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Heal+Thy Woman Project  Passionate about teaching the POWER & function of food & plants for YOUR life🌟Herbalist πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŒΎAll kinds of love to share here 🎧πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ“–real vibes only πŸ’“


I knew last night I was about to get my period. What I didn't know is that I'd be woken up this morning burning up, feverish, body chills, throwing up, literally shaking from cramps beyond measure... I was so hot and sweating so profusely my sweet baby Blue was licking the sweat off of my body trying to comfort me he was so scared. You see, I have suffered from deep scary cramps since I was a teenager, so much so that even my brother has imbedded in him with the "routine" and the tools of how to help πŸ™πŸΌ I hadn't experienced this amount of pain in quite some time. I share this because maybe this will help someone out there who suffers as I do. // For the first time ever, as I was sitting on the toilet curled over shaking, yes TMI, I know... I closed my eyes on my knees, held on to my legs and started talking to my body- not out loud, but deep deep in my mind. Started talking to each organ, individually... to my twisting fallopian tubes, to my uterus, to each organ I felt pain in. I imagined my hands gently massaging each organ and loving on it ... and this sounds whoowhoo I know BUT it was INCREDIBLE! All of a sudden it was like I was having a "conversation" with them and within minutes my body relaxed, I started to breathe again, the pain pushed thru, my body detoxed what it needed to! It was the most beautiful experience!!! Our bodies are here for us! I know this, but to experience it so real & deep has changed me! Something beautiful came out from all that pain πŸ™πŸΌ Instead of succumbing to the pain and just "going thru it" I realize all our body wants is for us to RECOGNIZE how much it does for us , how powerful our mind is to connect and help us heal πŸ™ŒπŸΌ So now, Blue is passed out from his sympathy pains 🀣I'm writing in my journal πŸ’“ and I'm thanking my body with this divine infusion made with lavender and REISHI and love! So if you're in any kind of pain, even if you're not, recognize your body is here to work WITH you, LOVE on it, and be so ever GRATEFUL! XO, Des πŸ’“#healthywomanproject #TomorrowIsANewDay #anatomy #bodygeek #vulnerability

They say "LOVE" is the greatest gift ❀️The most important feeling, the one feeling that will change the world 🌎 LOVE comes in many shapes, in many sizes, and in many forms πŸ’“Today is just another reminder TO LOVE!!! To love deeply! To be grateful there is LOVE! And even more grateful that you can FEEL LOVE!! Happy VDay darlings! πŸ’“
I tried something new πŸ€— A beautiful recipe I got from one hella-queen I admire and adore @julesaron πŸ‘ΈπŸ»Her "Beet-ing Heart Red Velvet Truffles" are DELISH and so easy to make!! check out her page for the full recipe !! Xoxo!! #HappyValentinesDay #glutenfree #dairyfree #chocolatetruffles

Non-bloating Gluten-free POZOLE!!!! Omg I just had to today! So much leftover, come take some!!! I woke up craving my mother and my mothers cooking 🀀 all I could think of was homemade #POZOLE πŸ˜‹ but what about trying to make one that doesn't take HOURS πŸ™πŸΌ and ya'll, score! Played around this afternoon and here you have pozole that takes one hour !! The longer it sits the better it tastes tho... like almost everything!! I added some super healthy microgreens I found at farmers market today from @goodvibesurbanfarm AND ofcourse some @foursigmatic REISHI spores just to make it my own and uber #HEALTHY🌟!!!! Follow my insta story for step by step or DM me for full recipe! Below is the super easy recipe for the base sauce!!! Stay warm 😘Xo, Des β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’
-6 dried guajillo peppers
-5 dried ancho peppers
-2 chile de arbol -1 chipotle pepper
-3 cloves garlic
-1 yellow onion
-1 Tblsp @foursigmatic Reishi
-6cups water
1. In a small pot, place the guajillo, ancho, arbol peppers in 3 cups water and boil until soft; about 5minutes.
2.Add 3 garlic cloves and 1onion (chopped) in the blender. Then add all the softened peppers with 2cups of the remaining water. Blend until smooth. Add Tblsp of REISHI to make this sauce on another level amazing!!! Add 1 more cup water if isn't smooth.
VOILA! Red Pozole Sauce πŸ˜‹#goodvibes #microgreens

34 years ago today, I was given the best gift ever!! YOU!!! My brother, my bestfriend, my confidant, the first boy who saw ME ..34years before I truly saw myself-- You change my life daily! You change the lives of everyone you encounter, and I mean EVERYONE! You enrich it with the very soul you are - and my god, you have ALWAYS BEEN the most beautiful authentic soul! Proud to fly my freak love for you πŸ’“πŸŒŸ happiest of bdays baby.... it's only NOW just beginning! See you soon pendejo! 😜 @lebotanico *Go check out his vibes on SoundCloud under "CRSTO" ... you'll feel exactly what I mean! Mad love! Des #LA #Tulum #ATX #manoftheworld #supermoon #texassiblings

Haha, Do ya'll remember that awful sounding "Cabbage Soup Diet" πŸ˜–?!? Ha, are you even old enough to 😜 and is it even still a thing?! OK, well they were onto something! BUT their approach was all about #WeightLoss and I don't even know much more about it BUT did you know that #CABBAGE is an incredibly LIVER REJUVENATING food!! Amazing for THYROID HEALTH!! Yeah, isn't that super rad?!? ! Cabbage has sulfur and sulfur carries phytochemicals into the liver to REJUVENATE it! And think about it even deeper, if liver is rejuvenating then so is your skin! BOOM 🌟! On top of that sulfur also stimulates growth of LUNG tissue! Yeah, can't breathe, or lung issues--- CABBAGE is your friend! This Cabbage soup is crazy DELICIOUS and so easy to make- well cause everything I make is easy! Recipe up on the new site soon! If you want it now DM me!! Xo, Des #austinhealthcoach #AustinWomensHealth #healthywomanproject

So I've been on an unintentional Instagram posting hiatus (hahah, yes, hiatus for me). I found that I was re-reading, going back to edit what I say or don't say (I think we all do) - I just want to BE, be me- so I just couldn't anymore! But when it comes to speaking about a woman I admire, an organization I respect- well, posting about that... that's easy for me! If you're a human, a husband, a sister, a mother, or a significant other and haven't heard of @hellomytribe then you need to dive in and it's one of those places that was born with a purpose! For the women we all love! Follow and share @hellomytribe to start making a difference! I'm super excited, proud, and honored of the collaboration for this amazing give-a-way! Looking forward to meeting the special lady and having some fun! If you have any questions DM me and/or Alex πŸ‘ΈπŸΌof @hellomytribe !! xo, Des

Btw-- the 7-day "Tonic" are insanely NOURISHING for your body!! #Repost @hellomytribe with @get_repost
GIVEAWAY! Austin mamas, enter to win an AMAZING wellness and cooking package with @des_healing_project. Desiree is passionate about helping women achieve wellness through her expertise and the power of food and plants. This giveaway includes:
β€’30minute in person nutrition consultation to create desires and goals
β€’3hour cooking session directly targeting the goals set from nutrition consultation
β€’$100 towards organic groceries .
β€’Custom 7day tonic
1. Like @hellomytribe AND @des_healing_project
2. Tag a friend so they can enter to win too!
To enter you must be 18 and live in the city of Austin. Winner will be selected 2/1. Good luck! PS. We have tons of delicious recipes up on hellomytribe.com from Desiree πŸ˜‹#texashealthcoach #womenshealthcoach #vulnerability #womanofservice #femininewisdom

"That's the thing about life; it's fragile, precious and unpredictable and each day is a GIFT, not a given right.... Tell your loved ones you love them every time you get the chance and love them with everything you have."- Holly Butcher
"...love them WITH EVERYTHING YOU HAVE!" I am sorry to everyone I have not gotten back to, I promise, I will! To anyone I haven't been fully present with, you're loved and seen! These days have been some of the scariest and more testing of times where I couldn't find my sweet precious father to hunt him down and find him in the hospital after he had to have emergency open heart surgery. If he had waited even a day he would not be here with us today. All I feel right now is GRATEFUL and blessed that we have more TIME! Time with him! Time to hold his hand! Time to see more smiles! I am thanking god for the blessing of more time! I write this because yes, LIFE IS PRECIOUS! We may already feel we love hard but I know we can love even harder! The thing about time is we don't have control over TIME! LOVE your loved ones with everything you have, hug them so good that the love is felt deeply without words needing to be spoken. Memorize their eyes, memorize their smile, make sure they know without a doubt how loved they are! How needed they are! Forgive anything and everything because all the shit doesn't matter, it's all ego shit anyways! JUST LOVE, deeply, honestly, and with EVERYTHING YOU HAVE! ❀️Take a moment, it only takes a moment, call your parents! Call your children! Call your lover! Just send an "I LOVE YOU HARD!" note! Remind them! 😘xo, des #humbled #faith #love #life #family #lifeisprecious #forgiveness #healing #mustlovedogs #cairnterrier

πŸ’₯DAMN, THIS is πŸ™ŒπŸΌ straight truth!! A New Year always sparks conversations about resolutions and intentions .... mine is, OWNERSHIP! Being ACCOUNTABLE!! Owning MY life! Something I realize I haven't really ever fully and honestly done - oh and I'm looking forward to so much of it! Owning my feelings of why I am where I am πŸ™‹πŸ»and have those feelings fuel where I am going πŸ”₯!! Owning all the GOOD and also all the shit πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ™‹πŸ» Learning to OWN each day, one day at a time, and without excuses πŸ™πŸΌ When we truly take ownership we make better choices, hopefully 😜 jk... better choices rooted in selflove and not so much in fear πŸ’“Life is more peaceful-- Well inner peace that is 😝 Taking ownership means we take our life in our own hands and stop "coasting" thru life or blaming others or circumstancesπŸ™πŸΌohhhh and how I know we each don't want to "just coast"! Cause shit, we are blessed to make this life AMAZING!!! May we all be blessed with more time, to love more, to stop resisting happiness, to choose to be in each moment! 😘 β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’
#newyear #full #authentic #higher #deeper #innerpeace #happy #healthy #selflove #better #choices #ownership #vulnerability #mindbody #connection #fitness #movement #dance #prayer #meditation #onedayatatime #yoga #woman #lover #friend #passions #nutrition #wisdom #womenswisdom #thegoodquote

Nom Nom Nom! Who's makin brunch tomorrow?!? I realize not everyone is thinking about New Year's Day brunch- baffling, jk 😝 BUT if you're still needing to head to the store for tonight's party goodies πŸŽ‰ be the bad ass who's prepared for tomorrow's hungry bellies and serve this super easy-to-make BRUNCH! Well heck, this doesn't have to be just for New Years-- it's bomb and definitely a crowd pleaser any time!!! Got this delish recipe from @cleanfooddirtycity and made it our own by making a super yummy sweet & spicy #πŸ„ drizzle using @foursigmatic REISHI Spores πŸ‘…you can find the recipe for the "everything bagel mash" on @cleanfooddirtycity blog today! And here's a crazy easy #HEALTHY drizzle for all your drizzle needs! Oh yeahhh... ALL your drizzle needs 😜 HAPPY NEW YEAR to all and may there be many more intimate brunches and cooking with friends and family!! Cheers! Xo, Des 😘
Drizzle with πŸ„Vibes
-2 Tblsp Vegenaise -1 Tblsp Coconut Oil
-1/2 tsp turmeric
-1/2 tsp cayenne (less if you can't handle spicy)
-1/2 tsp REISHI or any πŸ„you like @foursigmatic -1 1/2 tsp Honey
- dash sea salt & pepper ✨DRIZZLE DRIZZLE DRIZZLE!!✨
#happynewyear #2018 #newyearsday #brunch #healthy #happy #recipes #onshrooms #nutrition #intentionalliving #happiness #mindbodyconnection #reallife #homecook #holistic #fitness #goals #stayinspired #eatwithlove #functionalfoods #sprouts #love #family #friends #paleo #eatclean #lox #glutenfreebrunch

"There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered"!- Nelson Mandela ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
Ahhhhh...the beauty of disconnecting and feeling the simple beautiful moments πŸ€— I wouldn't want to miss these happy smiles everrrr... πŸ’“wishing everyone super yummy feeling moments ✨ #4days #2017 #cherish #moments #family #friends #lovers #cominforya #2018 #happy #healthy #future #feeling #allthefeels #stayconnected #mindbodysoul #stayinspired #disconnect #technology #nutrition #meditate #grace #grateful #mustlovedogs #πŸ’“ #whitesands #newmexico #elpaso #texas @marcelle314 😘

Totally taking this pic from @bumble !! I know it means all the kissy and lovey #mistletoe feels, which I'm ALL about πŸ’“ ...BUT it just reminded me of something that really "hit home" earlier this year ✨ Don't be afraid to "FEEL IT ALL"!!! I didn't realize I was so sad until I ALLOWED myself to FEEL the sadness and THAT is where the healing and growth AND life-changing moments started to happen 🌟taking responsibility and owning why I was sad wasn't an easy fete by any means but a necessary one and I couldn't be happier and more excited for what's to come πŸ€— so yes, FEEL IT ALL but allow the feeling to mean something, to show you something, to grow and ultimately to bring you true inner peace, happiness and even more LOVE! If you're feeling sad right now, know "this too shall pass" and make it a growth moment!! If you're really happy right now FEEL the happy cause that's such a yummy feeling!! Whatever you're feelin in this moment, FEEL IT, deeply and smile that you FEEL! You're gonna have to do the growth "thing" at some point so one might as well start NOW! Cheers to 2018 cause I know we are ALL FEELING and ready for that πŸ”₯! Xo, Des 😘 #NewYear #Truer #Authentic #Healing #You #AllTheFeels #happy #healthy #lifechanging #moments #nutrition #healthlifestyle #love #stayconnected #stayinspired #optimist #yoga #dance #read #selfgrowth #pray #meditate #forgive #learn #happyholidays #wintersolstice #friendships #courage #wisdom

Adulting boggin' ya down ?!? Smile and take a SPIN-ACH πŸŒ±πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ˜œI know I know, crave-able #Spinach?? 'das right!!I've always sautΓ©ed spinach the same EASY way ... Even the kiddos like them- not joking!! It's all in the coconut oil! Leafy greens teach us to seize the moment! To move forward! Just as they flush out physical junk, they loosen stored-up toxic emotions and push them out of your life πŸ’₯Truth! Add more Spinach and greens to your life and you'll want to take a spin πŸ’ƒπŸ»LOVE your LIFE!! XO, Des β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’
Ingredients :
-1 bunch Organic Spinach, stemmed if you want -1 Tblsp Coconut Oil -Juice 1/2 Lemon
- Dash : Turmeric, Sea Salt, Pepper πŸ’₯
1. Heat a medium saucepan on Med- low heat.
2. Add Coconut Oil
3. Add Spinach, sautΓ©e just 10-12 minutes until very slightly wilted.
4. Add lemon juice and spices. Toss your Greens.
5. Serve immediately and they'll soak up the goodness and cook just to perfection on their own!!
#ThisIsMe #WellnessWednesday #LeafyGreens #FoodIsMedicine #Garden #happy #healthy #healing #food #vegetables #plants #herbs #longevity #prevention #healthylifestyle #nutrition #fitness #Yoga #FamilyFriendly #Easy #intentional #functional #recipes #plantbased #organic #🌱#🌞 #dance #happyHolidays

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