas 🎄🎁

#merrychristmas| Merry Christmas from the Naranjo Family. It was a great day filled with lots of food, Church, presents and fun! Here are our family photos over the years. From our first when it was just Pat, Matt and I. To when Markus was cooking in the tummy, to last year his first Christmas. Family is a blessing guys! Hope you had a great holiday ♥️ #Family #Blessed #MylittleFamily #Christmas2017 🎄🎁😘😍😊👶🏻👸🏽👨🏻👦🏻

#merrychristmaseve| Our traditional Christmas Eve photo ( Talking like we have a tradition 😂). This year was a tough year for Markus and I. He started growing more and becoming more active. Mommy couldn’t keep up with baby. But it’s been a great year. I get excited for this time of the year. As a little girl I was so excited for the holidays so I could spend time with my family. It also saddens me cause of my grandparents. They always made the holidays special. Now that I have two boys I know Patrick and I will always cherish these holidays with them. When we become grandparents( which is going to be when we are 70 okay lol) I know we will continue with little traditions with our grandkids. Hope you guys have a great holiday and cherish these moments with your family ♥️😊🎁🎄 #OurLittleMarkus #merrychristmas 👶🏻👸🏽

#ChapterClosedAnotherOneStarts| I’m sure my friends have noticed that I’ve been really MIA on IG. It’s been a crazy month. I’ve been working 40 hours the last month every week( little short staffed at the moment). It’s been killing me physically lol And as of Thursday we moved to a new place. Crazy because Patrick and I were planning on moving out sometime next year. Except it got to be too much at our apartment. The apartment was INFESTED with a roach problem( Which I called the state and county health department). I made several attempts to contact my landlord to see if this type of stuff could be taken care of. Nope was never taken care of. Aside from that there was mold above our shower that was creating a hole in the ceiling. I also sent several texts and made calls to get the landlord to fix that. Nothing was ever done. They kept raising their rent and forcing us to pay on time for WHAT? Disgusting living conditions. So Patrick and I decided enough is enough. Our kids can’t live in this. Him and I couldn’t live in it. We officially moved back to Azusa on Thursday. Working full time and moving was a lot of stress on me. Yet I’m so happy we moved. This is the fresh start we needed. I feel at home and peace now. I am a little sad because that apartment has a lot of memories. It’s where I was in labor ( well not really but kinda lol), We brought Home Markus there, Markus took his first step there.. just so many memories. I am relieved however because the amount of money I put into that place I could have bought a home. I’m excited for this new chapter Patrick and I are on. Only the best things from here on out! #HappyToBeBackInazusa #NewChapter #OnlyThebestfromnowon 🙌🏽😌

#MerryChristmastome| My secret Santa at work ( aka my Lead Teller) hooked it up. Thank god she is a MUA! lol Two more palettes to add to my collection 😊 Thanks Sel! #ChristmasParty #SecretSanta #morphepalettes #hookeditup 😳💁🏽‍♀️

#Family| Sorry guys I’ve been MIA on IG but it’s been a crazy few weeks. So I am my Uncle Mike&Auntie Darlene’s favorite niece( Sorry @danelle_7108 lol 😂😂😂) they sent me a card with a little money for the boys Christmas gifts. Very thankful to them for everything they have done for me through my entire life. They are my 2nd parents forever. Love them so much ♥️🎉🎄🎁 #familyisimportant

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