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Heal+Thy Woman Project  You don't have to be wealthy to BE HEALTHY- using food to manipulate gene expression 👩🏻‍🌾 Tools to aliven our Self-Worth 💃🏻 Feng Shui TX Real Estate 🏡

Life's too short to ever dance with shoes on... too short for shoes period! Shoutout to all my barefoot women 💃🏻 cause EARTHING is a real thing!! And weekly pedicures are too f'ng expensive😜 double tap if you're with me!! Happy Sunday!! XO, Des 😘#earthingwoman #womancode 📸@brookegreencreative #holisticrealtor #fengshuirealestate

Hahaha ohhhh hell yeah I am, who else is with me?!? 🔥 It's taken me YEARSSSS to realize I AM, truly AM, the woman of my dreams 💃🏻 and it feels AMAZINGGG!! I had to feel my way thru pain and darkness, have had MANY conversations with my "shadow", forgave myself for dumbest things that I carried shame about.... all to FEEL the realization that life is FUN, we should be lighthearted with's just like a game we get to play!! NOW just workin' on the "Mo' Money" part 😜🔥🙋🏻💃🏻 double tap if you're with me, I'd like to know where my ladies at!!! 🌟
If you'd like to know all the tools& modalities I have used and keep using to "help" please send me a DM, I am happy to guide... That's what we are here for, EACH OTHER!! And THANK YOU to my incredible friends and family that have loved me thru this process, I love you deeply... the sun has been shining 🌞💓😘XO, Des #womencode #freeandnative #humandesign #ATXLiving

Cause girls like you, yeah yeah yeah ... 💓💃🏻@gaddisrebecca @kaylamariezies oh and shoutout to the most amazing besties boyfriend for always handling our "wild" with love 📸@thetrentist #girlslikeyou #texaswomen

Omg 😋I had this for breakfast and it was soooo delish I'm hurrying home to make it again for lunch 😍 2minutes, top!!! If y'all scroll down a few posts you'll find the recipe for my incredible Spicy Carrot Soup ... that's off the charts delish & a fan favorite!!! I was running out the door this morning and thought to heat it up and add an egg on it with some basil and OMG, y'all.... it's a MUST try!!! Soooo yummy!! And to top it off its not only delicious, it boosts our immune systems AND protects our bodies from all sorts of CANCER ⚡️!! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
We all know or have either heard that carrots are good for our eyes ... well, they do help our eyes 👀🥕Carrots contain carotene's which the body converts to Vitamin A; and the retinas of our eyes need Vitamin A to function thus the reason we always hear about carrots = eye health!! BUT the most incredibly intelligent & amazing thing carrots do for our bodies is that they slash, literally slash the risk of #LungCancer by about 60% and all other types of cancer!! The high amounts of carotenes (beta-carotene.. gamma-carotene.. lycopenes...alpha-carotene...) and antioxidants in carrots strengthen our little soldiers that fight and protect us from such cancers!!! I totally nerd out on the beauty of "Nature's Pharmacy"!!! Next time you see carrots at the grocery store and farmers markets put them in your baskets and follow my recipe and feel your body soak up all that yummy NOURISHMENT !!! XO, Des #SpicyCarrotSoup #CarrotSoup #HealingFoods #AustinTexasNutritionist #HealingRecipeCreator #AustinRealEstate #RecipeCreator #HealthyBreakfast #healthandwellness

Haha, did I feel a little awkward taking this picture?! Haha yeah, totally, just a bit 🙋🏻UNTIL the sweet, funny, incredibly artistic Aussie homeowner totally dove in and started art directing me-- yeah I know, how fun 😂💃🏻If you know me well you know I thrive on human connection and light heartedness 💓 I was told that I'd really appreciate this home (as I LOVE real well-curated Mexican-villas) and sure enough when we opened the front doors and walked in I completely fell in love ...
....with all the blooming flowers along the walkway...with the front-yard courtyard (we don't see this often, if ever)... but when we sat down to have our meeting that was it.. I completely fell in luv with the funny elderly homeowners who supportingly bicker like they've been married 50 years, which they totally have been, and who love anything and well anyone Mexican - so there was my happy human connection 🙋🏻😍🤗 and as we were sitting there talking logistics, marketing and numbers I started to get "pings" to create a story for this home✨but I mean I'm pretty new to the realtor-life so I questioned myself a bit but said "F it, this property deserves a story!" ✨ And I was right, it does- hence the pic of me in their elevator 😉 I mean they built it all inspired with deep Mexican colors, an outdoor bar and grill to make you feel like you're in Mexico 🎉 with views of downtown from the kitchen 😍yeah, it's special! It'll be perfect for the right person, people, family 🎊 if you want to view it DM me and I'll set something up! CHECK OUT MY INSTA STORY for more pics!!! We are also hosting a fun tacos & tequilas open house/fiesta for those interested!! But this post isn't just to promote the house - it's really to say that listening to your "pings" no matter how funky you think they may be and/or not accepted makes life fun and you never know what you may open !! New ideas! New friendships! New mentors! Trust yourself and keep on keepin' on! #MexicanVilla #78704 #realtorlife dress 👗 @bcbgeneration #fengshuirealestate

Happpy Sundayyyy!!! How yummy does this look??Take a second and screen shot this recipe, trust me, it's a FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH recipe!! It may be a thousand degrees outside but there's never a time we don't want that YUMMY, NOURISHED, YOUTHFUL body feeling !! LADIES... 5 DAYS LEFT to REGISTER for our beautifully curated SUMMER SOLSTICE workshop! We will leave feeling NOURISHED, understanding intentional eating, new deep female connections and you will leave with incredibly delicious healthy recipes like this 💓💓Reposting this Asparagus Soup recipe because apparently it's a super hit in some households 💃🏻and btw, this one tastes great chilled too 😋🌟 ... it takes a TRIBE to make life... BEAUTIFUL! So while you're out at farmers market or stocking up at the grocery store today pick up some asparagus!! And then come join us and add more amazing women to your tribe!! Happy Sundayyyy! XO, Des LINK IN BIO! 🌟
Creamy Asparagus Soup
-1 yellow onion, chopped
-4 garlic cloves
-5 cups chopped #asparagus
-1 Tbsp Coconut Oil
-1/2 cup almonds
-2 cups vegetable broth -1/2 tsp poultry seasoning
-1/4 tsp Sea Salt
-1/4 tsp black pepper
1. In a large sauce pan add coconut oil, Asparagus, onion, garlic, broth; bring to a simmer.
2. Cook Asparagus until tender, about 6minutes.
3. Add ALMONDS, poultry seasoning, salt, pepper, and the cooked veggies into a high speed blender! AND BLEND AWAY darlings!
4. Serve. Enjoy! And sip the soup envisioning these beautiful lil trees shooting up and bringing back life to your soul and body! 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱#foodasmedicine #thrive #mindfulness #wisdomwednesday #fountainofyouth #skinhealth #antiagingrecipes #guthealth

Heck Yessss !! With EVERYTHING in life!! Raise your "Self-Worth" 🙌🏼 and REMEMBER THIS: If it's not a "HELL YES" then it's a "NO." Truly, it's that simple. Get rid of anything that's not serving you... and LIGHT UP 🔥! -Lacy Phillips, 💓 🙌🏼 !! #Clarity #career #love #desires #socialevents #habits #friendships #SelfWorth #TrustTheUniverse #shadowwork @freeandnative 😘 XO, Des #Blissful

Good Morning World 🌞I knowww, "ANOTHER" Green Juice post?!? Ha, this ain't just any green juice, this right here is what I call Intentional Magic Juice 💃🏻 it's Simple! There's a reason for each ingredient, and it does its MAGIC 😉! Every time this topic comes up, and it's been coming up a lot more lately,I get excited to talk about .. To simply impart a little knowledge that makes people start to think 😉 ..... ....GRAYS... GRAY HAIR!! And don't get me wrong, I think gray hair is beautiful, it's sexy even BUT yes, there is a reason for it and it's not just "getting older" 🤓 It's called reduction of MELANIN in the body! Just think about it for a second... there are some really "young" gorgeous people with grays so How would you justify that simply with "age"?! 😉
So yes, there ARE specific foods that help the body's production of melanin and other necessary vitamins to keep hair healthy, strong and full of its natural pigment 🌟 I drink celery juice cause we all know the magic of it (if not scroll down and read post on it) thanks to my obsession with @medicalmedium ! ALFALFA SPROUTS are amazing to keep our hair glowing and youthful! What other foods help the body create #MELANIN? Foods RICH in Vitamin A : carrots, papaya, spinach, tomatoes, pumpkin, tomatoes, red peppers...🔥💃🏻 now go on with your day knowing you just learned something pretty freakin rad! Off to work I go 💃🏻XO, Des #hairhealth #skinhealth #supergreens

These two women are the SAME woman, ONE woman 🙌🏼! One is my quirky, playful, sensual, spiritual, nutrition-knowing side that dances barefoot in the kitchen 💃🏻🤗And the other is my "let's get business done", scheduler , idea-maker, "let's work together to find you your perfect home, neighborhood, lifestyle" side 🏡 I've struggled for so long with the mindset that I had to be one or the other... like tormented almost.. that I had to either be the light, fun , intuitive holistic nutritionist (which I've been my entire life ☺️) OR I had to be the "hustler" in what I believed was a "man eat man" world (which it doesn't have to be 😉). But it finally clicked, or atleast it's clicking, thanks to my loving yogi @c_alex_aynesworth who just gave me an "ah-ha" moment 🌟The "REAL MAGIC" happens when you bring the spiritual, mystical depths of you into "this" world... the world we DO live in! You know Shamans, "real" shamans, don't go into the jungles and do "the work" to stay there; they "go in" to come back out to LIVE and share AMONGST US... they don't just stay in one place! WOW, like WOW 🙌🏼! Anyways it just clicked! "Stop trying so hard's f'ng exhausting!" 💆🏻••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
So most of you know I've practiced nutrition my entire life but what most of you don't know is that I have been successful in Luxury Short-Term rentals in LA and now I have excitedly joined The CARL SHURR REAL ESTATE Team in Austin Texas 💃🏻! So yeah... I will lovingly, knowingly help you find the perfect home that I can one day teach you how to cook a few things in 🤓💃🏻! This may beautifully fail but this is my journey (feel free to follow along) AND the life I get to create! So GO CREATE your own life! The way YOU see it! As long as it's from your heart you can't go wrong! All my love, Des .. your health + wellness realtor 😉#AustinTexasRealtor #magicallife #spiritual #mystical #nutritionist #realtorlife 📸: @kerrilohmeierphotography #awareness #fengshuirealestate

As I poured the hot water in my mug this morning I felt this incredible peaceful excitement and truth of having shed yesterday's stress-filled work day & the newness of TODAY ☺️🙌🏼 It hit me yet again, it's in the small daily rituals that remind you, that bring that inner peace & excitement for life 🤗!! Haha, I've definitely accumulated tons of different rituals in my day, that change as I change, but having my LIONS MANE every morning is is one that hasn't changed and probably won't -- I just LOVE IT 😜!! Who else is with me on the 🍄 luv?!? 🍄🍄•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Did you know that Lions Mane breaks the blood brain barrier and ENHANCES OUR BRAIN FUNCTION 🌟 They're using it to help treat #alzheimers 💃🏻 I've shared how I retain information like I did when I was young- in images and characters 😍 ALSO they're "angio-genesis binding lectins" which means that once consumed they bind to "dirty" cells which could potentially be cancerous cells 👀 and tell the body where the dirty cells are and to FIGHT!! I mean, c'mon now - cover of TIME magazine style 🔥🌟💃🏻🌟 the incredible benefits go on and on.... I can totally geek out , lol 🤓 I just LOVE IT!
Just the other day I was sitting with dear friends, a couple male friends who are skeptics of most "things" out there 🤓Raving, literally raving about their obsession and newfound "need" of their daily dose of @foursigmatic Lions Mane and how it's saved and changed their daily life!! It's helped them like nothing else! Highly ADD, typically 5-8 shots of coffee thru the day down to just 2, slowly off adderrall they've been on forever 💃🏻🔥🙌🏼🌟 Sharing a little passionate knowledge cause imagining a world on Lions Mane just gives me ALL THE FEELS!! If you're gonna do one thing for your mind.. Trust me on this one 😉 Give it to your teens first before starting them on medications 👌🏼🤓🌟Sending love and good brain juju your way! Xo, Des #🍄#FightsCancer #ReducesInflammation #Digestion #ADD #adhd

"YOU HAD THE POWER ALL ALONG MY DEAR"- Glenda the Good Witch 🔮#WizardOfOz
And how do we maintain that feeling of consistent glowing power 🌟... the feeling that brings us confidence, big ol' happy smiles 👆🏼& inner peace?? 💃🏻CONNECTION... in all forms- within yourself, to others, with nature 🌞💃🏻! I get asked on the daily for health & healing tips, tidbits of wisdom on how to MAKE THE MOST OF EACH DAY 🤗 and to host more events & get-togethers 👯💓so... PRE-REGISTRATION is opened and *required for our truly beautiful women's day retreat coming in June 💃🏻🌟🔥few spaces open- so get on it before it fills up 😘! We will have an incredible workshop that will leave you feeling like you can conquer it all by @inspiredshakti 🔥 a delicious meal designed and catered especially for you by an incredible Austin chef 👨🏼‍🍳😋We will also open the conversation on how-to & what it really means to EAT INTENTIONALLY to energize, alkalize, reinvigorate the female mind, body and soul 💓 We will cover daily rituals from ancestral herbalism, food, to biohacking the mind and body for optimal living 💃🏻 You'll go home with a wellness gift bag to continue to be in YOUR POWER 💃🏻💃🏻 I'm so excited for more connections! XO, Des 💋LINK IN BIO!!! 📸: @toddvwolfson

It's like MAGIC 😍💃🏻! I open my fridge and WHOAAA 😲 breakfast is ready to eat?!? 💃🏻Yeah that's how it feels every time you make any "overnight chia pudding"! SuperFood of the Aztecs!! It's sooo easy, sooo good for your body AND thousands of flavors and ways to make 🙌🏼🤗... maybe I'll write a tiny lil book on all the different ways to make Chia Pudding, hmmmm should I?? 💃🏻If you'd like to try it... All you do is combine (at night): -1/2 cups Chia Seeds
-1 1/2 Almond Milk or I used Coconut Milk this delight! -1/2 Tblsp raw local honey

Then add whatever makes your heart sing! Mangoes, papayas, kiwis, coconut flakes, dash of vanilla... sometimes I just load it up with Spirulina! Let it sit in the fridge overnight and VOILA in the morning MAGICAL nutritious on-the-go BREAKFAST!! let me know your favorite ways to make Chia Pudding if you're a connoisseur!! Have a beautiful day! Xo, Des •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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