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Southwest Based Photo/Film  Desert loving freelance time-lapse photographer - Mountainsmith, Voltaic Systems, Perky Jerky, Peak Refuel ✉️

Can’t really say we saw much at Sossusvlei but it was incredible none the less. #namibia #sony @mountainsmith

Some men die under the mountain just looking for gold. Some die looking for a hand to hold. #newzealand #brandnew #glaciermelt

From one desert to the next. Today I’m flying to Australia to do some location scouting with @scottyrog. Can’t wait to see the skies down there!

This was shot near Zion btw.
@ifit #ifit #nightsky #utah

Person: Why do you like desert hiking?
Me: IDK it is pretty lame I guess.
Swipe through to see some pics of a 40ish mile section @aenewbold and I did the past couple of days. A full moon, good temps, and TONS of wildlife, made the lack of water worth it. @mountainsmith @peakrefuel @perkyjerky #hiking #arizona #arizonahighways #mountainsmith #peakrefuel

It’s crazy people travel so far to see a golden sunset. Usually you can find a good one in your own backyard 👌Even though I’m in Pennsylvania right now my mind is in Utah 🤷🏻‍♂️ #sunset #utah #hiking #camping #carcampedhere #lovewhereyoulive

Frame from a time lapse shot out in southern Utah between the few minutes the moon set and the dawn. Some people only get stoked on the core of the Milky Way but I find all of it fascinating. The time lapse is a 3 axis move shot on @kesslercrane and Sony A7riii for @g2g_m2m_ultra. #utah #abrakanabra #kesslercrane #ultrarunning #nightphotography

Great weekend of running and cycling in Zion while trying out new @mountainsmith packs with @leviruns! The trails we planned to do were all closed so we had to improvise but hey it’s Zion so can’t really have a bad day there! #mountainsmith #trailrunning #hiking #cycling Video on its way!

If alpenglow refers to the Alps does that mean this should be called zionglow? 🤔 #Zion #zionnps #sunrise #utah

This is not where I wanted to be today. Off pace, cold from days of rain, sleep deprived from that same rain storm, and overall frustrated knowing that my AZT goal of a solo self supported FKT is no longer feasible. I had a window of time with work that allowed me to start and finish but Mother Nature has different plans for me.
After some time contemplating I pulled the plug at mile 143.5. @tommy_rivs and @codyreeeed showed up with Subway (which oddly was what I was craving 🤷🏻‍♂️) and now I’m in Flagstaff.
I really don’t know what else to say. I got worked but gave it a good shot. Currently @matthiaskodym is out on the trail going for the same record. He’s gone through hell just the same as me and I wish him the best!

Time for pizza.
@mountainsmith @perkyjerky @univedsports @altrarunning @himalilife
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