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Southwest Based Photo/Film  Desert loving freelance time-lapse photographer - Mountainsmith, Voltaic Systems, Perky Jerky ✉️ #mypubliclands

“...and I will work on while I can, studying incessantly.” That’s the rest of Muir’s famous quote starting with “The mountains are calling and I must go.” It’s not enough to just go to places we find beautiful but to study and protect these areas. #muir #quotes #mountains #utah

After a cloudy day of repeats on Observation Point in Zion @mccharm and I were greeted with clear skies at our campsite in the mountains above the heat of the desert. The Perseids this year did not disappoint. @mountainsmith #mountainsmith #camping #zion

A few years ago @chiagunner designed possibly the gnarliest 100k in Utah outside of Beaver. Now, @aravaiparunning has taken over to continue this beast of a race.
RD @jamilcoury asked me to come out and shoot some footy in these mountains and show off the craziness here. I’ve been telling @mccharm about these mountains since we met so we packed up the car, drive through a monster rain storm, and were greeted with clear skies and perfect temps for the day.

This place is seriously another world and there’s not a better person to spend the day with exploring new trails and making new friends @mccharm ❤️❤️❤️ @mountainsmith #mountainsmith

That’s the Mountainsmith Vasquez Peak which we set up in a few minutes extremely tired with no issues. Great home base for a couple of nights!

“Stop inviting walls into wide open spaces” Buddy Wakefield
#utah #hiking #nature #sonyalpha

This past week @repchrisstewart visited southern Utah and @zionnps. He’s also a man who is actively working to destroy public lands through lies and twisting of words. I don’t know about you but I would think this is comical if t wasn’t for the fact that he’s actively destroying places I love. #zionnps @zionnps #utahpol #thisisrightoutsidezion

One of the best views of Zion around 👌
@mountainsmith #mountainsmith #mountains #zionnationalpark

Just surviving when air temps are 127 degrees is hard. It’s even harder when you’re running more than 100 miles in that burning heat.
Filming at the @badwaterhq with @irun4ultra was an incredible experience and I already can’t wait to go back and bake in those extreme temps.
#deathvalley #summer #badwaterbasin

There’s very few trail races that feel like this, maybe zero to be honest. Mt. Marathon and the people who run it are not normal in a good way. Tough, friendly, and down to earth. Anyways, I have loads of nice things to say about Alaskans but just watch the video. Link in bio. Till next year 👌 #alaska #ak #zerolimits @altrarunning #trailrunning

Turns out you don’t need a headlamp to see the stars. That’s weird. @mountainsmith #mountainsmith

If you think about it we’re aliens to another planet way out there. I wonder if they’re trying to contact us?
#sonyalpha #utah #sunset @rokinon #rokinon20mm

I imagined this shot two years ago when I first came to this location. I went for the famous (Utah famous?) art installation on the end of the Salt Lake. That was cool and all but these old wood pillars kept me thinking about this place. I had planned and set up a cable cam time lapse but strong gusty winds made that impossible so I settled for a still. Can’t complain though. Beautiful clear evening even if it did smell like death out there 🤷🏻‍♂️😂.
#utah #exploremore #igutah #instautah #sonyalpha #nightphotography #photopills @photopills

“I wanted the gold, and I sought it... and somehow the gold isn’t all.” After Mt. Marathon wrapped up we met with Fred Moore (49 time finisher of the race) and when asked to sum up Alaska he said that Robert Service said it best in his poem The Spell of the Yukon. Fred, you’re right.
@altrarunning #zerolimits @visitseward #sewardalaska #alaska

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