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Des Em  I'm negative and moderately serious. Cats. Academia. Women's culture. Film and media. Old things.


When ya girl got a cute snoot

5 days; 600 miles. Bowie and I have been all over the north Kansas City area with my dad and his Indian Scout. I've seen all kinds of road conditions, multiple weather conditions. Really feel like this trip broke me in, and I'm ready to go when I get back to Texas.

Rode my dad's Rebel, which I've named Bowie, to a cute little coffee shop in downtown Liberty so I could get some #prelims work done. Picturesque, good coffee. Good day.

When you a moto daddy

When you ask your little sister for a "healthy" pour thinking she'll do 2 fingers of whiskey and she brings you back this. "Thanks Freddy."

When dad makes you in his own image

Goth summer bunny goes to a pool party

Collecting freckles and thinking about classical Hollywood cinema as a mode of production

Ya girl passed the motorcycle rider safety course exam. She's ready to be licensed and on a bike.

Good morning

Spent all morning learning how to ride a motorcycle. Having some learning issues with the clutch and gear shifter but otherwise we're meant to be. ❤️🏍❤️

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