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Derick Johnson  Animal activist πŸ–•

How's your day "well I said I was gonna work out and a little boy runs over and grabs my shoes"

See what I mean this whole area has give crazy "you expect me to deal with this shit forever" not gonna happen.


#hahaha neighbor with the helmet "I'm a missionary man cause of my last name" moron

Shouldn't of fucked my routine "where is my fucking wallet"

It's the lack of communication and your willingness to try and control everything I do "that's my problem" causing my tyranny on everyone "don't blame me" it's crazy, you wake up and just roll to the gas station people are driving around all ready starting the damn shit, then my phone is blowing up before I've even decided why the hell I'm gonna do today "what is wrong with everyone" #whyyouactingsoweird

Fly butterfly fly πŸ‘

Good morning πŸ’€πŸ‘»

I just woke up fuck "what I tell everyone about hammering me with reading when i haven't had my coffee and cigarettes" #thewholeworldsgonecrazy

Please stop people are losing their minds over your awakening #hahaha i don't care 1. None of the equipment has been replaced 2. No one has paid me for all my work
3. I never said you could monitor me without a fucking paycheck 4. I got poisoned 5.where the fuck is my wallet 6. Well, you have pretty much given me the i don't give a fuck attitude.

Well evidently im in trouble with anything i do or watch "well what you all want me to do sir in the dark talk to myself"

Next funny joke, so my review so far on this movie and theory of the rise of the church and the Illuminati "Jesus is fucking real" take a drink if the "been a rough year proving this inserted fact" movies points to same con inclusion as the rest "blood in the water to start laying claim to your world"

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