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Derick Johnson💪#FitWithDerick  🇩🇪🇺🇸 🎤Motivational Speaker 💪Trainer 📡US Army 📷DAS Models - Miami🌞 👻Derick-Johnson 🍎Meal & Training Plans💪 📧

After the hike & Solar Eclipse I asked the Greek Gods to bless me with more gains.😂🤣💪

Switch your mentality from "I'm broken & helpless" to "I'm growing & healing" & watch how fast your life changes for the better.

STOP comparing yourself to other people & you'll begin to love yourself. NOBODY is perfect. U have to realize that people don't look exactly the way they do on social media. Good lighting, posing, filters and flexing make everyone look better. This is me Flexing my quads by a window & if u scroll over you'll see the difference in lighting & me not flexing. U can't let pictures of others make u feel insecure. It's ok to be motivated by pictures u see, but do NOT let that dictate how u view yourself. I'm here to tell u that visuals mean NOTHING. What matters is how we treat people.

Life is always happening for us, not to us. It's all about perspective. If you focus on what you don't have or what could go wrong then you'll attract more of that.
We live in an unhappy, stressed, angry and emotional state when we focus on negative things. But if you focus on what you do have, even during stressful situations, then you stay in a driven, happy or grateful state.
Everything you've gone through made you the person you are today. If your friend didn't stab you in the back, if your X didn't cheat on you, if your parents weren't so strict, if your bad habits didn't slow your progress then you wouldn't be the strong person you are today! Be THANKFUL for what you've endured & use it as your fuel to push you to your dreams!

Challenge your Biceps with the classic Arm Blaster! You'll love it!💪 Do you want to reach your fitness goals? Message me for details. #FitWithDerick

Babies relax me and make me happy. There's no feeling like knowing you make a baby feel safe. One day I'll have one of my own. Who feels the same when holding a baby?

Swipe left for views 🇯🇲🌞🌴
I miss you already Jamaica. I'll be back! I recommend visiting Montego Bay.👍

Shoutout to @breathlessresorts & @dasmodelsmen for this awesome opportunity! This was my first time in Jamaica and I'll definitely be back mon! 📹📸🎥

My parents found my 3 second clip @samsungmobile commercial playing in Best Buy.🇩🇪😂🤣@dasmodlsmen @alleetv

It's YOU versus YOU.
Become better than u used to be & get out of your own way!

🎵"I hit the gym, all chest no legs" - Kanye West🎶

People radiate energy or drain it. Choose wisely who you keep around you. #iNeedAnIron

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